Alice Wonderland Wedding Guest Book Ideas

An Alice wonderland wedding guest book will for sure have your guests amazed. Let me walk you through some inventive, easy to make wedding guest book options.

Alice in Wonderland wedding theme can definitely use an actual hard cover book of the same title as a guest book… But how can you get one with blank pages?

An alternative to tearing off pages of an actual Alice in Wonderland book to keep only the hard cover is to make one yourself.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any drawing skills. You won’t need to perform time-consuming steps either.

The following items are available on Amazon by clicking on the image.


 “The Shower of cards” Alice in Wonderland Book Box Stash Box Leather Over Wood Secret Storage Box Keepsake

This well-made faux book is, in fact, a box. You can use the book as a storage to keep all your guest’s notes in your library between other notorious fantasy novels like Peter Pan and Harry Potter.

I personally like the vintage look of the book given the fact that the original book was written in 1865.



Guests Personal Notes

The image on the previous book box represents a shower of cards. Building on this idea, you can use Alice in Wonderland play cards design and have your guests writing a short note on them for you to keep after the wedding.




Use Wallet Notes as Guests Notes

If you think the previous cards are way too pretty to be stained with ink, here’s another possibility for your guests to write their messages.

These 6 by 6 inches (approx.) cards are a perfect way to fill your Alice in Wonderland faux book. They’re made with sturdy cardstock paper featuring various characters illustrations from the famous novel.



Elegant Vintage Style Lined Books

This well-made book is stitch bound and features original illustrations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  This large 9 1/2 by 7 1/4 notebook is an ideal option as a wedding guest book due to its quality characteristics like stitch thread bound and embossing coated cover.

Alice Wonderland Wedding Guest Book Cheap and Simple!

There are many DIY projects worth looking at to make a completely custom Alice wonderland wedding guest book. When I first decided to write this article I was toying with this idea.

I was thinking of a thin wood hard cover book…

Then it was a matter of finding a cute Alice illustration, photo transferring it on the laminated wood piece, mod podge, drying, etc…

If you got time to make such project, I would definitely suggest that you do it.


A homemade wedding guest book is unique and it inspires a sense of pride that you will enjoy for years to come. Like you would for a hand made wedding photo album.

Otherwise, the previous suggestions are inexpensive and you can still personalize them if you feel like it!

I hope you enjoyed your reading. If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the section below.



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