Bridal Hair Fascinators

Bridal hair fascinators can be simple and lightly adorned with feathers and tulle. On the other hand, they can be impressive in terms of dimension and designs.

To make the most of these stylish hair accessories there are a few things to take into account.


Design Quality Does Matter

First, the quality of the hair accessory you choose to wear is important. Depending on how you fix it to your hair or the material used, it may not be so comfortable to wear after a few hours.

Another important aspect is how the fascinator structural parts are balanced. This is essential because of the way the fascinator stands on the head.

To create a sophisticated look you want it to be inclined on the side of your head. Some fascinators are also made to stand in the front, partially covering the forehead.

In any case, it kind of defies gravity and needs to be correctly secure in place.

In fact, a common problem when you have a somewhat voluminous headpiece like a fascinator is that can easily slide if not correctly fixed to the hair. However, it can also be impossible to hold in place because of poor design.

Cream fascinator beaded center


How To Secure Them In Place

Here are some of the ways fascinators are fixed to your hair. Note that these should already be attached to the fascinator when you buy them.

Headbands: Made of plastic, metal wire or band. An elastic headband is another option. They tend to hold pretty well and can easily be hidden in the hair when using the right size for your head.

Hair combs: These are completely invisible but a best used with a headband to ensure they stay in place.

Finally, remember that depending on how heavy and high the fascinators are you may need extra hair fixing tools and techniques. This is especially true for fascinators with improper proportion and symmetry.

Detail Cream headband fascinator beads border


Birdcage Fascinators

A charming and elegant way to wear bridal hair fascinators is to add a birdcage type of veil.

Simply put, it’s a tulle or french netting that covers the face completely or partially depending on the look you want to achieve.

Here are two common styles:

  • A wedge netting stands over the face creating a diagonal line.Visually speaking, it goes from the middle of the forehead or even the side directly to the other side of the face in an oblique line. You can play with the length to make it look more or less dramatic.


  • The bandeau style starts at the top of your head and descends over the face. Depending on the desired result, you can hide only your eyes or have it standing under your chin or higher. Unlike the wedge birdcage, the line is straight.

Bridal birdcage fascinator


Also, the netting can be enhanced by choosing a special weaving pattern, like a floral or honeycomb shape netting. These unique and uncommon net designs add a lot of character to birdcage fascinator.

Moreover, pick a netting incrusted with gems or adorned with velvet dots for example. Such small but lovely details are perfect if you want to personalize your outfit in a charming way.



Bridal Hair Fascinators

I hope you enjoyed your reading and that you’ve found some interesting ideas to help you find the perfect wedding fascinator.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments in the section at the end of this article.



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