Alice Wonderland Wedding Theme Ideas

Alice Wonderland wedding theme ideas can easily be full of colors and intensity. The unique characters, the notorious quotes and the fantasy world created by Lewis Carroll is a breeding ground for an extraordinary wedding.

That is for sure a recipe to make a memorable party!

These Alice Wonderland wedding ideas will help you envision a wedding that meets your expectations.


Bonus: make sure to read until the end for crazy and unusual ways of incorporating Alice in Wonderland symbols into your wedding!


Alice Wonderland Wedding Invitations

First of all, you need wedding invitations worthy of the greatest Alice Wonderland wedding theme ideas. Use original graphic designs to grab the readers attention and give them a small foretaste of what awaits them in the fantasy wedding celebration you are inviting them in.

There are many ideas to play with and find the best design that reflects your personality. After all, the world where Alice and her peers are living in is not only filled with extravagant and crazy concepts… well, almost!

Have look at more ideas to make your Alice in Wonderland wedding invitations.


Alice wonderland decorations wedding



Alice Wonderland Signs and Other Decor Items

There are many ways to have an authentic Alice Wonderland wedding theme decor. A trending concept that’s being more adapted to all weddings is to have a custom made photo booth or a photo corner where the newlyweds, family, and friends take pictures.

It can be an antique stone fireplace mantel, a Louis XIV style armchair, a garden landscape anything that is stylish and pretty.

Also, it’s possible to make a themed backdrop with Alice Wonderland character, prints, props, and other decorative items to have a unique photo corner.

Decorate the guest’s tables with Alice Wonderland themed objects and even customize your wedding centerpieces based upon the famous Novel decor elements like clocks, play cards, roses, arrow signs, vintage teacups or any other elements you like.

Alice in Wonderland wedding Ideas


Alice Wonderland Wedding Guest Book Styles

Your wedding guest book is one of the most significant objects that you will keep after your wedding, Why not make it your Alice Wonderland wedding theme souvenir?

You can decide to make your own book using your favorite images. There are many options to make a unique guest book like using an Alice Wonderland faux book box and oversized play cards.

Moreover, use a simple and pretty stitched bound book featuring a vintage print of some of the most important character in the novel. More  products ideas available in the following article:

Alice Wonderland Wedding Guest Book

Alice Wonderland Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Typical Alice in Wonderland Stuff

There are many common objects that are easily associated with Alice in Wonderland by most people.

While these objects are simple when we think of them on their own, they bring powerful images when used together in a specific context. Here’s an example. Try to envision a pocket watch.

Ok, nothing exciting there.

Now imagine a vintage tea set, you know the one with gold ornements, delicate roses hand painted on it and the fancy handle. Add to those 2 ideas a dinner table set in the wood and I’m pretty sure an Alice in Wonderland image will start to form in your mind.

The following list of words represents the ideas and concepts that are found in the book.

You can use these to help you create a whimsical ambiance that catches your guest’s imagination.


Vintage Key:

A symbolic key to enter in Alice’s Wonderland! Use these as favors for your guests, as decor elements scattered on the tables or as part of the centerpieces.

To make a vintage key favor as useful as they are appealing to the eye, they can be picked to serve a functional purpose.


Here are some ideas:

  • Tie one of these bronze ornated key bottle opener to a homemade brew or to your guests favors bags.


  • Attach them with a floral lace ribbon to a tree to emphasize the playful and eccentric spirit that made the book famous.


  • You can also use them as place card holders to make your tables look stylish and inviting


  •  Display your vintage key is to use them to create an unusual seating chart by adding a name tag to the key.


As you can see this object can be featured in many amazing ways to amuse your guests!

Antique key bottle opener favor


Old Clocks:

Time is a crazy notion in Alice’s Wonderland. Why not make use of this object to make the wedding party lively and festive.

Oversized clock, deformed clock shapes, and even a clock with multiple hands!

All of these will contribute to making the theme come to life as the guests will enjoy themselves looking around in search of more surprising details.

More specifically, you can add a pocket watch to the groom’s boutonniere and the bridal bouquet.

Also, instead of using a regular pillow to carry the wedding rings, use an elegant pocket watch case as a ring holder.

Engraved pocket watch ring holder


Antique Book Covers:

These are great as they come in many sizes and provide an antique mythical look to any decor.

I especially like the idea of using them as table centerpieces.

Pile 2 or 3 of them horizontally with a hurricane candle holder or an antique lantern on top of them. Complete the centerpiece by adding a mercury glass style votive holder alongside the piled books.

For the final touch display different size glass containers filled with colored sand. Another way to decorate them is using feather quill or white and red roses to continue on the main theme.

Old books can be found in antique shops or on flea markets at low cost.

Want a vintage looking favor box for your guests? These antique book looking boxes are just the perfect thing.

Vintage style book favor box set


Red Roses:

They hold a special place in the story. I’m going to make a long story short. In the novel, the gardeners are painting white roses near the entrance of the garden. In reality, they are attempting to hide that they planted a white rose tree by mistake.

Since roses are a symbol of love and passion, these can easily be used in your wedding decor. Also, many merchants sell props that you use as a backdrop or hang in from the ceiling to make a stunning visual impact.

If you’re not fond of fresh flowers or simply don’t want any flowers in your centerpiece, paper flowers are also a great alternative especially gigantic flowers.

There are many DIY tutorials if you don’t mind sending some time doing them. This should be a fun a fulfilling project if you’re a crafty person!


There are many other ideas you can look into to create a one of kind atmosphere filled with magic and cheery absurdity. Here are a few more expression and concepts related to the famous novel.

  • Small Hidden Doors
  • Drink Me Potion
  • Eat Me canapé
  • Play Cards
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Useless Directional Signs
  • Top Hat, Damier pattern, Queen Crown, Flamingos… and much more!


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Alice Wonderland Wedding Theme Ideas

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. Please take the time to read suggested Alice Wonderland wedding articles. They provide many more ideas and images to help envision what your wedding can be like.

Needless to say that there are tons of ways to make your wedding extraordinary using such a wonderful theme. Furthermore, mixing ideas from other fantasy based books or movies can also give a wedding a very personal touch.

It’s interesting to point out that some popular symbols found in Alice Wonderland are also present in other stories.  The first one that comes to mind is Beauty and the Beast but many other fairy tales do as well.



Find out which they are in the following reading suggestions!

Finally, you’re more than welcome if you want to share some ideas, give your input or ask questions. Just leave a comment in the section below.


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