Beach Wedding Tuxedo – Stylish, Breathable!

Choosing a beach wedding tuxedo is not such an easy task. It has to be stylish, practical and Casa Blanca shawl lapel white tuxedo jacketcomfortable for you to enjoy wearing it for many hours.

Traditionally, a tuxedo is composed of a dark, preferably black, jacket and pants with a white shirt and a black bow tie.

You see, such tuxedos were meant to be worn on evenings and without taking into account current season weather.

I can imagine how exhausting it can be to wear a dark polyester suit under a tropical sun… Fortunately, there are good alternatives!

The following beach formal suits and wedding tuxedos have a common characteristic. They can be worn on hot summer days due to specific garment qualities.



The Beach Wedding Tuxedo Against Heat Stroke

There are a few guidelines to follow when looking for a beach wedding tuxedo.

First, wearing a light Royal blue groom tuxedocolor tuxedo helps reflect sun rays instead of absorbing their heat.

However, it’s still possible to wear a darker color beach wedding tuxedo by taking advantage of the right fiber blends.

In short, some fabrics contribute to reducing body heat helping air to flow in and out due to the way the fibers are woven.

Also, these fibers have a certain level of absorbency which prevents moisture accumulation on the skin.

Here’s how it works.





Synthetic vs Natural Fibers

The cheapest and most conventional fabric for a tuxedo is polyester. The benefit of this fabric is that it keeps its shape so that your formal jacket and pants still look clean cut even after wearing it for hours.

However, it’s probably the less effective fabric to wear under hot temperatures.Sky blue wedding tuxedo

In fact, polyester is a synthetic fiber that tends to trap warmth. Such material promotes the moisture to build up on the skin.

By the way, it’s perfectly fine to wear a synthetic fiber tuxedo when most of the wedding celebration is held indoor, in an air-conditioned dining room.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure how much time you’ll spend in a hot and humid environment, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Otherwise, you will most likely find yourself steaming with perspiration withing the first hour.



The Blends That Keep You Cool

WoolElegant black shawl tuxedo blazer

The first alternative to polyester wedding tuxedo is wool.

Many people are reluctant to wear wool for a summer outdoor wedding because wool is seen as a warm material. There is a bit of misunderstanding about wool’s characteristics, though.

In fact, wool is characterized by its insulation capacity as we all know. However, it also has absorbency and breathability properties.

A lighter wool weave results in a breathable garment that lets body heat flow out while absorbing residual humidity on the skin.

This type of fabric is called tropical wool.

Also, good quality wool wrinkles less than linen and has some elasticity.



The most popular fabric choice in the tropical countries and beach weddings is, without a doubt, linen. It’s renown for its air permeability letting outside air in and warmth of the body out.

Finally, it’s highly absorbent and therefore contributing, even more, to keep the skin dry and cool.

Linen cotton beach wedding suit



The Best of Both Worlds

In fact, the weak aspect of linen during a heatwave is its tendency to wrinkle due to its lack of elasticity.Black jacket and pants wedding tuxedo

A good way to counteract this effect is to choose a blend that mixes linen with a man made fiber.

The synthetic fiber will prevent the garment from creasing while also helping it to keep its shape.

Also, a blend that includes cotton is also a good alternative to linen since it has similar benefits.



The Beach Wedding Tuxedo Shoes

It’s one thing to walk down the aisle in dapper velvet loafers on a wooden or marble floor. It’s completely something else when the aisle is a sandy uneven path.

Expect your shoes to be covered with a thin layer of sand dust and the tiniest interior cracks filled with small annoying rocks.

If going barefoot is not what you planned, I suggest wearing inexpensive shoes that have the level of formality you want.

The following styles are fashionable and most important, you will preserve your expensive leather shoes from being ruined.

Formal Beach wedding Tuxedo Shoes

Beach wedding wing tip suede shoes

Casual Beach Wedding Tuxedo Shoes



Hope you’ve found some inspiring ideas for your beach wedding tuxedo. If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share please leave a comment in the following section.



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