Cocktail Attire Men Pictures – Best Styles And Where To Buy

I hope you’ll enjoy the following cocktail attire men pictures.

What I like about this type of outfit is the informal, relaxed idea it suggests. You can look chic and add a personal touch by playing with textures and colors, unlike a formal attire.

In fact, you can pretty much dress as you feel. You can wear a suit and tie or bow tie. You can also simply wear dress pants with a stylish blazer with contrasting colors.


Stylish cocktail blazer jacket for man


Waistcoat and dress shirt

I could have only presented cocktail attire men pictures featuring the common man suit. However, I think the following option look really stylish. It’s appropriate depending on how strict the event is.

You can decide to go without the blazer and wear a waistcoat and a dress shirt. If the cocktail you are invited to is business related or is rather formal, I suggest wearing a tie and dress pants. This gives the outfit a neater look.

Again you can play with contrast and designs but keep in mind to choose a quality garment. It’s always better to give careful consideration to the quality of the textile and sewing of the apparel you’ll wear.


Cocktail dress shirt with stylish tie


Investing in a high-quality garment

Many people are reluctant in spending a substantial amount on an outfit. Personally, I think that if it’s spent on a well-made apparel, it’s worth it. Especially on a classic piece of clothing that will still be tasteful in 10 years.

Wearing a well-made blazer, shirt, and pants will certainly help to feel more comfortable. We all experienced the awful feeling of wearing a something too tight or that lacks flexibility. What happens to those clothes? They stay in the closet until you decide to get rid of them.


Buy outfits that you’ll enjoy wearing

Here are a few aspects to keep in mind when shopping:


  • High-end quality clothes are made with the best textiles (you can see the difference by touching it) and with solid and elastic seams.


  • They use stitching points that stretch to allow body movements.


  • The seams are nicely finished inside and out preventing stitching from unraveling.


Your garment will last many years and won’t show wear or color change after only a few washes as average quality garment do. It’s definitely a good investment.


Breathability and the capacity to absorb moisture is also an important characteristic of a good textile.

If you’re attending a summer outdoor event like a beach celebration or wedding you can read Beach Formal Attire Men’s Must-Haves.


The Blazers


Vibrant color jacket cocktail attire


Men jacket for a beach wedding off-white


I love this blue/grey blazer and the v-shape collar looks great for an informal or casual event. For a cocktail, I suggest wearing a dress shirt with a collar as shown above.


Men jacket for a beach wedding navy

Shoes and bow ties

Shoes are an important part of any type of outfit. Men cocktail shoes are versatile and classic like these loafers with plaid pattern and leather details. Brown leather wingtip shoes are another design that never goes out of style.

You can easily wear them in many other circumstances.

Loafers and wingtip shoes


These plaid and leather shoes are a hybrid of the 2 previous classic design shoes. They can look stylish and elegant when matched with dress pants or casual with a good quality dark pair of jeans.


Cocktail or business casual shoes


Save money without compromising on quality

As mentioned, a man cocktail attire is essentially a quality suit to which you can add accessories like a tie or bow tie, handkerchief, suspenders, waistcoat, and cufflinks.

These are optional but they can provide a contemporary look to a classic, timeless style suit. For example, a handkerchief and tie can look nice and are relatively inexpensive.

The idea is to spend the money on comfortable and well-made clothes that you can wear for years and not on accessories that will eventually look outdated.


Clothes make the man

Finally, a cocktail attire can be embellished with a bow tie. It’s an excellent accessory to show your individuality. Choose a colorful bow or make a style statement with this unique wood bow tie.


Unique wood bow tie cocktail business casual attire


Elegant suit and wood bow tie


Urban style plaid bow tie


Browsing cocktail attire men pictures: done! What’s next?

Well, you now have to make a choice. Will you go for the sober outfit, that is the dark suit with the traditional silk tie? What about the contrasting blazer with the wooden bow tie?

No matter what your preference is they are both good choices. It greatly depends on how formal the cocktail is (e.g. business vs family).

Looking at cocktail attire men pictures is not all. You also have to feel comfortable so you can still have fun, right?

Just remember that for a cocktail event, elegance and style are not mutually exclusive. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself and dress accordingly!


If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

6 Responses to “Cocktail Attire Men Pictures – Best Styles And Where To Buy

  • artware
    7 years ago

    Hi Carolyn,

    I liked the selections in men’s wear. The blazers are cools. Beach is amazing. Some of my friends are in the process of getting married. I would certainly recommend this site to them.
    I would really like to see some summer collections and as a full time office goer, I am looking forward to see some formal wear collections.

  • Matt's Mom
    7 years ago

    These are all great garments. I would like to have the guy that goes with them! Seriously, I think a lot of men need to get with it and start dressing sharp. Don’t see very many men dress like this much anymore. I love the look and you are right, investing in a high-quality garment is essential. It is something to pull out of the closet when those special occasions arise. No one will remember it, as it is not worn frequently.

    • Hi Matt’s Mom, Men that work in offices wear dress pants, blazers even suit and tie due to their type of job. I’m pretty sure it’s not their first choice on the weekends, though 🙂 I guess we don’t have as many occasions to dress sharp anymore. I know many people started dressing with style after trying it for a specific a event. I know I did 🙂 But that was before becoming a mom, I don’t go out much anymore… 😉

      Hope to have you back soon!

  • This is a very interesting little article! My cousin is engaged and the wedding is set for September but I have looked into what I would be wearing. These are cool ideas and I really like the waistcoat with a dress shirt type of look! Thanks for the Information and hopefully I can come up with a look off of here

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