Beach Wedding Attire For Men

The following beach wedding attire for men pictures will help you choose a style. Click on the image to be redirected to the vendor’s product page for availability, price, colors, and sizes.

Beach wedding attire for men

Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Finding the perfect attire for a beach wedding is not supposed to be challenging once you determine what is important:


  1. Will you be standing under a hot sun for more than 20 minutes? Than you better make sure you choose a garment that will help you stay cool
  2. If possible go barefoot. If not, make sure to find shoes that are stylish but also well adapted to the sand abrasion. Leather shoes are not.
  3. A hat is definitely a good idea to provide you with some shade but make sure to pick one that is breathable. Like a woven straw fedora hat for example.

Ivory, Beige and Sand Color Suits

Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit

This vendor offers this 3 piece suit in more than 10 different colors including white, ivory and aqua blue!

Linen Suits

Linen is a natural fiber that allows more breathability. It’s the perfect choice for a beach wedding celebration or any summer outdoor event.

Linen has a great absorption capacity which is perfect to prevent perspiration from staying trapped on your skin. Also, air flows easily out of the fabric to help you stay cool under a blazing sun.

Unfortunately most men suits are made with polyester and other synthetic fabrics. These are popular because they are cheap and require little maintenance.

On the other hand cotton, linen and other natural fiber are known for being comfortable to wear. However, they also have a tendency to wrinkle.

To avoid this pick a fabric blend that has both linen mix with a synthetic fiber. You’ll get a better breaability and prevent the fabric from wrinkle too much.

Linen Shirt Mock Collar

Blue 3 Piece Suit Made with a Blend of Cotton and Polyester

This suit is a great alternative to common synthetic fiber suits and tuxedos.

Unlike polyester, cotton and linen are natural fibers that allow air to flow in and out which helps evacuate excess moist on the skin and body heat.

Having both polyester and cotton blended together will allow you to take advantage of those benefits while making the fabric more resistant to wrinkling.

Linen Pants


Buying Your Wedding Suit Online

Whether you want to buy a wedding tuxedo online to save money and time or you just can’t imagine yourself renting one for your wedding day the following tuxedo review is for you.

Nowadays, people are looking to buy their wedding tuxedo instead of renting it. In fact, there is plenty of designs and colors to choose from at affordable prices.

However, there are a few aspects to take into account before buying one.

Next is summary that features the pros and cons of 4 designer tuxedos.

Besides the merchant’s description of the garment, actual buyers also provide many interesting inputs concerning the way it fits, comfort, and fabric quality.

In this article, I’ve combined both to help you choose the best option based on your own personal requirements. I’ve also added the pros and cons for each tuxedo in order to help you make and advised choice.

Let’s start with the Ferrecci tuxedo. It has received over 100 customers reviews at the time of writing these lines. It’s notably rated 4 stars out of 5 leaving competition far behind.

Designer: Ferrecci

Style: Slim fit

See more Colors and Sizes


  • Jacket: satin shawl lapel tuxedo, one button single breasted front, dual side vents;
  • Pants: unhemmed, flat front;
  • 65% Polyester 35% Viscose
  • Recommended dry clean only


  • Overall, reviewers were satisfied with the jacket size. The 4 satin covered sleeve button gives the jacket a contrasting sophisticated look. The interior lining is well made and stylish. It also includes 4 pockets (3 exterior and one inside).
  • Perfect for those who tend to find regular style trouser too baggy. This merchant provides a 6-inch drop waist pants. In other words, when choosing a size 40 jacket you will get a 34 pants size (pants size is 6-inches less than the jacket);
  • This style follows the natural lines of the body and lengthens the silhouette. You don’t need to be skinny or athletic to wear slim fit with style. In fact, if you have trouble finding garments that are not too large on your lower ribs, waist, and ankles, slim fit is the answer;
  • The tuxedo is sent with a garment bag and a sturdy hanger.


  • Many reviewers reported that trousers were too small. While most customers recommend this
    tuxedo, a vast majority said they needed to have the trousers altered in some way.
  • You may find a slim fit cut too small if you’re used to the comfort of wearing modern or classic fit Slim fit follows the body lines tightly. Also, you will need to wear a slim fit shirt to prevent it from bunching under your jacket.
  • There are no suspender buttons or belt loops on trousers. I see this very often on tuxedo trousers. In fact, a tuxedo is traditionally made to be worn with a cummerbund.
  • You will have to take the trousers to a tailor to have them hemmed. Many clothing manufacturers choose not to hem the pants to reduce returns because the pants leg length is too short or too long. I know I get this problem on every pair of pants I buy

Overall, Ferrecci black and white wedding tuxedo offer a good value for the price considering that a designer tux can cost as much as $400.

Designer: Giorgio Napoli

Style: Modern fit

 ♥ See more Colors and Sizes


  • Jacket: 1 button single breasted front, peak lapel collar, dual side vents;
  • Pants: flat front, 2 x 2-inch waist adjustment, extra suspender buttons, drop of 6 inches;
  • 65% Polyester and 35% Viscose.


