Beach Formal Attire Men’s Must-Haves

Beach formal attire men or women, is split between two imperatives: official dress code and changing weather circumstances.

First of all, a beach formal attire is something that has the required decorum that you would see at an official celebration without going overboard. Something between a polo shirt with a Bermuda pants and a tuxedo. I know, this is pretty wide but we’re going to get into details in a moment.

The general idea is to feel comfortable and therefore your outfit has to be adapted to outdoor elements.



Comfort: general aspects to keep in mind

– Avoid wearing dark colors. If you do it has to be a small portion of your outfit;

– Choose breathable fabrics;

– Hats and sunglasses are allowed… and even prescribed!



Light colors

When standing under a blazing sun, a good practice is to dress in white, beige, light gray or blue and keep darker elements for accessories. It’s a good way to keep cool by reflecting sun rays instead of absorbing them.

Also, dark suspenders, ties, and belt, to only mention those, will give a contrasting effect that will prevent you from looking incandescent to fellow guests 🙂

(That’s when sunglasses will come in handy!)



Breathable summer fabrics

Linen and cotton are natural fibers and make great summer fabrics. They’re both breathable and dry fast. They also keep the skin cool.

See Colors and Sizes

Men formal blazer for summer


Blends for hot summer days

However, using 100% natural fiber garment will make fold lines more visible on the back of your blazer or shirt due to humidity and sweating.

Contemporary clothing is often combining both natural and synthetic fibers. Such blend allows a fabric to dry fast without wrinkling easily.



Why it’s best to bring 2 shirts instead of just 1

Men have fewer options to keep cool when dressing for a formal outdoor celebration than women. We can wear skirts and sleeveless dresses but men usually have to wear pants, long sleeves and worst of all, ties!

Fortunately, a beach celebration context allows some flexibility in your dress code.

See Colors and Sizes

Men dress shirt with roll up sleeve detail


Comfortable banded collar shirts

Chic and minimalist, it’s a must in a men’s wardrobe.

Men dress shirt with banded collar

The banded collar shirt is a lot more comfortable because your neck is exposed to the breeze and allows a better evacuation of perspiration.

This interesting alternative to the regular tie collar style is one that does look a bit more casual.


Not enough of that clean-cut appearance you are looking for?

This problem can easily be solved by wearing the right shirt at the right time.

Beach wedding light fabric shirt



Ceremony shirt vs celebration shirt

If you’re having a formal ceremony, I would suggest wearing a traditional dress shirt with a bow or a tie.

You can wear this shirt style after the ceremony, for the party itself.

All in all, bringing a spare shirt to a formal outdoor event is always a good idea. You will most likely get overheated and you will feel relieved to have an alternative.



Formal beach outfits that you’ll enjoy wearing

The sand beige color is a classic beach formal attire men’s choice. It complies with the comfort rules I mentioned at the beginning.

Also, it looks formal and elegant without being as austere as conventional dark-colored suits.


Men beach wedding suit


To give it a personal touch you can play with the blazer or sleeveless vest colors. Blue and gray are both interesting choices that work well with the beach theme.

See Colors and Sizes

Men sleveless formal vest


Fabric blends that include linen are really the best choice for pants. As a matter of fact, linen absorbs moisture quickly and helps evacuate the excess of heat from the body.

That’s why linen pants are so popular among men in outdoor and beach formal celebrations.

See Colors and Sizes

Hook and bar closure pants

Drawstring pants

Men Drawstring and button linen pants



Beach formal attire men’s hat and accessories

Fedora hat has been around for more than a hundred years. Nevertheless, this hat design is still a must-have accessory worn by both men and women.

Today the hats are made with many different materials to make it cozier. In fact, this straw-woven Fedora is lightweight and lets the air flow better than other felt hats.

See Colors and Sizes

Beach formal attire men's headwear white Beach formal attire men's Fedora Men formal beach celebration hat


Finally, cufflinks are a classic and sober adornment in a men’s attire.  The turtle and anchor designs add refinement to the outfit and are a small and discreet allusion to the sea and the beach.

Men nautical beach cufflinks

Beach formal attire men’s must-haves to enjoy the day even under a heat wave!

Hope you liked these suggestions and would really like to read your comments and impressions. If you have personal tips and experience you want to share you can do so by leaving a comment below.

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6 Responses to “Beach Formal Attire Men’s Must-Haves

  • Midi Cox
    2 years ago

    Where can we buy the banded collar shirt?

  • Hi Carolyn,

    I really like this site, firstly I am not the most fashionable and really need some tips. After reading over your post and looking at your images you have put together it honestly feels like you have personalized a style for if that makes sense? I never even knew Comfortable banded collar shirts existed until now! You know I have always associate looking smart with black but you have defiantly hanged my view on this! You have a good eye and I think you could make any man look good!
    Thanks for the great info!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Freddy! You can wear black if you want. It’s a classic. From a practical point of view you may feel really hot after a few minutes on the beach if standing under the sun 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • nice tips! I plan on going to a few formal (and informal) weddings later this year. I haven’t the slightest clue about fashion- let alone wedding fashion! lol

    These are good tips and i’ll try to follow them. My lack of knowledge in this area amazed me. Who could have though dressing could be so complex and artistic?

    Style is lost on me :S
    Anyway thanks for the post, I’ll try my best to practically use the information you’ve given me 🙂

    • Hi Koda, It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about fashion. In fact, it’s probably better this way. I’ve seen too many people try to dress “correctly” and feel uncomfortable. These days there are so many eclectic fashions trends that you will for sure find an outfit that you will enjoy wearing.

      Here’s an interesting article about semi-formal dress up. There is also a great video at the end that explains all different kinds of dress code. It’s fun to watch and can help you decided what to wear.

      Semi-Formal Attire Men Pictures

      Hope this helps!

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