Top 23 Alice Wonderland Decorations

The following Alice Wonderland decorations can certainly make a wedding or any other party look uncommonly gorgeous.

From guest book ideas to wedding invitation designs, cake toppers, indoor and outdoor decor and more, there are plenty of ideas to inspire right here, in this article.

Alice Wonderland Decor Elements

I love magical wedding settings and decor eccentricity that reveals the spouses’ unique personality

Alice Wonderland decorations are sure to grab your guest’s attention the moment they will set eyes on them due to its originality

It must be said that Alice in Wonderland symbolizes curiosity and fast pace imagination.

Why not take advantage of it to make a strong impression before the big day?

Let’s have a look at some of the best Alice in Wonderland wedding ideas.



Alice in Wonderland Signs, Props, and Prints

One great way to decorate this theme is to use the most popular symbols and elements from the fantasy novel published in 1865. The incongruous directional signs, the famous character quotes, and their fantastic looks are a good example.

In fact, you can use illogical signs to confuse and amuse your guests in finding their way to the bar, dance floor, dessert buffet or any other place you can think of.

Paper Tableware and Party Supplies

These enchanting paper plates or filled with the famous novel magic. These can be paired with the same design paper tea cups.

Having a cupcake Alice Wonderland tea party? Don’t miss out on the teapot cupcake stands!


Decorate with large images printed on a sturdy cardboard also make a great visual effect. Alice, the rabbit, roses, a vintage clock, or card games with the novel’s popular characters.

These can be hung on tree branches or placed on a fence in an outdoor wedding setting. The can also be used as a backdrop for your wedding photo booth or suspended from the ceiling as they are printed on both sides.



Alice in Wonderland Photo Backdrop

Backdrops are a cheap way to make a gorgeous corner in the house or wedding venue to take memorable pictures of your themed party. It’s also easy to customize it for your own needs by using props and eccentric furniture.

If you are looking for wedding ideas, this article provides many options to make a unique guest book.

Among other ideas, you’ll learn how you can use a card game, cardstock prints, or greeting cards to make an Alice in Wonderland theme guest book.

Make sure you read until the end to find out more on this topic!



Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

As you can see, there are many great ways to decorate an Alice in Wonderland theme celebration.  In fact, I’ve seen great ideas to decorate the guest’s tables, or pastry buffet and even edible cake or cupcake toppers.

It’s just amazing to see how creative this theme can get.

Furthermore, if your looking for practical, affordable ideas and unique ideas to complement your Alice in Wonderland theme make sure to browse around this website.

I published many articles with simple DIY, various tips and outside the box ideas to make an amazing wedding decor that you and your guest will enjoy.

For now, let’s get back to our main topic.

Themes Signs and Directional Boards

Use these Alice in Wonderland signs and props to decorate your wedding party and other celebrations.

In fact, Alice theme items are often used to decorate tea parties, baby or bridal showers and of course, kids parties.

It’s a cheerful and fun theme that is also used for weddings and bridal showers. For now, let’s have a look at the nicest products to decorate all sorts of parties.

Click on the images to find out about product availability, price, and current discounts.


Double Sided Alice Props

Using props and signs is a good way to customize the welcome table or a specific area you want to use as a photo corner for example.

Props are often used in photobooth but you can use them a variety of ways. Double-sided props can be suspended from the ceiling to create a backdrop that looks like its floating in the air.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding consider having some attached to a fence and even to a green hedge to create unique decor.


Arrow Signs

These are the perfect idea to show your guests the way to the dance floor, cocktail, or dining room. The dimensions vary from 10 to 12 inches large and are available in packs 4, 10 and more.

Some vendors also offer to have them customize with names instead of using the generic ones.



Vintage Looking Metal Sign

These are a beautiful addition to any Alice wedding decor. Some of the merchants offer specific customizations to better suit your needs. For example, you can request to have an old looking image printed on the metal sign with faded paint and faux rust. Or you can have it printed as is.

If you plan to have these installed outdoor for a long period of time choose a product that is made of aluminum to avoid damaging it due to rain.


Alice and the Rabit Unframed Print

There are many photographic quality prints available on Amazon. Have a look and you’ll see many different sizes and finish like papyrus looking paper or canvas available.



Character Stands

You can easily convert 16 inches tall treats stands found on Amazon into Alice in Wonderland Signs stands.

In fact, you can use the plate part to display any type of message you want. Plus, the characters included are the Flamingo, White Rabbit and of course, Alice.


More Decoration Curiosities…

These guest book alternatives will for sure have your guests amazed. Let me walk you through some inventive ideas.

An Alice in Wonderland wedding theme party can definitely use an actual hardcover book of the same title as a guestbook… But how can you get one with blank pages?

An alternative to tearing off pages of an actual Alice in Wonderland book to keep only the hardcover is to make one yourself.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any drawing skills. You won’t need to perform time-consuming steps either.

The following items are available on Amazon by clicking on the image.


wedding decor on a budget



This well-made faux book is, in fact, a box. You can use the book as a storage to keep all your guest’s notes in your library between other notorious fantasy novels like Peter Pan and Harry Potter.

I personally like the vintage look of the book given the fact that the original book was written in 1865.



Guests Personal Notes

The image on the previous book box represents a shower of cards. Building on this idea, you can use Alice in Wonderland play cards design and have your guests writing a short note on them for you to keep after the wedding.

