Alex Evenings’s Mother Of The Bride Dresses – Brand Review

Alex Evenings’s mother of the bride dresses is a very popular brand due to its relatively low price and quality of clothing.

Alex evenings navy back details

In fact, many Amazon reviewers are pleased with their purchase and give it 4 to 5 stars rating.

I’ve made a summary of reviewer’s Pros and Cons that you can read further in this post.

But first, let’s see some of their lovely designs!



Wide selection of dress types

Alex Evenings offers a wide selection of dresses and evening gowns from petite to full figured body shapes.

Dress selection includes many styles to fit all tastes. Also, many outfits come with coordinating jackets or boleros in order to respond to their client’s needs.

Evening gown with shimmering top


I personally like the refined fashionable details.

Elements like scalloped trims, sequined bodice, lace, drapes, and ruffles that give a unique personality to a dress.



Jacket Dress

Special event long cream dress with jacketI always bring a jacket or a scarf at a wedding.

Temperature does vary a lot between the terrasse cocktail and air conditioned dining room!

Many Alex Evenings’s mother of the bride dresses come with a 3/4 or long sleeve jacket.

It may sometimes be hard to match a jacket in our closet with a specific dress color or texture.

In such case, the matching cardigan is the best option and a great addition to a dress.




Long Dress or Dress Pants?

Long Alex evenings black dressThe gown or long dress is a very popular choice when it comes to formal events.

Alex Evenings’s mother of the bride dresses consists of a wide selection of long dresses with sophisticated details to enhance the silhouette and allow ease of movement.
Although there are very elegant pants and blouse alternatives available as well.

These can be interesting as they are easy to match with other blouses you may already own. You can, therefore, reuse it for other events without having to wear the exact same outfit or pay for another.



T or Tea Length Dress

Below the knee dark blue jacket dressThe tea length dress (also called t-length) has the double benefit of looking elegant and being practical. It prevents from stepping on it as we stand up or while climbing stairs as it usually happens when wearing a long dress, for instance.

I’ve had trouble in the past finding “t length” dresses that were not too classical. Unfortunately, there are not many designers making them and when they do styles are not exactly what I had in mind.

If this is your case too, you may like the following models. In my opinion, they are unique and very fashionable.






Short Dress

Alex Evenings short red dress with rhinestone sAlex Evenings sequined short blue dress

Perfect for any occasion, the Alex Evenings short dress declination could be qualified of trendy, fitted, and comfortable.


Using fabrics that incorporate spandex gives a graceful and sober dress the elasticity needed to feel comfortable.










What Reviewers Did and Did Not Like

At the time of writing this article, most reviewers show a high level of satisfaction on Long gown silver and blacktheir purchase.

However, there are a few aspects you most be aware of in order to have a good experience when buying from Alex Evenings.

Here they are:


  • Very well-made. Most that gave it a 4 or 5 stars are mention the textile and tailoring quality. In fact, most long dresses or gowns are fully lined and are made with a concealed (invisible) zipper in the back for a seamless look to prevent unflattering waves on the garment.
  • Flattering details. Clever pleated or ruched fabric designs give a dress an elegant look and subtly dissimulates or flattens the belly.
  • Comfortable and practical. Most dresses are made with a mix synthetic fibers which prevent fabric from wrinkling due to humidity. Garments also incorporate spandex for more elasticity.
  • Smooth return and refund process. No reviews are mentioning issues when asking for a refund. This is worth mentioning in the clothing market since we usually buy many sizes to see what fits best.


Cons:Alex Evenings lilac dress with sleeves

  • Not always true to size. In general, people that rated an Alex Evenings dress 3 stars or less had to return their purchase because of a size issue. This complaint is typical when buying online. Plan ahead an order different sizes to try as you would in a storefront.
  • Cannot be custom-made with your specific measurements unlike other designers selling on Amazon.
  • As most delicate fabrics, garments need to be washed by hand to prevent them from being stretched out of shape and from premature wear and tear.
  • Invasive glitters. Not all dresses have glitters but those that do seem to come off easily. Not a big issue for some but some others may find it annoying. So if you like some sparkle but don’t like leaving glitters everywhere you go, consider choosing a sequined or beaded dress designs.

 Alex Evenings champagne dress illusion neckline

Alex Evenings’s Mother of the Bride Dresses

This company was founded 25 years ago. Their niche is special occasion dresses. They aim to make designs for all body shapes, from petite to full figure. Alex Evenings showcase themselves through well-known retailers like Macy’s, Lord and Taylor and Amazon.

They offer an overall great quality for the price. Expect to pay between $130.00 and $220.00.

Hope you enjoyed your reading let me know if you have any question or want to share thoughts by leaving a comment!


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