5 Amazing Beauty and the Beast Wedding Ideas

These beauty and the beast wedding ideas are affordable options to make your wedding look fairy-like. Some of these ideas can actually help you recreate the movies most touching moments by using simple accessories.

The following idea is one of them.

Beauty and the beast wedding ideas



Photobooth Backdrops

If like most people you can’t afford to celebrate your wedding in a French Baroque style castle, you might like the following idea.

By the way, this is how photographers are able to make great looking pictures with the appropriate ambiance. They use a fake high-quality background.

All you need is a polyester cloth featuring a high definition replica of the movie’s castle main hall and its sumptuous marble staircase. The dimension of a standard backdrop is  5 x 7 feet.

Note that, backdrop cloths are not expensive but you will need to set it up on some kind of support. If you already plan to hire a professional photographer than she or he will most likely be able to provide this for free.

Don’t want to invest in such equipment? Then keep reading for more brilliant ideas to help you save and still have a wonderful photo corner to enjoy taking pictures with friends and family.



Life-Size Characters

The following life-size cardboard standups will make a deep impression on your guests.

The characters available are based on the 2017 film and include among others Chapeau, Cogsworth, Garderobe, Lumière, Mrs. Potts/Chip and Plumette.

What I find amazing about this products is that some of these cardboard pieces are huge. For example, Garderobe has the actual size of a closet: 38 inches wide by 70 inches tall!

In fact, you can use the largest standups as a photo booth backdrop or simply create a photo dedicated area for you and your guests to take memorable pictures.

What a great way to immortalize a magic wedding atmosphere! Plus, these stand on their own, unlike a regular backdrop that requires a support system.



Beauty and Monster Cake Toppers

There are plenty affordable cake topper options that will make your cake stand out from the traditional wedding cake. Among other ideas, the rose under a glass dome or a customized cake topper with the color of your liking will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding cake.

There are also lots of cupcake toppers options to create an amazing dessert table.



Ball Gowns

Satin, lace or tulle? No matter what your preference is a ball dress is a must. Belle’s off-shoulder dress is a really pretty in yellow and many merchants also offer a large variety of colors should you decide to wear a traditional white gown.

Also, some dresses are made with a practical detachable train that you can wear for the ceremony and take off during the evening celebration and while dancing.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Ideas

Hope you enjoyed the previous beauty and the beast wedding ideas and I would love to read your comments and suggestions.

Maybe you’ve made some great findings that you’d like to share or have great DIY ideas to help other make a stunning beauty and the beast wedding decor. If so, feel free to leave a comment below.

Finally, just as in the story, I encourage you to look beyond the surface and click on the links below to get more inspiring ideas!



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