Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas

These cheap outdoor wedding ideas are rustic and elegant. Also, they are easy to make and to set up for your wedding day.

This way you can concentrate on what’s important. God knows there’s already so much to do on that special day!

However, I’ve also added interesting ideas for projects that you can plan in advance.

wedding decor on a budget



Backyard Wedding Ideas

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony you may already have thought of buying or making a wooden arch.

Perhaps you are not familiar with the techniques required to build one with rustic logs. In fact, there are many videos available online if you want to build one similar to the picture below.

If time is an issue, another option you have is to buy or rent a plain arch structure and decorate it with cascading flowers as featured in the picture below. You can also use branches to provide the rustic feel found in the log arch.

The white macrame curtain is a beautiful addition to a bohemian style arch. It can be used with both the plain arch structure and the wooden one.

More Backyard Wedding Ideas



Beach and Lakeshore Ideas

There are many ways to decorate a beach or nautical wedding theme in an outdoor wedding environment. However, cheap outdoor wedding ideas also have to be practical.

For that reason, I would avoid using tall decor elements on a small basis like Eiffel style flower vases if your tables are not protected from the wind.

In fact, a sea breeze can turn into wind gusts and break any fragile items on the tables. On the other hand, a mountain lake shore is usually less affected by winds as it is sheltered by the mountains.

Still, it’s a good thing to keep in mind that outdoor temperature can change quickly. Using wooden table numbers and low height chandeliers or lanterns are a good option to avoid broken glass mess on the tables and ground.

Simple Beach Wedding Decorating Ideas


More Nautical Wedding Theme Centerpiece Ideas



Wedding Tents

Although the charm of an outdoor wedding compared to boxed up within blank walls wedding is beyond question, there is still an important variable to keep in mind: weather!

Anticipating is always better than adapting especially for an outdoor wedding celebration context. It’s always safer to have a backup plan in case it rains or if the temperature is not as mild as we hoped.

There are many wedding canopy and tents available at a fraction of the price on large online retailers.

There are many tent models and sizes to accommodate your guests. Make sure to take advantage of the various discounts available throughout the year.



Dancing Under the Moonlight

Many people hesitate to have a dance floor for their outdoor wedding party due to the high cost of renting or the complexity of assembling it.

Fear no more: this project is within reach of anyone. I’m providing you with the detailed plans, material list, and steps further in this article.

I guarantee the dance floor addition to your outdoor wedding will get the party going for the rest of the evening in a joyful atmosphere!

Detail Steps to Build Your Wedding Dance Floor

Building a homemade dance floor is not only easy, but it’s also affordable and will make a great difference in your wedding celebration ambiance.

I tried to be as thorough as possible to make it easy for you to build your wedding dance floor with detailed structure images, tips to facilitate each step, tools and materials needed and much more.

Have a look at it and let me know what you think.

Steps to Build Your Dance Floor On Grass



Illuminate Your Outdoor Wedding

Lanterns are always a beautiful way to illuminate outdoor evening gatherings. You place them on the tables as a centerpiece also use them to decorate trees or lighten a pathway. They come in many style and designs and can be made of paper, wood, and metal.


DIY lantern wedding centerpieces


You can buy your wedding lanterns in bulk to save a considerable amount of money compared to buying them separately. Have a look at my selection of 10 pack lanterns or more by clicking on the link below:



Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Among the best cheap outdoor wedding ideas trending these days is to use eco-friendly disposable dishware.

These neat looking cutlery and plates are made of palm leaf paper or bamboo wood fiber.

Another interesting aspect of these is the fact that they don’t contain dyes or bleach that can be harmful. Plus, they are 100% compostable

Have a look at the following reading suggestions for more inspiring outdoor wedding ideas. Let me know what you think and leave a comment in the section below.


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