Country Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

The best country outdoor wedding decoration ideas are ones that blend with the scenery. The decorations should reflect nature’s ability to be enchanting and welcoming.


If you think likewise, you will probably like the following ideas and gorgeous pictures!


You can buy the products on Amazon through the links I’ve provided below. Also, you can read the product details and other buyers opinion on the product. This gives you an idea on how satisfied they are with the merchant and the products.

What I find really interesting is that you can grab some pretty good ideas by reading buyer’s reviews and how they used the product to decorate their outdoor event.

The prices mentioned for each product are those current at the time of writing this article. So they may be higher or lower when you’ll look at the product.



Outdoor wedding table decorationsDecorating the tables with bark and wood centerpieces


A wedding table doesn’t have to be filled with crystal glassware, expensive silver cutlery, and porcelain dishware to be elegant and pretty.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great for indoor celebrations and are nice traditional wedding gifts for newlyweds. Because they are valuable objects.

That’s why they may not be the best option outdoor with the wind gust and uneven ground surface. The risk of breaking fragile decoration elements is higher outdoor.

Luckily, there are lots of amazing and suitable substitutes inspired from nature itself.



Here are some country outdoor wedding decoration ideas for the tables. They are elegant and practical. The best part is that they are also affordable.

You can use planters instead of traditional glass or crystal flower vases to give your table a rustic, country vibe. These birch bark planters are small so they don’t take too much space on the tables. They can also be assembled together to create a fuller effect.


Birch bark planters (set of 6)

Buy on Amazon here

Country wedding table centerpieces


Wood planter boxes with handles (set of 3 assorted sizes)

(buy on Amazon here)

Wood planter wedding centerpieces

Candy Bar Paper Art

Add a touch of color to your pastry buffet or cupcake table with these paper doilies and assorted napkins and mugs.

The doilies would also be perfect to adorn the guest tables replacing a charger plate. Another use is to place them overlaying each other (as shown) and place them under your centerpieces. Combinations are almost unlimited!


Outdoor wedding buffet decorations

Paper cups

(buy on Amazon here)

Paper napkins

(buy on Amazon here)

Paper doilies

(buy on Amazon here)


Dishware and cutlery that looks like silver

If you’re having your outdoor wedding in a private yard, you’re almost certainly facing the problem of finding enough cutlery, glasses, and dishes.

If you have 30 guests or more this can represent a consequent investment.

It also means that you will have to recycle the tableware by reselling it at a lower price or exchanging it if possible (some merchants have very flexible return and exchange policies but that’s not the majority).


Tip: A caterer can provide the tableware for an additional fee. You’ll also have to determine who is taking care of collecting and cleaning the dishes. Hopefully, you can get that service within the caterer package. If you go for that option make sure it is clearly written in the contract.


Today you have the possibility of buying plastic cutlery that looks like silverware.

Disposable flatware is Outdoor wedding disposable elegant flatwarea great option to save time and money.

Though this is not the real, thing it has nothing to do with the regular white flimsy plastic forks, spoons and knives used at a Bar B Q.

Not convinced that this will look nice on you wedding tables?

Many Amazon buyers seem to think otherwise. At the time of writing this article, the following product from “Reflections” is a best seller on the biggest online retailer.

Plastic “silverware”

160 pieces (buy on Amazon here)

  • 80 forks
  • 40 spoons 
  • 40 knives


You will also find many merchants selling disposable high-quality dishes at affordable prices.


Illuminate tables and trees for a magical evening with your guests

Decorate your wedding table with micro leds on a wire


Waterproof copper wire with 20 micro LEDS (6 sets)

(buy on Amazon here)

One of the greatest products to work with micro LEDs on a wire. They are so delicate that we can’t even see it’s on a wire.

In fact, all eyes are on the illuminated greenery and foliage decorating the tables as shown in the picture above. It really creates a warm and cozy effect.

That’s only one way to use these precious tiny light bulbs. I’ve also seen them under tablecloths showing a diffuse soft light and incorporated into garlands and wreaths. They can also be placed on trees or plants. Imagine how this would look on a wedding arch or behind a light color wedding backdrop curtain. Fabulous!

I think they kind of look like fireflies. They are perfect to inspire you with country outdoor wedding decoration ideas!



How did you like the country outdoor wedding decoration ideas you found here?

Was this post helpful and inspiring to you? Let me know if you have any question. You can also share your findings, good shopping spots or tips by leaving a comment in the section below.

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  • Weddings are very beautiful but boy they can be expensive. I love the photo of the outdoor weddings. Lately, I have been noticing that people are moving away a lot from the traditional church weddings and having more out of church weddings. You see it taking place regularly now on beaches in the Caribbean.

  • I like the blend in approach. It’s a subtle approach that is not overpowering. You give some wonderful ideas for an outdoor wedding. My sister in law is getting married soon and I will have to show her this.

    She is a country girl so I am sure she will be interested in this post.

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