Top 19 Country Wedding Decorations

The following country wedding decorations are focusing on prettiness and affordability to help you create your very own special wedding ambiance.

Also, I have a surprise project idea for you further in this article! So make sure you read until the end.

I know wedding planning takes patience and organization skills. Hopefully, these suggestions can make the decoration part of your planning as smooth as possible.

These pictures refer to products that can be bought “as is” but some of them can also be pretty simple to make.

Whether you’re looking for table centerpieces, directional signs or glassware, these items are available with the country style touch you are looking for.

The following images speak for themselves.


Rustic Lantern

This rough wood frame with sides and top glass can be used as a lantern or to display a flower arrangement. It’s made with a lid featuring an old style lock hook hinge.

The vintage hinged lid ads a lot of rustic charm to this pretty table centerpiece. Surround the bottom of the box with baby breath flower to make it look romantic and lively.

With 22cm wide by 32cm high, it’s big enough for a wishing well box too.

Its rustic charm makes it a unique alternative to the traditional guest book where your guest can drop in a message for the newlyweds to read for years to come.

Rustic wedding wood lantern with lid

In fact, lanterns of all shapes and sizes can make guest table decorations outstanding and authentic. Decorate them with flowers and leaves to make a pretty centerpiece during the day.

For safety reasons, use a LED tea light to create a warm ambiance in the evening. Or you can add two or three different size candles around your decorated lantern.


Table Numbers

Table numbers are a must-have for a wedding with 6 guests tables or more. Why not combine the pleasant and the useful by adding a country feel to your table numbers?

These self-standing MDF table numbers are stylish and sturdy. Plus they have a full-length slit at the top to add a cardstock menu, a personalized message for your guests or a picture of the bride and groom.

Wooden old fashion table number


Place Card Holders

The following country wedding decorations are the perfect example of repurposing old items in the most beautiful way.

These salt and pepper glass bottles have found their way back to the guest’s tables as a place card holder. These can be used for all sorts wedding table stationery and also as a mini flower vase.

Unique placecard holder vase




I love when wedding favors are practical, reusable and customized. This Mason jar drinking glass and beer mug are exactly that.

personalized mason jar drinking glass


These are perfect to use as the actual glassware on the guest’s table even outdoor as they have a sturdy design.

The beer mug and mason jar can be customized with your guest names serving as a guest favors. Another benefit of having your glassware personalized with your guest’s names is that they also serve as placards.

Personalized beer mug favor


Unique Ideas To Interact With Your Guests

Bubble WandsWedding bubbles wand favors

Since throwing confetti is not a welcome tradition at all ceremony or celebration venues, soap bubbles can be a great alternative.

In fact, many venue owners forbid the use of paper confetti, sequins, feathers, etc. due to the obvious mess that is left behind for them to clean.

I’ve even heard of people throwing popcorn at the newlyweds…

While it may be tempting to catch one or two on the fly with your mouth, it’s not the best idea.



Guest Book Drop Box

Unique and fashionable this starry night theme drop box comes with 100 wooden hearts for your guests to sign and put in the box.personalized wedding drop box guest book


Wedding chair embroidered sash

Delicate Chair Sash

This chiffon fabric sash features a delicate embroidery at each end that conveys a country vintage feel to it.


It can be used as a table runner as well as cocktail table bow by tying it to the leg over an open weave linen tablecloth.




A beautiful detail that adds charm and character to any country wedding theme decor.






Long-Lasting Wooden Flowers

These wood floral pomanders are a great way to decorate any aspects of your wedding venue.

In fact, you can use them to create table centerpieces or to decorate your guest chairs and church pews.

Moreover, combine different size to make a pretty photo booth backdrop at a low cost. These are available in 8 different colors to better match your wedding theme colors.

Kissing ball made with wood curls


wedding decor on a budget


Customized Wine Bottles

Who said wine bottle couldn’t be both practical and pretty? Some wine bottles have interesting size, shapes, and engravings. Spray them or fill them with LED light strings to make beautiful wedding table decoration.

On the other hand, a bottle filled with wine and ready to be poured into your guest’s glasses can be embellished with a customized label as the one featured here.

Making your own rustic wine bottle labels is as easy as can be with these customized and adhesive paper labels.

If you’re interested in seeing more designs please read Personalized Wedding Labels For Wine Bottles.

Country style wedding wine labels


Burlap, Lace, Natural Twine, and Linen

The most popular rustic country fall wedding ideas mostly include one of the above-mentioned fabrics.

There are many ways to decorate at low cost using these 4 materials. Chair sashes, aisle runner, cutlery holder, table runner, buntings are only some of the possibilities to add a fresh and rustic touch to your decor

Another way to incorporate these elements is to use them to decorate your guests favors or by using them as accent items.

The rough finish and textured look of burlap and twine, give structure to glass vases and candle light holders. Lace and linen provide a delicate and elegant look that balances the yarn’s coarse aspect.

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations


The Wedding Arch

The wedding arch is one of the simplest structure to build.

Arches use to grow wine grapes and other climbing plants have to be made of a solid material like wood or cast iron to support the weight. They have a visually interesting structure and cost 200$ or more.

A simple and plain wedding arch cost about 20$ to 40$. They are usually sold with no decorations and therefore are not aesthetically appealing.

Therefore, you can create your own decor based on your wedding theme, colors, and personal taste.
Common materials used to make a country wedding arch are lace, burlap, bark, branches, foliage, flowers etc.

There are tons of possibilities to make a cheap but elegant looking arch.

One lovely and unique alternative to typical decoration materials is this handmade macrame curtain.

When displayed on a log arch like in this image it really enhances its natural bohemian style. This arch decor is minimalist and easy to make.


Make Your Own Rustic Wood Arch

This rustic country fall wedding ideas list would not be complete without this romantic all-natural element.

