Country Wedding Decorations

These lovely country wedding decorations are perfect for an indoor or outdoor celebration.

Whether you’re looking for table centerpieces, directional signs or glassware, these items are available with a country or rustic touch you are looking for.

In fact, the following images speak for themselves.



Rustic Lantern

This rough wood frame with glass box can be used as a lantern or to display a flower arrangement. It’s made with a lid featuring an old style lock hook hinge.

With 22cm wide by 32cm high, it’s big enough for a wishing well box too.

Rustic wedding wood lantern with lid

Its rustic charm makes it a unique alternative to the traditional guest book where your guest can drop in a message for the newlyweds to read for years to come.



Table Numbers

Table numbers are a must-have for a wedding with 6 guests tables or more. Why not combine the pleasant and the useful by adding a country feel to your table numbers?

These self-standing MDF table numbers are stylish and sturdy. Plus they have a full-length slit at the top to add a cardstock menu, a personalized message for your guests or a picture of the bride and groom.

Wooden old fashion table number



Place Card Holders

The following country wedding decorations are the perfect example of repurposing old items in the most beautiful way.

These salt and pepper glass bottles have found their way back to the guest’s tables as a place card holder. These can be used for all sorts wedding table stationery and also as a mini flower vase.

Unique placecard holder vase




I love when wedding favors are practical, reusable and customized. This Mason jar drinking glass and beer mug are exactly that.

personalized mason jar drinking glass

These are perfect to use as the actual glassware on the guest’s table even outdoor as they have a sturdy design.

The beer mug and mason jar can be customized with your guest names serving as a guest favors. Another benefit of having your glassware personalized with your guest’s names is that they also serve as placards.

Personalized beer mug favor


Unique Ideas To Interact With Your Guests

Bubble WandsWedding bubbles wand favors

Since throwing confetti is not a welcome tradition at all ceremony or celebration venues, soap bubbles can be a great alternative.

In fact, many venue owners forbid the use of paper confetti, sequins, feathers, etc. due to the obvious mess that is left behind for them to clean.

I’ve even heard of people throwing popcorn at the newlyweds…

While it may be tempting to catch one or two on the fly with your mouth, it’s not the best idea.



Guest Book Drop Box

Unique and fashionable this starry night theme drop box comes with 100 wooden hearts for your guests to sign and put in the box.personalized wedding drop box guest book


Wedding chair embroidered sash

Delicate Chair Sash

This chiffon fabric sash features a delicate embroidery at each end that conveys a country vintage feel to it.


It can be used as a table runner as well as cocktail table bow by tying it to the leg over an open weave linen tablecloth.




A beautiful detail that adds charm and character to any country wedding theme decor.






Long-Lasting Wooden Flowers

These wood floral pomanders are a great way to decorate any aspects of your wedding venue.

In fact, you can use them to create table centerpieces or to decorate your guest chairs and church pews.

Moreover, combine different size to make a pretty photo booth backdrop at a low cost. These are available in 8 different colors to better match your wedding theme colors.

Kissing ball made with wood curls



Country Wedding Decorations

Finally, there many trending wedding styles that integrate the same ornaments, patterns, and materials or fabric that are used in country style decor.

For example, shabby chic mixes both vintage elegance with rustic finishes like rusty or weathered wood.

French-country wedding ornaments are also very close to what you can find in country wedding decorations. Delicate lace and off-white porcelain combined with burlap and twine are only one example.

Ultimately, these styles are related in many ways. Why not use these other decorating styles to create your personalized decor?

To help you do so, here are some reading suggestions.

wedding decor on a budget


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