Beach Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Actually Gorgeous

Forget about the cheap looking bride and groom figurines with blurry and fake facial expressions you once knew.

The following beach wedding cake toppers are masterpieces that you can proudly display in your living space after the wedding. In fact, they are pretty unique and very well made.

Remember how cheap the plastic used to make those was or how redundant the cake ornaments were? I sadly do…

Luckily, the following ideas are certainly not going to deceive you.

Porcelain, acrylic, glass, and wood are shaped into a sturdy and stylish cake toppers that will make even the simplest cake design look elegant and impressive.


Beach Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas


Chic and Modern Palm Tree Leaves

Many of us who attended a wedding lately may have noticed how straight lines, geometrical shapes and black and white tones have become popular.

People also tend to have fewer flowers and more greenery and use industrial looking lighting. This cake topper is a versatile option that can be used in both a modern wedding or in a rustic tropical beach type of decor.

It’s a great addition to add a splash of color a minimalistic wedding cake.

Floating beach wedding cake topper


Star Fish

This beautifully enameled porcelain item has every reason to be put at the top of your wedding cake for everyone to see. As a matter of fact, starfish are associated with memories of happy family vacations by the sea and good times.

They are living animals that play an important role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem they live in, like the ocean. In other words, it’s better to use a fake but eco-friendly starfish shaped object than using a real one.

This cake topper is 13cm x 15 cm which is a great size for a cake top tier measuring 6 to 8 inches in diameter.


Beach wedding cake toppers


Bride & Groom Figurines

At last, a charming and personalized bride and groom figurines set that closest resembles the actual future Mr. & Mrs!

Whether you want the porcelain couple to stand in a rowboat, walking barefoot on the sand or lounging on the beach these are all available designs you can choose from.

Add a personal twist to your cake topper by choosing the bride and groom respective hair color. It’s a subtle but highly appreciated realistic touch that you will love.

These unique ornaments are handpainted by skilled craftsman ensuring each piece is unique.

Rowboat wedding cake topper


Tropical Breeze

This pretty statuette features a couple in front of two palm trees with their leaves waving in the tropical breeze. A magical landscape made with harmonious smooth lines design.

I like how elegant and romantic this cake topper looks with the palm tree leaves forming a heart shape behind this serein couple.

This cake topper is approximately 15 cm high.

Palm tree with bride and groom cake topepr


Anchor Monogram

A classic in any nautical-related decor, the anchor symbol truly finds its meaning when used as a wedding cake topper.

It symbolizes stability, solidity, and accomplishment of a long journey home. And with the new home, a new journey begins.

This acrylic cake topper can be personalized with a monogram and is available in gold, white or black.

Floating anchor cake topper with monogram


Beach Theme Cake Ornaments and Table Decorations

For those of you who want something that stands out from the typical figurine cake topper, the following nautical and seashore theme ornaments will certainly grab your attention.

Finding an outstanding and great looking cake topper is not as complicated as you may think. A

Also, you don’t need to have the most impressive cake decorations to make a cake look spectacular.

In fact, putting up a great looking cake table will make the simplest cake design look amazing.

This doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Think about it this way: Finding a gorgeous breathtaking wedding cake topper heavy design may require more work to be securely added to your cake.

Even though professional bakers have the knowledge and skills to add all kinds of heavy ornaments to a wedding cake, it will be done at an extra charge. Sometimes this means a lot more money than you were expecting.

Personally, I’d rather have a delicious cake with a simple design and put more thought in a great and inexpensive cake table decor.

The idea is to use the cake as the centerpiece and add supporting ornaments to create an overall composition that is appealing to the eye.

Let’s see some of these ideas.


Message in a bottle

This bottle design is chic and has a unique look with its gently curved long bottleneck. The glass bottle stopper captures ambient light beautifully contributing to make this practical ornament an alluring addition to the cake table.

It’s an amazing way to collect your guests’ messages and an original alternative to the traditional guest book.

Display this charming cute bottle with scroll paper sheets on the cake table so that anyone who forgot to write you a special note has a chance to do so. It’s an inviting way to get everyone inspired.

I can easily imagine how good this can look on the cake table with scattered seashells, a silver lighthouse lantern, and decorative sea glass pieces.

Beach wedding guest book


The compass is not only an essential instrument at sea. It’s also a well-known symbol of guidance and sound decision. A vintage compass is a meaningful item that can easily be used as a decor element in a beach wedding celebration and also given as a guest favor.

A brush brass finish compass is light enough to decorate a wedding cake or even to make a specific wedding cake topper composition.

In fact, a professional baker can help you make a personalized cake topper. This is possible by incorporating elements that are both related to your theme and that have a special connotation to you.


Coral Shapes

The harmonious looking calcareous sea creatures (yes, despite their leafy look they are in fact animals) is very elegant.

As you may know, it’s an endangered species that cannot be collected. Fortunately, many manufacturers sell coral shaped decorative items made of glass, ceramic, resin, etc.

These come in many different shapes as there are lots of variations found in the ocean. Elkhorn and leaf corals shaped items are particularly adorning and make great beach theme wedding cake ornaments or celebration decorations.


Hand Fan   –  Paddle Fan

I can’t think of a more appropriate and tropical beach wedding related item than the paddle fan. This unique accessory can be given as a favor to your guests.

Moreover, use some of them to make a unique cake table decor arrangement. Here is an idea you can explore.

If you have 10 or more, place them evenly along the circumference line of the cake by sliding the handle under the cake plate.

If the cake has a neutral color use paddle fans with 2 to 3 different colors that match your wedding theme palette. This will create an illusion of volume and make a great visual impact when approaching the cake table.

Exotic wedding paddle fan


Paper Parasol

These are another way to make a small cake table be seen from far. As I mentioned earlier no need to have a grandiose and expensive cake design.

Hang 4 to 5 (depending on the table size) paper parasols above the cake or dessert table. This will add lots of personality to your decor.

Beach wedding decor ideas


Metal “Paper Boats”

This small metal boat is just perfect to use as table decorations, as place cards or as favor containers.

However, with some imagination, you can surely use these in a whole lot of different ways. For example, add them to your wedding cake table to complement your nautical wedding theme cake topper.

They measure 15 x 3 x 11.5 cm and are sold in a pack of 6.

Nautical wedding boat table decoration


Stunning Cake Decoration Items

Decorated your beach, sea and by-the-shore wedding with an impressively large variety of items.

As shown earlier, when it comes to beach wedding cake toppers you can choose a traditional bride and groom figurine and still add your personal twist.

Customize the figurines with your actual hair color. Also, choose a special context where the figurines are sculpted like a boat or sandy beach.



Other Inspirational Items

Another idea to highlight the cake decoration is to make the dessert or cake table where it is displayed look fantastic by cleverly embellishing it with beach related items.

These can be starfish glass votives, a small treasure chest, beach chair tea light holders, sea glass,  to only name some that come to mind.

I’d love to know some of your ideas.

What is the special beach wedding cake ornament you would like on your wedding cake? Please leave your comments in the section below.


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