Birdcage Wedding Veils Headpieces

Birdcage wedding veils headpieces are a sophisticated bridal accessory that can make a classical wedding dress look audacious. Conversely, it will give a fashion-forward wedding dress a jaw-dropping vintage glam.

The funny thing is that when started researching on this topic I thought that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Boy, was I wrong!

There are so many designs available in terms of netting, ways to wear them and shapes that it’s just impossible to not find one that fits you.


Birdcage Netting

There are multiple ways to wear a birdcage French or Russian netting.

For the sake of clarity, I must tell you that I won’t talk about blushers because it’s not intended to be used for traditional birdcage style. A blusher is the type of veil you’d find on regular wedding veils to cover the face.

Birdcage wedding veils headpieces


Netting Styles

Now, birdcage nets have two main styles: the wedge and bandeau styles.

The wedge birdcage is cut diagonally in a way that covers only one side of the face and partially the other. It’s glamour and more revealing than the other types of birdcages.

The shorter version of the wedge style covers the eyes while the longest version almost covers the face

On the other hand, a bandeau birdcage is equally positioned over the face to cover it completely (under the chin) or partially below the nose, forehead, etc.

Also, it has a straight cut line, unlike the wedge birdcage.


Fabrics and Ornaments

The birdcage netting is made of tulle (polyester), nylon and silk. However, silk can better retain its shape making it easier to work with if you want a specific structural look. A lace fabric can also be very pretty and make your birdcage impressive and stylish.

There are very uncommon and artistic weaving styles on the market. Traditional weaving styles are octagonal or diamond inter-linked with small the squares.

Finally, the birdcage netting also comes with various types of ornaments like incrusted sparkling gems and velvet dots.



Birdcage Wedding Veils Headpieces And Hair Combs

Certainly, combs are one of the most popular hair accessories to be used with veils and birdcages.

They can be simple and completely invisible once added to your hair. This is normally the type of comb that serves the sole practical purpose of holding your birdcage or blusher in place.

Nevertheless, hair combs are versatile and can beautify your hairdo in the most exquisite way using rhinestones, beads and golden or silver accents.


Birdcage Fascinators

Ah, fascinators! They really have a compelling name. No other word could describe them better.

Often inspired by animals or flowers they are a unique fashion item that can either be simple and modest or incredibly spectacular and ostentatious. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wore some the most impressive and wildest fascinators designs.

Simply put, they consist of a small sturdy base with a more or less structural design that can be small, minimalist, complex, high and wide.

It goes without saying that they are the fashionista’s choice when wearing birdcage wedding veils headpieces.


How To Attach Them

Fascinators, like any headpiece, come with some sort of closure system. So, technically the use of hairpins is not required. However, it may be necessary to use them depending on how heavy and well made it is.

Most fascinators are intended to wear on the side of the head and sometimes in the front, over the forehead.

Some of them have a comb while other use flexible plastic or elastic headbands.


Pillbox Wedding Birdcage

The pillbox is a type of hat that is simple but very glamorous and chic. This small round hat with no brim can be one inch thick or less.

Like fascinators, they are positioned slightly on the side of the head or forehead. Also, they can be made in many types of fabric but most commonly they are made of felt, satin, and wool.

The pillbox is a hair accessory that provides lost of character to the bridal outfit. Simply add a birdcage netting to make it, even more, dashing and dramatic.

Moreover, they are great for off-season weddings, held during fall or winter. As matter of fact, the pillbox hat can be may be a bit too warm for a hot summer day and make you feel uncomfortable if you plan to have an outdoor wedding.

Pillbox caps are definitely some of the most remarkably dapper birdcage wedding veils headpieces.

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