In my opinion, the arch that represents best a rustic wedding theme is one made with vine, branches or logs. It’s a great way to save time and money.

Since it’s beautiful in itself, you don’t have to hide it using lots of decorations to have a gorgeous rustic wedding arch.

Plus, if you have a backyard, it’s one of the rare elements you get to keep as a tangible souvenir of your wedding day.


How to Build It

Does the idea of building your own wedding arch sound appealing but you have no idea where to start?

The following video from The Cedar Workshop shows you all the steps to make a log wedding archway.

The part 1 video explains what you need in terms of material, how to work with the logs and assemble them. The second part shows the finishing steps.

I really liked it and the result is worth watching.


Crafting Your Own Adornments

Many of the ornament featured earlier can be completely handmade. It’s the case for items that require materials you can find everywhere sometimes at no cost.

Tree branches, mason jars, burlap bags, old fashion ribbons, and lace are only a few elements that are used to make the type of finished products you can find in stores and online.

If you’re not into making decorations yourself or you’re running out of time, take a look at my go-to place for personalized decor and gift supplies. You can also find very interesting and affordable alternatives in your local retail and arts and craft store.


Spend Time to Save Money

If you have sewing skills or know someone who does, making your own table runner and other easy sewing projects will definitely help you save.

Just for fun, ask your local fabric store the price for linen or any other fabric and compare the price of buying the finished product.

The more items you’ll need the more you can save. In fact, crafting some of the decor items is one of the inexpensive ways to add warmth and tradition to a wedding.



Country Wedding Favors to Add Style to the Tables

When favors are beautifully presented they enhance the table look! Even better, these don’t have to be expensive to be pretty and practical.

How about using fine treats to make stunning centerpieces that your guests can then bring home to enjoy?

Do you have a family pie or apple crisp recipe that everyone loves? Why not offer your guest some ginger cookies? The following ideas will help you see how you can turn these simple treats into awesome gifts.

If your not comfortable cooking there are many other ways to make personalized gourmet quality favors at low cost.

Here are some ideas.


1. Mini Wooden Crate With Jute Handles

These pretty little wooden boxes are the perfect choice to display your own personal loose leaf tea assortment or BBQ seasoning mix.

The jute handles add a country touch and are a practical detail that your guests will love. In fact,  your guests will surely want to reuse this box to store spice sachet and other small stuff that is often lost in the back of the cabinet.

Country wedding decorations for the tables


2. Miniature Picnic Basket Favour

Would you enjoy receiving a dark chocolate or cinnamon brioche in a this cute? I know I would! The basket comes with a removable lid to hold smaller treats like for your convenience.

Country wedding guests favor basket treat


3. Small Glass Bell Jar With White Base Wedding

Use these small jars to offer your guests gourmet cookies or french macarons and regroup them to make a superb centerpiece.

The idea would be to make a multi-level display using a sturdy and even support. This will create a height effect that will add elegance to the table.

However, make sure not to go over 2 or 3 level to avoid the risk of it collapsing and also to make it easy for your guest to take one. For a personal touch don’t forget to label the jars with your guest’s names.

Country wedding guests favor bell jar


4. Mini Swing Top Glass Bottle – 2 1/2oz (70ml) (6)

This swing top bottle is perfect for mango or strawberry coulis, ginger beer, or any alcoholic beverage. The sealed mechanism also makes it a great option for preserving herb oils.

Use a medium or large basket to feature them as a centerpiece as shown below.

Inexpensive personalized wedding favors


5. Charming Favor Boxes

At last, the classic favor box with an unconventional and rustic twist.

This wreath ornament favor box has a lovely floating letter design and can be hung to a branch centerpiece or a Manzanita tree.

I also like the idea of a table centerpiece with these favor boxes displayed over a wooden slab with small tea light votives to create a warming lighting ambiance.

Country wedding guest favors box


The tree branches and its roots are a symbol of an ever-growing family and strong foundation. Why not use this strong image to make your guest’s favors even more meaningful.

These 6 miniature wooden boxes with lid have all it takes to move the hearts of your loved ones.

Country wedding decoration tree and root box


6.”Sweetie Pies” Mini Pie Packaging Kits

Everyone loves your grandmother’s pie recipe. Give your guest’s a “slice” of this delicious dessert with this retro-style pie box. The kit comes with 20 boxes,  tags, wax sheets, and twine.



Celebrating a Country Style Fall Wedding

A thanksgiving season wedding is bound to be stunning and filled with mother nature’s most delightful presents.

Here are some great ways to make the most of it.


Fall Leaves Wedding Cake

Fall landscapes in the country land make a spectacular scenery for an autumn wedding.

If you have chosen this season to tie the knot you have nature’s most breathtaking color palette on your side. Why not use this inspiring glow and impress your guests with a multi-tier cake with cascading leaves.

Country wedding decorations and fall cake


Pumpkins and Fall Delights

Fall is the season if abundance and harvesting. In fact, the colorful fruits mixed with season flowers will give your tables a beautiful and welcoming vibe.

Fall country wedding decorations and centerpieces


Country Wedding Decorations

You now have more than you need to make a personalized wedding.

Of all themes there are to choose from, country decorations are the best to provide a traditional, heartwarming and festive ambiance to a wedding celebration.

Also, there are many trending wedding styles that integrate the same ornaments, patterns, and materials or fabric that are used in country style decor.

For example, shabby chic mixes both vintage elegance with rustic finishes like rusty or weathered wood.

French-country wedding ornaments are also very close to what you can find in country wedding decorations. Delicate lace and off-white porcelain combined with burlap and twine are only one example.

Ultimately, these styles are related in many ways. Why not use these other decorating styles to create your personalized decor?

Happy decorating!


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