About Caroline

My name is Caroline and I am the author of OutsideTheBoxWedding.com

Why another wedding website you ask?

Simply because I felt left out on my own among all those websites extolling the virtues of wedding etiquette. I wanted some sympathy for my taste for the unconventional, affordable yet sophisticated wedding.

Getting Creative!

Since I couldn’t find what I was searching for in the most popular wedding websites, I had to think outside the box (hence the name of this blog.) I decided to create my very own blog so I can share my findings, tips, and tricks.

Here, you will find no preformatted judgment, no proper way of doing things. This site is intended for people looking for a new perspective on wedding related topics. Since everyone is different, a wedding should reflect a couple’s distinctive values, dreams, and hopes for the future.

I mainly focus on ways to have a beautiful wedding without going bankrupt or having to re-mortgage one’s property. Yes, it’s feasible.

Incidentally, I like breaking taboos as wacky and unnecessary as “how should the bride’s mother dress?”. “Can she wear black, a short dress, a sweetheart neckline, pants?”. I also go against ideas that are setting a bad mindset for a new life as a couple.

I humbly hope you will enjoy reading the pieces of advice, humoristic stories and the personal slice of life scattered throughout this blog.

If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover, feel free to email me: support@outsidetheboxwedding.com. I enjoy reading your comment on my posts. So, if you have any personal experience you’d like to share, please do.


Wishing you all the best on your journey to your big day and beyond!



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5 Responses to “About Caroline

  • My Daughter is a Wedding planner. She will be impressed when I send this to her. There are not too many solid resources for this venue. Brides need guidance during an emotional and critical time. Bon Chance, Cher. J

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Thanks Johann, I agree and humbly hope that the articles found on my web site can at least provide the outline of a solution. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Pierre Trépanier
    7 years ago

    Très beau site. Great job, it looks phenomenal. Lots of good info,
    Take care

  • Good Afternoon, Caroline!
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