Beauty and the Beast Wedding Dress

The following beauty and the beast wedding dress list is filled with elegance and a touch of magic. These dresses have in common a romantic baroque era style.

Many of them are available in traditional white color, silver, champagne but also in many vibrant colors like blue, green, fuschia and of course yellow as a true Belle dress.

While they are resemblant to Belle’s dress they are nevertheless unique. In fact, each of them has amazing details that make them different from each other.

Ballerina Elegance

The first dress is a nice combination of fairy beauty and simplicity.

A floor length dress all made of elegantly pleated tulle. The aerial look of this light fabric adds a touch of magic to the gown.
Have you noticed the subtle bodice sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder design?

Also, this gown is available in more than 10 different colors.

Belle’s Gown

If you’re looking for a real Beauty and the Beast dress, this is the one. This well-made Belle’s dress is available in a yellow satin fabric or in beige velvet fabric.

It comes with many accessories like a ribbon necklace and headband and even a faux-fur cloak. This dress has a padded pushup bra and a hoop skirt to make it look full like in the picture.

There are many beautiful details that make this dress lovely like the 2 layered lace hemline and the rose added to the corset.

Majestic Beauty

This gorgeous wedding gown is an interesting option if you want an off-shoulder neckline as Belle’s dress with lace sleeves.

It’s also a very versatile design. In fact, you can wear it with or without the sweep train which gives a completely different look to the gown.

This is an interesting feature if you plan to wear your dress all day or if you don’t want to buy another dress for the evening celebration. You can wear it with the train during the ceremony to have a formal look.

Then, remove the train and you find yourself with an exquisitely beautiful fit and flare dress that’s perfect to move around and dance all night long

Enchanting Princess Dress,

This lovely A-line silhouette lace-up back dress is made of tulle and definitely looks enchanting. The rhinestone and fabric flowers details on the neckline twinkle like stars at twilight.

The intricate applique on the skirt and tulle ads a lot of elegance to this dress. A magical sight that everyone will enjoy all evening long.

This is a floor length dress you will need to buy a separate petticoat or hoop skirt to have a full look like in the picture

It’s available in many different colors. The yellow version of this dress is an interesting substitute to Belle’s dress featured earlier in this article.

Also, it’s a queenly dress that will make you feel amazing. A ravishing alternative to the original beauty and the beast wedding dress.

Stunning Cathedral Train Gown

The first dress listed next is not exactly what you’d expect a belle’s dress to look like. Still, I had to include it in this list because it’s simply an amazing design.

Besides, this is what a dress made for a princess must look like, don’t you think?

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Dress

Hope you enjoyed this Beauty and the Beast wedding dress list. Also, there is a huge selection of beautiful fairytale inspired wedding gowns on Amazon.

If you’d like to see more dresses and other amazing suggestions to decorate your Beauty and the Beast wedding theme have a look at the following reading suggestions.

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