Classic Wedding Tuxedo – Elegant Black or White Styles

If you’ve just started your search for a classic wedding tuxedo you probably noticed that some outfits almost look like a regular suit. On the other hand, others are heavily accessorized.

A classic wedding tuxedo is something in between.

It’s a more official looking version of a 2 piece tuxedo. As you will see there are many options and styles to choose from. It all depends on your taste and the wedding dress code.

In this article, I’m describing what accessories to wear with a tuxedo jacket and trousers to give it the classic elegant appearance suitable for a wedding.

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Classic Tuxedo Styles

The black tuxedo is a timeless classic. The following picture shows a contemporary shawl lapel tuxedo at the left and a classic wedding tailcoat tuxedo with a traditional peak lapel.


Classic and elegant wedding tuxedo tailcoats

The first tuxedo shown above is an interesting option if you’re looking for a classic cut wedding tuxedo jacket.

In reality, the cut is larger on the torso and waist than usual slim or even modern fit as mentioned on customer reviews of this product.

Another recurring opinion from past customers who bought this tuxedo jacket is the great craftsmanship on both wool quality and garment tailoring. It’s made of extra-fine Italian wool produced in a notorious Lanificio di Tollegno wool mill in Italy.

This manufacturer is located in the USA, therefore, encouraging local economy.



Classic Wedding Tuxedo Details

There are many classic looking wedding tuxedo options. Not matter what designs you prefer, satin details will add an elegant, traditional touch to your outfit.

The following jackets have different lapel designs.However, both are adorned with satin yokes. Both of these jacket models have a satin detail on the pockets as well.

To keep the look consistent, choose trousers that integrate a satin stripe on the side of the legs as shown below.

Wedding tuxedo black trousers and color jackets



High-End Cravats and Vests

A classic tuxedo is not complete without tie, bow tie cravat and waistcoat.

The following examples are only a tiny fraction of the style you can wear with your wedding tuxedo.

Classic wedding tuxedo elegant accessories

I think a wedding tuxedo should be worn with a waistcoat. Especially when “formal dress code” is the watchword.

This garment piece adds a decorum feel to the outfit. Plus, it will make your tuxedo look dressy whether you wear your jacket open or closed.



White modern fit tuxedo with hidden elastic waist

Classic White Wedding Tuxedos

You can also decide to wear a white tuxedo to better complement the bride’s white dress.

This tuxedo variation is definitely the most sophisticated and distinguished.








Classic Cummerbund

There are many other classic tuxedo accessories like cummerbunds, handkerchief to help you achieve the desired look.

Classic wedding tuxedo cummerbund



Wedding Tuxedo Tailcoat

Classic. Refined. A real gentlemen tuxedo.

Long and short front designed white wedding tuxedo tailcoat



What Is Your Classic Wedding Tuxedo Preference?

As you can see, a classic wedding tuxedo definition is really personal. Some may prefer wearing a white double-breasted tuxedo while others want a sober black tailcoat. In my opinion, these are all elegant choices and are perfect for a formal wedding.

The different piece of clothing I presented here are available on Amazon.

Let me know if you have any question by leaving a comment below.


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