Custom Wedding Program Fan

Making a custom wedding program fan is one of the simplest DIY you can decide to make. Some people choose to have a template that matches their wedding stationery (invitation, menu, etc.).

On the other hand, this can result in costly expenses. Therefore, I’ll be providing some template ideas further in this article.

Also, you’ll find free downloadable templates further. You can simply put your own picture with your own text. Don’t you love free stuff? I know I do!


Important: all backgrounds and designs or pictures are copyrighted. I’ve added the wording and wood paddle to make it easier to imagine as finished wedding program fan. Please use your own pictures.



Various Wedding Program Format for Your Needs

Rectangle Fan (Single or Double Sided)

This one is popular because of its simplicity. Choose a different shape than the regular rectangle to add a personalize it.

The writing space is limited, though. Avoid the visual clutter by not overloading the program with text. This program format should only be used if your program is sticking to the basics.


personalized wedding program fans

Petal Fan

Made with 2 or more blades or petals. This shape is interesting if you want to fit a lot of information in it and make information easy to find and read.

In fact, each petal can contain a specific information instead of having all of it on one page as in the standard program.


FreeStyle Fan

Freestyle brings the term “custom” to another level. It can be a heart shape, leaf shape, even a mason jar shape! In other words, it can be customized to anything you can imagine!


Choosing the Right Program Format

Don’t choose a standard double, or worst, a single-sided program for the wrong reasons. I see many people making this mistake.

A regular program (one that is not intended to be used as a fan) is usually sized according to the information you want to put in it, not the other way. If you try to fit the same amount of text you have in a regular page format (8 1/2 x 11 in.) in a fan type of program you inevitably have to make some compromises.

You’ll soon realize that the program is packed with a lot of information written in a tiny font size. This makes it confusing and hard to read for your guests. Instead, choose a card format or multiple petals fan to allow enough space and make it enjoyable to read.


The following example is a leaflet format. Small and narrow when closed but wide and roomy when you open it.

Beach theme wedding program

♥ More Beach Theme Wedding Programs


Custom Wedding Program Fan Back Side Ideas

We usually focus on the program itself. Why not take advantage of the back side the wedding program fan and add relevant information and aesthetic elements.

It can be a proverb or quote that defines you as a couple or special thanks to your parents or someone who got really involved in helping you during the wedding preparations. It can also be a tribute to lost loved ones.

Anything that is dear to your heart can be expressed in a beautiful way.


A Tribute to Loved Ones Who Passed Away

Here are some unique and inspiring ideas for a remembrance.

Wedding program tribute


Wedding program ceremony wording ideas



Preparing Your Custom Wedding Program Fan Project

When it comes to doing it yourself, it’s pretty much a question of patience and using the right materials. This especially true for a project you’ve never done before.

Here’s the basic material you’ll need:

  • Thick paper: e.g. 65 lbs cardstock;
  • Wood fan handles;
  • Paper glue: A Zip Dry type of glue. In other words, look for a clear glue that prevents the paper from wrinkling, that dries fast but gives you enough time for repositioning if necessary;
  • Scissors or cutting tool;
  • Corner rounder tool: useful if you want to make clean and even rounded edges on your wedding program fan.

The templates can be modified using Microsoft Powerpoint which you can use for free with Free Office Online Apps.



Download Your Custom Wedding Program Fan

Here are free wedding fan templates that you can customize with your favorite picture:


Do It Yourself Wedding Program Fans


make a wedding program fan

Flower theme wedding program


I hope you enjoyed your reading. If you have any question please leave a comment in the section below.


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