Simply use them as play cards to entertain your guests or build a fantastic house of cards.




Use Wallet Notes as Guests Notes

If you think the previous cards are way too pretty to be stained with ink, here’s another possibility for your guests to write their messages.

These 6 by 6 inches (approx.) cards are a perfect way to fill your Alice in Wonderland faux book. They’re made with sturdy cardstock paper featuring various characters illustrations from the famous novel.



Elegant Vintage Style Lined Books

This well-made book is stitch bound and features original illustrations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  This large 9 1/2 by 7 1/4 notebook is an ideal option as a wedding guest book due to its quality characteristics like stitch thread bound and embossing coated cover.

Alice Wonderland Wedding Guest Book Cheap and Simple!

There are many DIY projects worth looking at to make a completely custom Alice wonderland wedding guest book. When I first decided to write this article I was toying with this idea.

I was thinking of a thin wood hardcover book…

Then it was a matter of finding a cute Alice illustration, photo transferring it on the laminated wood piece, mod podge, drying, etc…

If you got time to make such a project, I would definitely suggest that you do it.


A homemade wedding guest book is unique and it inspires a sense of pride that you will enjoy for years to come. Like you would for a handmade wedding photo album.

Otherwise, the previous suggestions are inexpensive and you can still personalize them if you feel like it!

I hope you enjoyed your reading. If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the section below.



Alice Wonderland Party and Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a one of kind design reflecting the whimsicality of the fantasy novel, you won’t be deceived by the following suggestions.

Invitations are a good starting point to make your own extravagant and mysterious wedding invitations. In fact, you will arouse you guests curiosity with these playful and funky patterns.

Also, no matter what your wedding theme colors are, you can definitely find inspiring wedding invitation ideas to build on.


Important: I cannot sell or give you the backgrounds, patterns used further in this article. The graphic designers who made them own the copyrights.

In fact, I only added the words to turn it into an invitation example to give you an idea of what your stationery can look like once finished.

Let’s see how extraordinary your Alice Wonderland wedding invitations can be.



The Queen of Hearts

This beautiful wedding invitation is elegant and punchy. The sophisticated damask background makes it an elegant option for wedding related crafts and stationery.

Not to mention that an invitation from the Queen of Hearts herself cannot be denied. You probably heard of her drastic temper.

You know, “Off with their heads!”

I wouldn’t argue…

Alice wonderland decorations and invites



Alice and The Mad Hatter are Getting Married… for Real?

The characters of this novel are very colorful and unpredictable. A complete nonsense at first glance.

Pick the one you’d like to be or worst, the one you relate to the most (they’re all nuts, right?) and start writing the scenario of your wedding day in wonderland!

It’s your big day. A wonderful day where you can be anyone: Cheshire Cat, The Hatter, White Rabit, King of Hearts, Mock Turtle, Queen of Hearts, etc. you name it.

Your guest will take joy in playing their role too. Or they’ll think you’ve gone bonkers… “but I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are”

Aha! I love this quote.

Alice wonderland decorations wedding



“Hop Down the Rabit Hole”

This is a card format wedding invitation. Simple yet colorful with a flowery background somewhat hallucinatory. Concentrate on it and you’ll swear it’s rotating!

The size can also vary but I recommend a minimum of 3 x 6 inches to allow enough room for adding all required information.


Alice wonderland wedding invitation_Open Me

Alice Wonderland theme wedding invitation



Collaborative Platform for You and Your Guests

Have you noticed the website address on the front side of the previous wedding invitation?

This is a good way to keep your guests informed on details like menus, possible accommodations, registries, dressing code…

You don’t want someone to wear Cheshire Cat costume if that’s what you picked.

These are the benefits of using a social platform page  and/or a website:


  • Collecting Important Guests Information

There are many online collaborative platform alternatives like a secret Facebook page to help you keep track of various information.

Your guests can have specific diets due to food allergies for example.

It’s also important to help you determine meal (kids vs adult), wine preferences (red, white or pink), accommodations needed for guests with limited mobility, etc.


  • Centralizing all useful Information

A website or a Facebook page is also very useful if some of your guests are traveling a great distance. You can provide them with relevant information on hotels or place to see while they are in town before and after the wedding.

As the Cheshire Cat says “Every adventure requires a first step”. Choosing a unique wedding invitation design with theme inspired wording is certainly one good step into this great journey of yours.



Alice Wonderland Decorations for all Celebrations

Finally, I hope you enjoyed these Alice in Wonderland themed products.

Do you have any DIY to decorate an Alice theme wedding or party that you’d like to share with our readers?

Let us know by leaving a comment with a picture or a link to your website in the section below.


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  • I am a fan of Alice in wonderland, therefore I told my husband that I would like to have the said character’s theme for our reception. I like your idea of incorporating Alice in wonderland in illogical signs which will be used in guiding the guest on their way to the bar, dance floor, and dessert buffet. I was also hoping to have a personalized hardcover guestbook that is an Alice in Wonderland theme.

    • Carolyn
      4 years ago

      Hi Rachel, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
      I agree, one with spouses’ names would be awesome! I’ve provided some options I was able to find when I wrote this post but none are personalized, unfortunately.
      Let me know if you finally come across one that you like 🙂

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