Best Place to Buy Wedding Invitations Online

What is the best place to buy wedding invitations online? Good question! We must first determine what is important for you to answer that question.

That being said, some characteristics of “What is the Best” are common to most of us.

We all want the best quality at the best price, right? Depending on your budget you may also choose a customized style or simply go for a minimalistic yet pretty design.

Either way, you’ll find that the offering available online is huge.

Let’s get into details.



Free Wedding Invitation Designs

If you’ve been looking around you won’t be surprised if I tell you that many merchants offer free designs. While this can be a great way to save on your overall stationery needs, it also means that you’ll need to make some compromise.

If you had a very specific pattern in mind or if you wanted to have a design that matches your wedding theme and colors this could be a problem.

In fact, many free wedding invitations available online are generally not fully editable.

This means that the pattern, colors, graphic elements and background cannot be modified. Therefore you’ll have to pick the design that resembles most your theme or that matches your accent colors.


Saving Tip:

I suggest choosing a simple, colorless design that you can leave as is or embellish with cute and cheap crafts. These can be a thin lace ribbon, adhesive rhinestones or use corner punch shapers.


Here are some of the websites offering free wedding invitations:



Wedding Chicks


As we all know, nothing is completely free of charge.

You must keep in mind that only the design is free. Therefore, it’s a good practice to assess the material cost. As a matter of fact, you will need to print them yourself and on a thicker paper or cardstock and provide the envelops as well.



Unique Designs

In order to find the best place to buy wedding invitations online, you may consider having a custom made or unique design.

The following vendors make jaw-dropping wedding invitations. Seriously, these really set the tone for a one of a kind wedding celebration. While they are not the cheapest on the market some of them have affordable packages that are worth looking at.


Love Pop

This company makes 3D cards that can be customized in all possible ways. These precious paper sculptures will literally pop up when your guests open their wedding invitation card.

The vendor also offers to print a handwritten message in English or Spanish inside your card for a more personalized touch and ship them for you.

Also, there are many designs to choose from: Paris view, diamond ring, Venice gondola, a couple sitting on a bench or in a tree swing, wedding church, etc. Do you want something specifically made for you? Not a problem, they offer to design it for you.

If you’re like me, you like to see the actual product before buying. That’s why you can request a sample pack to see the actual quality of the product. This includes 3 invites, 3 response cards, and 3 reception and information cards.


Krystal’s Wedding Invitations

All their wedding invitation packages come with an RSVP card and an insert card of your choice like accommodation, direction, etc. You can also simply state what you need. Envelopes are also included and colors can be changed to match your wedding.

Also, this company offers DIY customizable wedding invites and RSVP card for $30 including 2 proofing rounds.


Dream Day Invitations

Although Dream Day Invitations is located in Australia they ship worldwide. Their designs are lovely and some of them almost look like they were hand-painted watercolor.

Their designs are sometimes minimalistic and modern and other are rustics. I especially like the professional finish that makes the card look like handcrafted.

You can request a $5 sample pack including the vendor’s full range of styles, paper stock, and color charts.


Classic Wedding Invitations

Finding your ideal wedding invitation style can sometimes be tricky. These guys are not going to make it any easier.

Classic Wedding Invitations is not only making amazing laser-cut designs on paper. This company offers to make your wedding stationery items in acrylic and wood as well.

Mind you, their paper designs are so finely made it’s almost impossible not to browse their website to see all the beautiful design they can come up with.



Cheap Cost-Effective Wedding Invitations

As you can see, the best place to buy wedding invitations online is not so easy to find. In fact, there are lots of online merchants that offer similar products with some slight differences like added cards, custom designs, low-cost samples or DIY packages.

The best value for your money is probably to shop on large specialized print products retailers like Vista Print. However, there are other interesting options. For example, a single card wedding invitation printed on the front and the back will cost less than a typical card you can open up.

The following vendors offer cheaper options and some also have many types of paper finish to choose from. On the other hand be aware that the return card is not always included and therefore you may need to purchase them separately.


Ann’s Bridal Bargains

Mixbook Photo

Elegant Wedding Invites



Best Place to Buy Wedding Invitations Online

Make sure to consider all you need to purchase to make a budget-wise decision. Sometimes DIY may look like a cheaper avenue. Nonetheless, depending on the wedding stationery you need or the type of designs you want it can end up costing you more money than you expected.

In fact, some vendors include more material than others for the price you pay. You will be in a better position to decide if it’s better to buy one product more than another after you evaluate your needs.

Sometimes paying extra money to have it all assembled and printed for you is worth the money. Yet using a top premium paper quality or a bigger card size may not be worth paying for. Not to mention you may need to pay an extra fee for shipping them.


Hope this information was helpful and that you’ve found the best place to buy wedding invitations online for your needs.


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