Top 6 Bridal Ring Sets With Diamonds

The following bridal ring sets styles are made of precious stones and metals. There are many styles available and some are delicate while others are flamboyant and ostentatious.

No matter what style you like, there are important things to take into account when shopping diamond and gold wedding ring sets.

Further, in this article, I will provide tips to help you find a quality diamond ring set and share ideas to protect your investment.

First, let’s look at some of the most gorgeous designs with this top 6 diamond ring sets.


Round Diamonds and Pink Gold

This delicate engagement and wedding ring set features pavé diamonds. The intertwining metal bands on both pieces give the illusion of a larger ring while still looking feminine.

Solitaire Ring with Diamond Pavé Band

This breathtaking bridal set is an eye catcher although the design is simple. It consists of a silver ring with a single diamond that you can wear alone or insert it in the middle of the matching solitaire guard.



Ruby and Diamonds Sophisticated Design

Looking for a special engagement and wedding ring set with a vintage charm? This beautifully crafted ring has the glamour style you are looking for.

The center stone is a round ruby surrounded by diamond in a floral-like pattern. The pink gold metal also conveys a timeless sophistication that never goes out of style.

Alluring Halo Setting

This ravishing round blue diamond delimited with a sparkling diamond circle inevitably draws the attention.

And for a good reason.

This set contains 66 precious stones settled on 14k white gold!

Sparkling Princess Cut

This type of stone cut is one that really highlights the diamond’s beauty as it can be admired from all angles.

Unlike many other engagement and wedding ring sets, the engagement ring included is very spectacular on its own due to the 5 prominent diamond it contains.

Black Diamonds

A one of a kind diamond ring set for the modern and audacious bride.

The contrasting white gold metal of the band makes the black diamonds stand out while the swirling design adds shine to it.


Common Diamond Characteristics

It’s possible to have less expensive diamond rings. The difference between cheaper and pricier diamonds lies in the diamond’s characteristics:

These are variables that depend on the style you like (diamond cut, color, stone shape, the number of stones, etc.).

Whether you prefer a small and delicate diamond or a huge princess-cut setting is something very personal. However, be aware that it will influence the price you’ll pay.

Moreover, the following standard diamond characteristics will also have an impact on the price you’ll pay:

⇒ Weight

This is measured in carats or points. One (1) carat equals 100 points.

⇒ Color

Diamonds that are colorless are more valuable. The cheaper they are the more they may have a light yellow color that is hard to see unless it is compared to a colorless diamond;

⇒ Clarity

Natural flaws or marks found in the diamond that can affect transparency and brilliance;

⇒ Certification

This means that an independent and qualified gemologist confirm that the characteristics are accurate.

Other factors that can influence the price are the diamond’s quality regarding its cut, shape, and polish.



Tips to Buy a Wedding Ring Set

Merchant’s legitimacy and the reasonable assurance that the ring’s specifications are truly what they pretend to be is most important.

Especially if there is no certificate of authenticity provided.

Here are some tips to help you make and advise choice.



Finding a Seller with an Unblemished Reputation

You can ask around for references. Whether you buy in a storefront or online, make sure to read reviewer’s comments about the product but also about the company itself.

Call customer service to see how they handle questions.

Ask about their refund policy and warranty on the product as this information is not always well detailed on the retailer’s website.

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Can you get a refund if you simply don’t like the ring?
  • What is the warranty coverage: what will they do if a diamond falls from the setting after 6 months?
  • Is there any cost to return the ring?
  • What is the refund period?



Having Your Ring Set Appraised

Once you’ve made your choice and decided to buy, take advantage of your refund period and have your wedding ring set appraised by an independent and qualified gemologist.

It’s a good idea to do so even if the merchant delivers a certificate.

You can look at the American Gem Society to find one close to where you live. It will cost around $100 to have peace of mind.



Fraudulent Seller Practices to Avoid

Sometimes precious stones that are sold at a cheaper price don’t come with a certificate.

If you still want to buy an uncertified ring, the safest approach is to take the ring to a renowned jeweler to have it appraised. He or she will confirm that the specifications you paid for are accurate.

Here’s another questionable practice that you may see. The merchant does not provide the certificate up front but offers to appraise it for $50. In my opinion, it’s better to stay away from that type of seller.

Even when sellers provide the authenticity certification, it’s always better to get an external advice from an independent trustworthy jeweler.

The idea is to have an honest and unbiased opinion. That goes for any online store or actual storefront. Just remember to do this before the 30-day return policy is over so you can return it.



Preserving Your Investment

The regular tasks you perform each day can damage your precious diamond ring even if you treat it with extreme caution.

It’s common knowledge that the diamond is the hardest known substance found on earth. However, the metal ring on which it’s mounted is a lot less resistant.

We often knock our fingers into objects like furniture and wall corners as we walk around. Unluckily, these hits will end up easing the ring’s gemstone setting although this may not be clearly visible.

Therefore you should treat your wedding ring the way you would treat any precious object dear to your heart.



Avoiding Activities that Can Deteriorate Your Bridal Ring

In other words, avoid wearing it when using your hands to do something that may weaken, bend or cut the metal. This may look obvious but we tend to forget that we have our ring on since we are so used to it.

That’s generally when accidents happen.

For example, simple daily chores like washing dishes, moving furniture around when vacuuming, grabbing a heavy pot to cook meals, gardening should be avoided.

Come to think of it, it would be faster to name the activities with a low risk like folding clothes and reading a book.

My worst awaken nightmare would be to feel my ring slip from my finger and go down the drain… Especially if there is no way to get it back.

Besides the money value, most people have a sentimental attachment to there wedding bands.  So make sure you save yours for special occasions and wear one that you wouldn’t be so sad to lose.



Weaken Prongs: Don’t Let the Diamonds Fall Out!

If you wear your ring on a daily basis, small but constant hits like bumping your hands into a wall can cause damage to the structure where the diamonds are settled.

These signs may only be visible with appropriate equipment and skills so have it checked regularly to make sure you don’t lose any stones.

Take your wedding ring set to a reputable jeweler regularly to check if the gold settings are still straight and the stones still secured.

This is especially important if the setting shows signs of easing but be aware that it may not be noticeable.



Best Quality for the Price Bridal Ring Sets

Buying online gives you the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on your bridal ring sets. However, make sure that the merchant you will be buying from is legitimate.

Here’s a concise checklist that you can improve over time as you gather more valuable information:

  • Agreeing with the merchant on a delivery date to make sure you get it on time for the proposal day is crucial. Some bridal sets may require more time to be crafted if not in stock.


  • Merchants can make specific customizations on your demand such as engravings. Note that this may result in delays in your delivery. Moreover, custom-made rings are usually not refundable.


  • Be sure to pay the right price for what you get and get a second professional jeweler advice.


  • Make sure that they have a solid reputation when it comes to refunding their customers.


Hope this review helped and that you will find the ring set of your dreams. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will gladly answer it!


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