Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake Topper

There are many options for your Beauty and the Beast wedding cake topper. Furthermore, cake toppers are generally available in a large variety of colors and many of them are customizable.

The great thing about a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme is that you can get inspired by the symbolism found in the movie… and there are many of them!

This will provide a sense of uniqueness to your wedding cake instead of a using traditional wedding cake topper. You know, the one featuring the bride and groom miniature models we are used to seeing on a wedding cake.


For now, let’s stick to our main interest: finding the perfect Beauty and the Beast wedding cake topper.



Edible Cake Toppers

A great symbol of everlasting love, the red rose preserved under a dome is a great idea to decorate your wedding cake. There are many alternatives to using a plastic rose.

Edible versions made of fondant is a pastry technique that is growing in popularity. However, this technique is not the one to favor if you’re looking for the best tasting option.

I personally like marzipan or chocolate made roses. Marzipan is made with sugar, honey, and grounded almonds. These are fairly easy to get in a specialized candy store and also from a cake maker.

A professional and experimented cake maker can provide many different designs, and even make a rose under a dome.

Other interesting designs can be a rose crown, a single rose with fallen petals all over a multi-tier cake, rose shaped cake pops, one large single blooming rose, etc.

Red rose cake pops


If you have a specific accent color for your wedding theme you can also request a customized color to match it. For example, it’s also possible to have a degradation of color like a red rose becoming pink.

Possibilities are endless!



Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake Topper Work of Art

One inspiring variation of the generic bride and groom cake topper is the Belle and Beast cake topper. Although not the cheapest option, real fans will appreciate the quality and impeccable details that are the trademark of Lenox.

These Lenox license by Disney sculptures are hand painted with 24 karat gold accents.

What I like about this piece is that the newlyweds get to keep a high-end wedding souvenir instead of a regular plastic cake topper. Not to mention it’s also a beautiful wedding gift that they will cherish for years.


Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake Topper

Finally, using a standard acrylic cake topper makes it easier to move the cake around without fearing to break an expensive or fragile cake decoration.

Note that an experienced cake maker knows how to manipulate with care such delicate cake decoration. Also, they usually master the techniques to add a somewhat heavy cake topper like a porcelain sculpture or glass adornments.

To avoid any confusion, make sure to discuss the details with your cake maker. He must feel comfortable and have the necessary knowledge to make it sturdy enough and have an aesthetic and refined looking cake.

Hoe you enjoyed these ideas. If you want to share thoughts or if you have a question please leave it in the comment section found after this article.



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