These Casual Wedding Dresses Will Make You Ditch The Princess Gown

Casual wedding dresses are really popular these days and for good reasons.

The reasons for this growing popularity are obvious: they are comfortable, stylish and usually affordable compared to princess style gowns.

They require less fabric, making them lighter and easier to move around with.

Some are long, with a detachable train, or high in the front and long in the back (high-low, or hi-lo as it is also often called!). Other dresses have traditional fabrics mixed with one-of-kind designs and uncommon colors.

Other dresses have traditional fabrics mixed with one-of-kind designs and uncommon colors.

This romantic and light chiffon dress is a comfortable one in an open landscape celebration or at the beach. You will appreciate its lightweight feeling when you’ll be walking down the sandy aisle, barefoot without having to pull your dress behind you.


A-line Empire chiffon wedding dress

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♥ Western Style Wedding Dresses


Best Casual Wedding Dress Fabrics

When you’re having an outdoor wedding you must give special attention to the choice of your gown’s fabric. Is the ceremony on an even paved ground or will you be walking on grass, sand, or soil?

If you’re looking for a long dress, you want to make sure you don’t step on it constantly. You can look for textiles that are lightweight and that tend to float in the breeze.

You will appreciate the lightness sensation of chiffon and organza for example.


Casual organza wedding dress

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Avoid Spoiling Your Dress

If you’re concerned about walking around in a long wedding dress in the outdoors, you can choose a high-low style dress.

These two examples are both very elegant with refined details as beaded bust line and belt or scallop V-neck lace fabric. The hi-lo style is casual and very comfortable without compromising your movements.

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Country style lace wedding gown

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Backless lace wedding dress

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♥ Beach Style Wedding Dresses


Matching Your Body Shape With Your Dress Style

Choosing a wedding dress can be stressful especially when you have no idea where to start. There are so many different styles that you would think there is one out there just for you.

In fact, too much choice makes it sometimes even more complicated! Understanding how you can look your best by matching your body shape with a specific dress style can definitely help.

Besides aesthetic reasons choosing a dress style that is comfortable is also a must. Therefore, it’s equally important to pick a wedding dress type according to your specific needs.

There are many ways to name body shapes so, to make it simple, I chose the 4 most common ones.


Pear Shape: In this figure, the hips are the most accentuated part of the body.

That’s what we see first. Think of Kim Kardashian and Shakira. To create a balance with the upper part of the body, pay close attention to the neckline part of the dress.

Look for an off-shoulder neckline to amplify the shoulder and bust line. Also, give the Queen Ann type of dress a try as it puts the focus on the bust and shoulder.


Straight Shape: The curves of this body shape are subtle, making the size differences between the shoulder, waist, and hips less pronounce.

Tho break the linear visual effect of this figure, the challenge is to find a dress type that will make the waist look thinner and therefore put emphasis on the hips and bust line.

Peplum style incorporates a structured frill around the hips to add volume and define the waistline. V-neck and heart shape strapless neckline are good choices to add volume at the bust line.

Another style I really like to work with is the halter neckline. This neckline attaches to the back of the neck. It can be a mix of a plunging neckline or completely closed in the front.

It’s the type of neckline that emphasizes both shoulders and bust making it a great choice for the straight body shape.


Apple Shape: In this case, the bust is larger than the hips.

To give the upper half of the body a softer line, look for A-line and Empire waist type of dress. The empire waist dress is a dress where the waistline is actually located under the breasts.

This help to make the silhouette look slender as it gives the illusion of longer legs and a shorter top of the body.

You can try Peplum type of dress as well. It will add volume to the hips and create a balance with a larger bust and/or shoulder.


Hourglass Shape: This means that hips and bust have the same size (or close) and waist is narrow.

To visualize what this body type looks like, think of Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansen.

With wedding dresses as for any piece of clothing, it always depends on what part of your body you want to emphasize or hide.

In fact, hourglass body shape is also called “ideal” so if you are blessed with it, you can proudly wear the classy mermaid type of wedding dress or pretty much anything you like!


Casual Wedding Dresses – From Simple to Stunning

As you can see in this post there are many ways to wear a casual dress to give it a specific style. You can play with the different necklines or skirt lengths to provide a different visual effect and emphasize or hide some aspects of the body.

The style of the dress plays an important role in giving your dress the look you dream of.

If you always dreamed of a ball gown wedding dress but decided to go for a casual dress style for whatever the reason it’s still possible to make it look sophisticated.

There are many embellishments, like encrusted beads and rhinestones or appliques you can add to your dress.

Also choosing full-length tone on tone lace overlay and using illusion necklines can make a casual dress go from plain to stunning.

Have a look at the articles added at the end of this post and let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and ideas presented in this post. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


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  • Oooww pretty pretty. I’ve always loved the hi-lo dress look. I think ever since that, November Rain, video from Guns and Roses. That dress was every girls dream dress for a while after. Seeing the nice soft flowing dreamy dresses here I think i have a new favorite to Iove and would Prefer something like that. Both styles are exquisite and you have some beautiful samples of each here. Nice dreamy page love it

    • Thanks Bri 🙂 You just reminded me of this Guns and Roses video and that dress 🙂 Obviously a style that never goes out of fashion!

  • Celeste
    7 years ago

    I love the idea of an outdoor wedding. It’s a lot less stress and can be fun and romantic. I loved the romantic light chiffon dress, So pretty! Nice choices of wedding dresses you’ve put together. Wedding’s don’t always have to be so traditional. I vote you have some fun.

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    Wonderful ,I have been looking for the nice wedding dress for my sister in law wedding which will be on April next year, now i got the nice dress from your article.I will bookmark your article so that she will come choose the one she thinks is the best.
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