Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Wholesale

Saving money with cheap wedding centerpieces wholesale deals is not only good for your wallet. It’s also soothing.

If you’re like me, there is nothing more gratifying than knowing you still have some money left for whatever comes your way. God knows unpredictable expenses are legion when planning a wedding.

Therefore, here are some ideas to spare you part of the inevitable financial worries and inspire you to make cheap but stunning wedding table centerpieces.


wedding decor on a budget


The following decor elements are only a small proportion of wholesale decor items I came across when browsing on the Internet. These are all available on Amazon. I don’t mention any prices since there are many deals that come and go throughout the year.

So if you want to have more details on prices and availability, I suggest that you click on the image provided here.

You won’t be deceived!



Candelabras and Chandeliers


Cylinder Vases (pack of 36)

Shabby Chic Chandelier (pack of 10)

Dimension:  9 1/4″ diameter x 24 3/4″

Unbeatable value!

Truly amazing. The image provided here is unfortunately not very detailed but according to the buyer’s review, this candelabra is a great quality for the price.



Vintage Candelabra (pack of 10)

Dimension: 40 X 17 inches

These 5 arms candelabras are sure to make a big impression. Made with Empress Crystal.


Lanterns are another items you can easily buy in bulk on Amazon. There is a tremendous variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from too.

The following lanterns types are only a small sample to give you an idea of how pretty and versatile they are.


Rustic Minimalist Wooden Lantern  (pack of 10)

 Victorian Style (pack of 10)

Silver Scrollwork  (pack of 15)


Mirrors (pack of 12)

These round mirrors are also available in a square shape version. These are great to delimit a centerpiece arrangement and make it look bigger. It also reflects surrounding light ad some brightness to a darker centerpiece.




Eiffel Tower Glass Vases (pack of 12)

Dimension: 20 inches tall

Glass Tealight Votives



Glass Vases and Submersible Lights


Waterproof LED tealight

This is a good example of wedding decor accessories that you can get a really good price online if you don’t mind searching a little.

Fortunately, I’ve made a part of the search myself and found these waterproof tealights you can add to many different types of wedding table centerpieces arrangement.

Hurricane Candle Glass Vase


Wide Short Cylinder Glass Vase (pack of 4)

Dimension: 4 X 10 inches


Trumpet Pilsner Glass Vase (pack of 6)

Dimension: 24 inches tall

High Cylinder Glass Vase (pack of 12)

Dimension: 4 X 16 inches or 4 X 18 inches



Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Wholesale – Good deals are waiting

As you can see there are many cheap wedding centerpieces wholesale available online.

I’ve concentrated my search on Amazon, instead of eBay and other large online retailers only because I am more familiar with Amazon than any other.

However, you can certainly find interesting deals on other websites or contact a manufacturer directly for large quantities of a specific item.

Yet if you’re looking to buy 10 to 20 units of a specific item, you can probably find it online at a really low price. Many of the items featured here have been reviewed by past customers and have many questions and answers available for you to read as well.

Thanks for reading!

6 Responses to “Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Wholesale

  • DianaDM
    6 years ago

    Hey Carolyn,

    Thanks for the awesome site.
    Like many events planners would definately need this site for the centrepieces.
    I realize that finding and getting the exact one that rhimes correctly with the decor and theme is always the issue.
    I will refer my friends here( site) so that they get knowledge of the right thing.

  • Ileana Villasmil
    6 years ago

    These centerpieces are beautiful! and definitely good for a low budget wedding. But i would love to see some DIY, i’m going to get married, is a very small wedding with close friends and family and we want to do most of the things on our own. If you make a post about it, i will love to read it!

  • oh my gosh I wish I found your post before our wedding.

    Centre pieces are so key and can make or break the feel of the wedding but boy can they burn a hole in your pocket.

    My little sister is just planning her wedding now and I’m definitely going to share this post with her. Thanks for putting these great and affordable ideas together!

  • Carolyn
    6 years ago

    Hi SJ,

    I agree centerpieces can be pretty expensive.
    Contrary to what we may think, renting is not cheaper. However, planning ahead can make a big difference.

    As an example, you can determine the general idea you want (tall floral centerpiece or white lanterns or a chandelier, etc) and stick to it.

    Compare prices and take advantage of the internet and subscribe to retailers promotions emails, and use wishlists to be notified when discounts on a specific item are available.

    Also, make sure to come back as I will publish more money saving tips on decor, outfits, jewelry, gifts and more.

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