Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas On A Budget

All beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget have in common that they are original and handmade… to a certain extent at least!

The following beach wedding decorations can be mix together to save money and time. Look at the prices after each picture and see for yourself. You’ll find many products that can be bought in bulk at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a store front. Also, many are offered at 50% to 80% discount.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to compare your table decoration quotations with the actual price you’ll pay on Amazon.

The following pictures are featuring affordable decorative items you can use to quickly create your own beach wedding table centerpieces at an affordable price.



Nature’s Treasures Of The Sea

A silver sequin table runner shimmering like the sea under the sunlight is a perfect place to highlight these natural decor elements. The natural wood vase is a real eye-catcher with its unusual shape and apertures. The vase is cut in a single piece of mango wood from a sustainable plantation.

Nautical rope lantern and white sea urchin tealight holders will illuminate your guests with a warm radiance when at night.

Beach wedding driftwood decoration

1. This Set Includes:


How to Save Time And Money

The best wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget are ones you can assemble yourself.

By “assembling” I mean finding pieces at low cost that will look stunning when put together. It’s the best compromise between an a to z time-consuming “Do-It-Yourself” project and paying someone else to make 20 centerpieces for you.


Tide’s Sweet Gifts

A different declination of the sequin table runner.

Although, this time, it’s a silver lighthouse candle lantern that proudly sits in the middle of this centerpiece surrounded by a starfish garland made with driftwood.

The red and blue colors of the table numbers and wood starfish are well matched while not being too aggressive. In fact, colors are softened to look as if the decorations were washed onto the shore to become treasures of beauty at your table.

Orchid flowers provide a final touch of delicacy.
Beach wedding nautical table numbers and driftwood starfish

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DIY Without The Waste Of Time

Don’t get me wrong, I love DIY projects. I especially prefer those that are not time-consuming. In that sense, when you look at the time you’ll spend making your own paper flowers, or baking starfish decorations you realize you are not saving much.

Between all other wedding preparation activities, work, and typical daily tasks, you may find that your free time for this sort of project is limited.

On the other hand, it’s not worth it to pay a considerable amount of money to have your table centerpieces made by an event decorator.

The finest beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget require some basic manual skills but nothing to be worried about. It’s within anyone’s grasp as you will see in the suggestions found in this article!

Navy Blue Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas On A Budget

A true nautical theme is nothing without navy blue. The following beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget have a traditional and timeless style.

The sailboat, floating candle vases and driftwood chandeliers are perfectly interchangeable in their use. They are all great choices as the main decoration of centerpiece.

Why make only one version for all tables when you can create different centerpieces? To ensure a harmonious visual effect, make sure they all have a common characteristic like the color. You can do so by using a navy blue and white striped table runner and small shells with natural sand colors to match the driftwood chandelier.

For example, you can use a navy blue and white striped table runner and small shells with natural sand colors to match the driftwood chandelier.


Beach wedding white blue striped table runner with knot place card holder

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Boat Of Lovers

The best beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget are often those found in the least expected places… or objects!

This extraordinarily detailed 3D paper boat steals the show as a table centerpiece for only $7 a piece. It’s also pop up greeting card that you can use as in your centerpiece.

The boat symbolizes the great journey the newlyweds are about to begin. Driftwoods, sea glass pieces and the speckled finish votive tea lights are accessories that complement this centerpiece gracefully.

Beach wedding votives with driftwood and colored sea glass

4. This Set Includes:


Modern Beach Ambiance

A perfect decluttered style for limited table space. The flower placemats come in 3 different colors and are a perfect to delimit your table centerpiece creations.

The focal point in this set is the cubic candle holders ($11 for 2).

I suggest painting these with your wedding theme color or keep them as is and add some colorful and bright accessories like starfish and colored sea glass.
Beach wedding sea glass, starfish and dahlia centerpiece

5. This Set Includes:


20″ Eiffel Tower Vase And White Coral

Here’s an outside the box idea for unique beach wedding table centerpieces. It’s well-known that flowers are expensive at a wedding. Especially when you need them on each wedding table centerpieces. These coral branches can be used as the main decoration in your centerpiece flower arrangement.

