Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

The following Beauty and the Beast wedding theme ideas include many of the famous Disney movie symbols we know.


The items are available on Amazon. Just click on the images I provided below to see the current discounts and availability. Note that these do change quite often.



Belle Inspired Gowns

The following dresses have enough of that whimsical touch to fit a beauty and the Beast wedding theme. Many of them can be made to measure and are available 12 to 24 colors.


Enchanted Princess Dress

This Belle-inspired dress is available in a wide selection of colors. The off-shoulder neckline is embellished with butterflies.

However, I read some reviews and noticed that a past customer asked the manufacturer to have them removed to have a Belle-like dress.



Ballerina Elegance

This tulle dress will surely turn heads with its elegance and lightness. The vendor offers a made to measure service at no extra charge to ensure the dress has the perfect fit for you. Moreover, the dress is available in many colors.


Off-shoulder tulle wedding dress



Belle’s Dress

The beauty and beast dress as we know it. This satin cascading gown is a very close version of the original Belle’s dress.



Sovereign Beauty

The following dress is just stunning. Even if it’s not a Belle dress replica, I think it has the majestic looks to fit a beauty and the beast wedding theme.

The best thing about it is the removable train which will allow you to wear the same dress during the wedding celebration.

My goodness, this dress is just as elegant with or without the train!



Magnificent Satin and Lace Dress

This made to order satin gown is beautifully adorned with lace applique. Also, this dress featured a corset back, natural waistline and a built-in bra.

What I like about this dress is that you can have it made to measure and that its available in many colors including the traditional white wedding dress.

Decor Ideas

Rose in a Dome Centerpiece

This red silk rose comes with a wood base, a glass dome, USB powered LED light string and detached petals.

Dimension: 8×3 inches.

3 Candles Candelabra Centerpiece

This metal candelabra is available in 4 different finish: gold, silver bronze, and black.

Dimension: 9.8 x 10.6

Life-Size Characters (from 2017 film)


These true to size standups are perfect to create a photo corner where you and your guests can take pictures and also as a photo booth background.

Standups available include the following characters:


By the way, it’s hard to imagine how big these are by looking at the pictures I added below. In fact, the Belle and Beast image featured below is printed and cut on a 59″ wide by 85″ high cardboard!

Therefore, it makes a great item to cover a wall section and create a unique ambiance for a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme photoshoot.

It can also be a great addition to a dance floor decor.


Some of these are smaller pieces that can be used to decorate the welcome table like this Plumette standup.

Dimension: 17 inches wide by 38 inches tall. I said smaller than the previous one but it’s actually pretty big. An almost 1-meter high display makes a great visual impact on a table.


Now, this one is a great background filler as well.

Dimension: 38 inches wide by 70 inches tall.



Dimension: 20 inches wide by 48 inches tall.


Mrs. Potts and Chip

Dimension: 45 inches wide by 27 inches tall.

More Beauty and the Beast Standups


Cake Accessories

Serving Set

Knife and server set with elegantly carved handles. It has a vintage rose detail and can be paired with matching toasting flutes.



Cake Toppers

Beauty and the Beast cake topper customized with a date and name.




Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

I hope you enjoyed these Beauty and the Beast wedding ideas. While you can hardly rent a venue as impressive as the baroque style castle we see in the movie, you can still have a fantastic wedding without paying a fortune.

Make sure to get the best value for your money by taking advantage of wholesale prices for your wedding centerpieces and other decor items you want to buy in bulk. Also, there are many discounts available online throughout the year.

So make you come back so you don’t miss any deals.

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