Cheap Wedding Supplies

Here’s my go-to online cheap wedding supplies store!

Now, cheap price but not cheap products. In fact, it’s where I buy all my personalized items and they always make a great impression.

Let me tell you one thing: you’d be surprised to see the variety of products they can customize.

Here’s a quick look at what they have to offer.


Weddingstar is far from being a new player in the wedding industry: they have been around for 35 years!

It has an incredibly wide selection of products to fit almost all wedding needs.

One of this company’s strength is that you get to pay less when buying multiple items.

Simply put, if you have 5 or more tables to decorate with 10 or more guests to accommodate than it is definitely cheaper than buying each item individually.

Not to mention invitations, guests favors, place cards, etc. for each guest take a large part of the wedding budget. Therefore, buying in bulk is the way to go.

Unique placecard holder vase

They have cake accessories, drinkware, tableware, bridal accessories, guests favors, and special gifts for the newlyweds, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Also, among other things, you’ll find wedding decorations grouped by popular wedding themes like country, city chic, beach, vintage, glamour, outdoor to only name a few.

Another interesting selling argument is that they can personalize all kinds of supplies on demand to create a perfectly customized gift and ambiance decor.

They also carry a myriad of paper and stationery designs to fit all taste:

  • Invitations, save the dates, thank you cards;
  • Stickers, tags, wine and water bottle labels;
  • Menus, napkins, hand fans, bridal parasols, and lots more!

I could go on for hours as they have a very diversified and huge selection of products.

Instead of that, make sure to see for yourself!

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Finding Cheap Wedding Supplies

First off, the best way to save money is to compare different products from the different seller. If you take the time to do that exercise you’ll find that the lowest price is not always the best option.

On the other hand, paying the highest price is not a guarantee of quality.

That being said, some merchants provide high-quality wedding supplies at wholesale prices directly to their customers.

How Do They Do That?

By cutting the middleman.

Here’s how it works.

Storefront vs Online store

The storefronts retailers, wedding venues, and bridal boutiques buy the decor and accessories in bulk to have discounted prices based on volume.

Then they sell or rent it to you but at a much higher price.

Storefront Charge the Client More to Be Profitable

Remember that a ‘brick and mortar’ store is very costly to operate compared to an online store.

These expenses include the rental cost, electricity, premises maintenance cost, local marketing campaigns, and other expenditures related to owning a physical store.

In order to cover their regular expenses and make a profit, traditional storefronts increase the price of a product by 2 times or more the acquisition cost.

Of course, this means the client pays a lot more for a product that costs a fraction of the price to manufacture.

Buying in Bulk to Save on Your Wedding

While buying wholesale is not a reasonable option for regular household goods, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to organizing a wedding on a budget.

Unless you have an intimate wedding of fewer than 10 persons, you will benefit from buying at wholesale prices.

Who Are the Trustworthy Sellers?

As mentioned earlier, companies that have decided to exclusively sell online have less physical related expenses. This explains why they can provide a product with similar features to those found in storefronts at a lower price.

We all know that large retailers like Amazon and eBay offer a wide selection of products. I call them multi-seller platforms.

With many sellers competing to sell the same goods, it leads to a price war which is beneficial for us, the customers.

Elegant wedding cake toppers

However, it’s important to make sure that the merchants are trustworthy. Not all sellers found on these large retail sites have a serious approach. Be aware that anyone with a legal company can apply to become a seller.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear stories about customers that have experienced problems buying from those huge retailer companies.

For example, some people mention poor customer service, failure to deliver on time, wrong product delivered, counterfeit goods, and the list goes on.

Cheap wedding supplies

Multi-Seller Platforms: Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Although I often buy online from Amazon, I must admit that I am very careful about who a trade with.

Before committing to order any products no matter how appealing the price tag is, make sure you assess the seller’s professionalism.

Here are some of the things I always look at before handing my credit card:

  • I select a product that has at least a 4-star rating and lots of reviewers;
  • I read past customers comments. Not all of them but especially the ones added recently. The reason for this is that the customer service may have changed over time (for good or worst);
  • I also read 1 or 2-star reviews to see if there are any recurrent problems. Normally, there shouldn’t be lots of them for a 4 or 5-star products.  So it’s pretty fast to go through them.

  • I try to determine if comments are honest and unbiased. Good quality comments usually contain what the customer is pleased with (meet expectations, true to size, fast delivery) and what is unexpected. It can be flaws in the design, weird smell, smaller than expected, different color than the one featured, etc.
  • I read the question and answer section;
  • I contact the seller when the comments are too generic or if I have a specific question that I cannot find an answer for;
  • I search for the seller’s Facebook and other social media pages and go through the visitor posts and look at the customer satisfaction level. User comments and question left unanswered speak for themselves.

Outside Of The Box Ideas to Save Money

This website is about saving money on your wedding so you can spend it on future projects as Mr and Mrs.

Yes, it’s possible to buy cheap wedding supplies.

And this starts with finding the right place to buy your invitations and other wedding stationery, decorations, wedding dress, favors, DIY supplies, jewelry, flowers, and more.

Don’t worry, though. Staying on a budget doesn’t mean settling for the poor looks, fake and badly made goods.

It’s simply mean making advised choices.

In Brief

If you’ve been looking around and reading the posts on my website you know there are many good deals to make online.

In fact, finding good quality cheap wedding supplies is possible if you plan ahead and use plain old common sense.

Discounted prices, bulk buy, freebies, second-hand well-preserved goods are just some of the alternatives available to buying from bridal boutiques, wedding supplies storefront or renting from the venue owner.

So have fun reading through my website and make advised choices.

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  • Hi Carolyn, thanks very much for this post. You are so right in that you don’t have to go for expensive items for your wedding, you can get nice items at a fraction of the cost and they still look good.

    It certainly does pay to look around and see what deals you can get rather than just agreeing to the first thing that you see. You could still be disappointed with what you get.

    You have a lot of good tips and advice on your site that is good for all involved with a wedding.

    • Hi Cheryl, yes there is no reason to have thousands of dollars thrown out the window when finding affordable wedding supplies is just a click away. 

      And no more running from store to store trying to find matching charger plates or table runners. I love shopping online for this reason!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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