Beach Style Wedding Dresses

Beach style wedding dresses are made in many different styles. Some brides want a floor length mermaid style dress while others prefer a practical shorter wedding dress.

No matter what your style is, it’s important to pay a special attention to your dress fabric in terms of breathability.

Especially if you plan to have an outdoor wedding ceremony or celebration (or both). Temperatures can be very intense and unpredictable depending where in the world and at what time of the year you are celebrating your wedding.

While you have no control over tropical downpours or the humidex, wearing a light fabric dress can help you feel comfortable all day long.

Let’s look at the following style beach style wedding dresses ideas.


Beach Wedding Dress Designs

As you probably already know there is a huge variety of beach style wedding dresses. Also, the following paragraphs provide you with some of the most amazing dress shapes and designs available.


Tropical Island Glow

There are lots of possible declinations for a sophisticated wedding dress. Also combining different necklines with specific dress shapes can provide a completely different look.

Both mermaid and trumpet dress shapes are very popular for a beach wedding. While they are not exactly the most practical options on a sandy soil, they do make a great alternative to long train dresses.

Moreover, the excess fabric can be attached to wrist loop to allow you to walk around and dance more easily. You’ll also find it more practical as you will prevent your dress from getting dirty too early in the day.

Mermaid style beach wedding dress

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Casual and Joyful

A casual wedding dress doesn’t mean inelegant or tacky. On the contrary, like to think of it as an opportunity to wear a practical yet sophisticated outfit. Perhaps it’s the best option when you must stay for a couple of hours under the blazing sun.

Therefore, the Hi-Lo dress is a winner to prevent dragging you dress in the sand as you walk around to welcome your guests. This dress has a long back and a short front making it more breathable than a regular full-length wedding gown.

Additionally, a knee-length sheath dress is also a popular option for the brides that want to dance and celebrate all night long without stepping on her dress.

Not to mention, going to the bathroom privately without the need of someone holding your puffy, bulky dress is priceless. That’s what I call looking like a queen without the need of royal procession.

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Bohemian Charm

Lovely and romantic, the boho-chic style is here to stay. It’s aesthetically and well suited for outdoor or by the sea wedding celebrations.

Bohemian style usually features light fabrics, like tulle, lace, and chiffon. It’s also seen as a simple yet sophisticated style and has a romantic feel to it.

Some of the most impressive designs feature heavy embroidering on sheer fabrics. If you want something that will catch the eye by its uniqueness you can mix a jewel or portrait neckline with a nude back.

bohemian beach wedding dresses


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Beach Wedding Dress Styles

Finally, there are countless possibilities in terms of necklines that you can combine with Boho, Hi-Lo, Hawaiian and other beach wedding dress types.

Have a look at the following articles to for stunning wedding dress styles. Don’t be afraid to match the trendiest features with timeless classics for a glamorous look.

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Beach Style Wedding Dresses

I hope you found some interesting ideas in this article. If you want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment in the section below.

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