DIY Wedding Program Fan Template

Here it is. A simple diy wedding program fan template that you can customize with your own picture to make it meaningful to you and your guests.


Important: the pictures you will find in this article have a copyright and therefore I cannot provide them to you. As mentioned earlier, using a personal and meaningful picture will make your wedding program fan a success.



DIY Wedding Program Fan Template

Download the Ms Powerpoint file (.ppt) here:

Front side file

Wedding program fan Free template


Back side file (wording)

Free wedding program fan wording



Skill Level Required: Basic skills

Image Proportions:

This template is designed to be used with a picture taken horizontally to ensure it fills all the background space as shown in the following picture.Free wedding program fan with picture


It’s ok to use a portrait or vertical picture. Just keep in mind that part of your template will have white spaces.

Also, you may need to adjust font colors to a darker shade to make it easier to read.Free wedding program fan wording


The back side is vertical to allow your guest to read more naturally and make it simple to follow and uncluttered looking.




  • 65 lbs paper or cardstock used for crafts
  • Wood fan handles


  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Color Inkjet Printer.
  • Cutting tool



Step by Step Instructions to Add Your Picture and Wording

First of all, here are the steps to add your own image to the template:

Step 1: Open the file using MS Powerpoint.

Step 2: Select the background picture you’d like to integrate. Click on Insert, Image, From file. Go to the folder where your picture is saved, select it and click Open.

Step 3: Set your image as the background to ensure that it is behind the text and other graphic elements. To do so, select the image, right-click on the image, and select Order from the menu and send to back.

Finally, resize your picture to fit in the frame of the template and move it the desired location. Keep in mind that the picture for this template has to be a “landscape” style (horizontal).


Step 4: Personalize the text fields with your own names and words.

* Don’t forget to save your work so you can easily get back to it without losing any of the changes you made.

Et Voila! You are now ready to print your free DIY wedding program fan template!



Create Your Wedding Program Fan

Once you’ve printed your wedding program  (front and back) you are ready to complete the final steps.

1- Cut along the dotted line for both the front and back of the wedding program.

2- Draw a line on the wood stick to delimit the surface to which you’ll be adding glue. Then, glue the wood stick and place it on one of the program paper pieces. Hold it in place for 30 seconds to allow it to dry in place. For better results, follow the glue brand dry time instructions.

3- Now you can add glue to the back of one of the program paper pieces and place it on the other. Furthermore, make sure they are well aligned and let dry.

Tip: To avoid excess glue, make a test with scrap paper pieces to see how much glue you’ll need.

4- Verify that the edges are even and cut any excess trims.



Wood handle on wedding program fan




I hope you liked this simple DIY project. If you have any question leave a comment below!


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6 Responses to “DIY Wedding Program Fan Template

  • angela
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Can you recommend what kind of paper to print it on?

    Does it work better on thicker card? Also does it make a difference if I use glossy or matte paper?

    Also I’m thinking of using a spray adhesive because I’m afraid if I use a gloopy glue it may leave a mark – will this work? Are there any specific glue brands you’d recommend?


    • For this specific project, I recommend using 65 lbs paper. It’s up to you if you want a matte or glossy finish. It depends on your budget since glossier finish tends to be more expensive.

       As for the best type of glue, I use zip glue as it doesn’t wrinkle the paper. I cannot say if spray glue is the best option as I never used it myself. I suggest that you make a test before to make sure it’s not too messy.

      Hope this helps!

  • Israel
    1 year ago

    Hey Carolyn!

    I wish I’d had this information before I got married! We just bought a classical wedding package, and this looks a lot more personal and customizable!

    I’ll pass this info to a friend of mine who is about to get married and looking for ideas.

    Thanks a lot for the information! Nice work! 😉

  • Norman
    1 year ago

    Diy wedding program fan template. This is pretty amazing and I am sure that many persons would love to get their hands on this kind of information because it can, first of all, teach them about how to go about this themselves, also persons can also save money. I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing.

    • Thanks Norman, There are many more money savings projects to come + freebies too!

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