You can then add some colorful flowers at the bottom of the coral branches, at the top of the vase. It will create a fuller look without having to spend a fortune on flowers.

The 20″ high Eiffel tower vase are sold by the dozen and cost about 5$ each.

Beach chair name place card and nautical table numbers

6. This Set Includes:


Wind Rose

Here are more beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget to make your guest tables look pretty and unique. Most centerpiece sets have some sort of base on which you display a vase, mason jars, table numbers, tea lights, etc.

It can be a mirror, a fancy placemat, a 1″ -2″ wood slab, etc.

The following wind rose square fabrics are perfect to delimit the centerpiece. The top one is made of burlap ($24) while the other one is made of a gray linen blend… and is a pillow case!

As a bonus, it cost less than $3!

Beach wedding sea urchin tea light holder and shells


Beach wedding sea urchin teal light holder and shells

7. This Set Includes:


Pirate Table Centerpiece Theme

How do like this theme for your wedding? Anyone?

Hum… I guess I’m the only one…Well, if you decided to make a table for the kids this can be a fun way to keep them busy and entertained.

The craziest part is that it really cheap to make (see prices after the picture). The compass and the telescope are fully functioning and the metal coins are modeled after coins minted between 1651 to 1773.

Bet there will be many grown-ups playing at this table with the kids!


Beach wedding kids table treasure hunt theme

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Where Fresh Water and Ocean Meet

The following elements are a good starting point for an elegant and welcoming table decoration. The placemats are made of water hyacinth and provide a charming touch to the centerpiece. Here again, they can be used as your centerpiece platform.

On the other hand, the high glass vase known as Eiffel Tower style are sophisticated. They are high and narrow enough to allow guests to see each other.

The small clear glass candle holders are sold in packs of 2 for $10. You can be filled with acrylic diamonds, sea glass, flowers or other decorative accessories to match your wedding color theme.

Beach wedding high vase centerpiece

9. This Set Includes:


Sparkles And Friendly Sea Creatures

A simple burlap table runner with a cute fringe highlight the following remarkable and shining table centerpiece elements. Remarkable for their good looks but also low cost.

The 10,5″ high hurricane candle holders are sold in a set of 12 costing about $6 a unit.

The 12″ mirrors are $35 for a 10 unit set, less than $4 per piece. The small sailboat candles are less than $2 each.

Who said elegant table centerpieces have to be expensive?

Beach wedding round mirror centerpiece with hurricane candle holdet

10. This Set Includes:



Adorable Beach Inspired Ideas

Thes small suspended white lanterns are the perfect match for a single orchid spray or colorful flower arrangement.

Lanterns can also be used as focal centerpiece elements. They can be used as a candle holder as we usually see at most weddings. You can also decorate them with inexpensive flowers and interesting leaf shapes as I did.

The meshed table runner in the following picture is probably the most elegant version of a fish net you can find. It has a modern design while still looking rustic with this taupe color.

It’s also available in a placemat version and other colors: black, gold, silver.

Beach wedding pink orchids and clear sail boat tealight holders

11. This Set Includes:


Tips to save money on your table centerpieces

Here are a few rules to for beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget:

– Bulk purchase: determine how many pieces you’ll need and find out if you can buy them in bulk to save money.

– Be prepared to make easy craft interventions: if you find a good deal that is not exactly what you want in terms of color, for example, consider spray painting it. Just keep in mind that the adjustment needed doesn’t cancel out the profit you were hoping to make

– Online deals: Finished decoration items and crafts good are the kind of products that you can find at 50% to 80% discount prices on Amazon and other large online retailers.

– Plan ahead and take advantage of yearly sales: Merchants are having sale events in November and January. Wedding fair merchants often provide discounted prices for a limited time as well.


Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas On A Budget

Hope you liked the suggestions to achieve a stunning and affordable wedding table centerpiece. Feel free to leave a comment!

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