  • The waist can be adjusted of 2 inches on each side with the hidden elastic band ;
  • The fabric is wrinkle and stain resistant making it a great option for hot and humid temperatures;
  • The pants, lapels, and buttons have satin detailing as any tuxedo should;
  • It comes factory packed with a hanger to avoid misshaping the suit during transportation.


  • Jackets and pants cannot be ordered separately. Therefore, you must be comfortable with the drop offered by the merchants;

In this case, a 6-inch drop means that a US 40R jacket will be paired with a 34″ waist pants. Before ordering a different jacket size to get a more convenient waist size, keep in mind the pants can easily be adjusted by 2 inches on each side.

My thoughts:

I like this tuxedo because of various elements made with the customer’s comfort, time, and money in mind.

Also, the elastic band at the waist and the suspender buttons makes it easy to adjust to your size. It’s a nice gesture that makes you save time and money on alterations.

Designer: Verdamo

Style: Slim fit


  • Jacket: one button single-breasted front, slim peak lapel, double vented;
  • Pants: single-pleat front with no satin stripe;
  • Polyester and rayon blend.


  • Besides fashion considerations, slim fit is perfect for people that usually find modern and classic fit too loose;

This merchant provides a 7-inch drop waist pants which suitable for those who tend to find regular style trouser too baggy;

  • Lightweight garment with a silky texture;
  • You probably made the inevitable experience of having your pants hem. The trousers are shipped unhemmed for your tailor or seamstress to alter it accordingly to your needs. This spares them the useless task of unstitching.


  • This slim fit tuxedo has a smaller pants size than a regular modern fit. In fact, it has a 7-inch drop. This means that if you order a 40R jacket you will receive a 33″ waist pants;
  • Keep in mind you’ll have to pay to have the trousers hemmed. This can be disappointing if you are fortunate enough to always fit the merchant’s chart in terms of leg length;
  • Unlike Giorgio Napoli’s, there are no suspender buttons elastic waist or even belt loops. On the other hand, some reviewers mentioned that they brought their trousers to the tailor to have suspender buttons added. This should not be a big deal.

My thoughts:

Slim fit looks great as long it feels comfortable. If you intend to wear a waistcoat under your jacket you may need to get a bigger size.

Finding the right size for both pants and jacket is an issue for all tuxedos sets taken together. More and more people want to buy a wedding tuxedo online meaning they won’t get to try it before buying.

Therefore, it would probably be great to have practical options like hidden elastic waistband. This can help customers adjusting the garment to their liking without having to alter it.

Nevertheless, reviewers are satisfied with size accuracy and product quality of their purchase.

Style: Modern fit

♥ See more Colors and Sizes


  • Jacket: two button single-breasted front, notch lapel, double vented;
  • Pants: modern styled single-pleat front with a satin stripe on the exterior side of the leg;
  • Polyester and rayon blend.


  • The tuxedo has a standard 6-inch drop waist size. This makes the pants you’ll receive 1-inch larger than the slim fit I reviewed earlier. A good asset if you prefer the comfort of a larger size pants;
  • It has the traditional satin lapel texture usually associated with a wedding tuxedo. The collar shape is the same as in a regular suit for a more contemporary look.


  • These modern fit pleated front pants are not fitted. Depending on the type of formal pants your are used to wear you may find it looks a bit baggy;
  • There are no suspender buttons or belt loops. In other words, you need to have it altered if you don’t want to constantly pull your trousers up.

My thoughts:

Like Verdamo’s, this wedding tuxedo has no waist adjustment and you’ll need to hem the trousers. It can be a problem… or not.

In fact, most reviewers conceded that they made some minor alterations which are to be expected when buying a paired jacket and pants.

Nevertheless, this tuxedo has rated an average of 4.5 stars on 100 customer reviews at the time of writing these lines. It’s also the cheapest of the 3 tuxedos reviewed here.

Things to Remember When You Buy a Wedding Tuxedo Online

Renting a tuxedo cost at least $150 meaning you’ll be saving money on acquisition cost. You should consider that you’ll probably need to have it altered in some way.

That being said, when you rent you have no other choice to wear it as is with the sizes available. Buying offers the benefit of owning a tuxedo altered according to your measurements and ready to wear on future occasions.

Also, you can buy a tuxedo jacket and pants separately and order each garment based on your actual measurements.

Either way, trustworthy merchants usually have a return policy you can take advantage of if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Some like House of St. Benet have “free returns on some sizes and color” and others need to be contacted directly.

If you intend to buy a wedding tuxedo online, make sure you know the terms and policies before ordering anything. It proves to be true for any product bought either online or at a storefront.

In Conclusion

You have lots of choices when buying beach wedding attire for men online. there are hundreds of different styles.

Amazon offers a huge selection of tuxedos and related accessories like shirts, bow ties, waistcoat, handkerchief, gloves, and much more at competitive prices.

Remember that it’s unlikely that both jacket and trousers will fit perfectly.

You will most likely need to bring it to the tailor to have it altered. The good side of this is that you will have a perfectly fitted tuxedo for future events.

Moreover, you can choose to buy your tuxedo jacket and pants separately. Online retailers offers many designer tuxedo styles with interesting discounts.

Hope you enjoyed your reading, if you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share please leave them in the comment section.


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