Bridal Veils and Headpieces

Bridal veils and headpieces are a must to give any wedding dress a sophisticated feel. The addition of such accessory provides a timeless elegance touch that can be combined with both a modern, quirky dress style or classic dress cut.

There are many variations possible too.



Perfect Bridal Veils and Headpieces

I know it’s tempting to choose a veil length or style based on how it looks on pictures. In fact, it’s common to look at several pictures of all sorts of veils or birdcages and noticing one style in particular. You know, the one that really caught your attention more than any other.

I think it can be a good starting point to figure out what dress style you will pick. However, if you already had a specific dress style in mind you might want to try both together to see if you like what it looks like together.

Although bridal veils and headpieces are considered accessories, they can completely change how your outfit looks.

Especially if they are long veils or heavily decorated with rhinestones and beads or if they have an intricate lace pattern for example.

Let’s look into it right away.

Long hairstyle with bridal headpiece



As you already know, a headpiece can be combined with a veil. It can be as simple as a birdcage or a blusher.

On the other hand, you can also use it as is. A minimalistic headpiece would consist of a comb or a thin headband. They can also be large, imposing tiaras or crowns.

Whether you prefer a refined side clip or a sumptuous majestic tiara you will find many styles of good quality headpieces on the market at affordable prices.

It’s one of those bridal essential that is worth adding to your outfit. In fact, it will make even the simplest hairdo look gorgeous.

You can choose from a variety of styles like side clips, headband hair vine, comb


Bridal Veils Lenght

Before you decide what veil style you want you must determine the perfect length. If you’ve been looking around you probably already know the terms of the following list.

For the sake of clarity here is a succinct recap.


Shoulder: Also known as fly-away, they are the shortest version of a classic veil, birdcage put aside. It looks pretty with a tight updo hairstyle as it provides a lot of volume around the head.

Also, it’s a great way to emphasize a portrait or even a plunging neckline.

Elbow: This one sits at the waistline. It’s a practical length that won’t hinder your mobility while looking classic and gracious.

Fingertip: A very popular option for many brides. Probably because it’s as sophisticated as a chapel or a cathedral veil without the trouble of making sure it’s not stuck somewhere.

Knee or calf:  Known as waltz or ballet veil. A relatively comfortable (and tamable) length that you can easily wear outdoor without worrying too much about wind gusts and other weather imponderables.

Chapel: Typically a floor-length veil. Theoretically, you shouldn’t need someone to manage this one.

Cathedral: Refers to anything beyond floor length. In my opinion, this veil is the most breathtaking in pictures but in between the shoots, a nightmare to deal with.



Veil, Train, or Both?

The cathedral is the longest veil option and can be just one foot longer than your dress or more if desired.

While you can wear both a train and a veil of the same length, is it really suitable? If the veil is simply made of lightweight fabric like tulle, yes, go for it.

If you want a sturdier fabric or more ornaments than it’s a question knowing if you will be comfortable. The truth is the more material you have the heavier it will be.

Imagine yourself wearing a cathedral two-tier length veil with large lace applique supported by a queenly rhinestone tiara. Using the word heavy to describe how oppressing this veil feels is a euphemism.

Now, if you’re looking for a dramatic look but don’t want to carry such a burden consider a cathedral length train. Trains have the clear benefit of attaching to the waist making it easy to wear.

Plus, these can be detachable so you can decide to take it off without the risk of messing up your hairdo.


Hope you enjoyed your reading and that that you found something of interest in your search for bridal veils and headpieces.

Also, I love reading your personal experiences and ideas so don’t be shy and feel free to leave a comment in the section below.



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