Do It Yourself Wedding Program Fans

Do it yourself wedding program fans are easy to make. The following free template allows you to add a personal picture and create a stunning custom wedding program fan.


Important: please note that the picture used in this post are copyrighted. Use your own personal pictures to create a much more meaningful wedding program that your guest will enjoy.



What You’ll Need to Complete This Project

  • Sturdy paper, 65 lbs or more
  • A picture that was taken horizontally (landscape) rather than vertically (portrait size). Like the one featured in this example.
  • A version of Microsoft Powerpoint. If you don’t have it installed on your PC, you can still modify this file directly on your browser by using Free Microsoft Office Online apps.


Also, download the front and back template through the following links:

Front Side File


Back Side File (Wording)
Wedding program fan free template


Customize Your Free Template

  • As mentioned earlier, use a horizontal picture to get the best result for this project. Try different pictures to see which looks best. Also, you will need to change some settings on the image to make it a background image. For more information on how to do this, click here.


  • Modify the names, dates, location and ceremony events as needed.


  • Print out both sides and double check the information to make sure it’s correct.



More Free Do It Yourself Wedding Program Fans Template



Assemble Your Wedding Program Fans

1- Now that you’ve printed both the back and front sides of your program it’s time to make the first version of it. Using scissors, an “X-acto” or a rotating cutter on a cutting mat, cut both sides on the interior side of the dotted line. This will prevent the dotted line from showing on you finished wedding program fan.


2- Before gluing the paper pieces together with the wood handle, determine the part of the wood handle that needs to be glued. This will ensure you don’t end up having handles that are too short to be grabbed or too long making the fan not sturdy enough. Mark it with a pencil and reuse this measurement for the next fans you’ll be making.


3- Using a type of glue that allows you to re-center before it is dry, glue the handle and place it on the back of one paper piece of the program. Refer to manufacturer’s dry time recommendation before going to the next step.


Tip: Use clothespins to apply required pressure on the wood handle and paper piece instead of doing it with your fingers.  This will save you from a potential finger cramp if you need to hold it for 5 minutes or more!


4- Finally, it’s time to apply glue to the back of the second piece. I suggest making a test on scrap paper pieces to make sure you don’t add too much glue and that all edges are smooth and well closed.


5- Once your first wedding program fan is dry, smooth any jagged edges with your preferred cutting tool.


There you have it, personalized do it yourself wedding program fans that you can proudly hand to your guests!



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