Elegant wedding reception table decorations

Elegant wedding reception table decorations create a luxurious atmosphere. It also shows the guests how grateful the newlyweds are to share this memorable day with them.

There are many ways to create a sumptuous table without breaking the bank. A simple an effective way is to incorporate elements with colors and textures known to best represent what is chic and sophisticated.


White, silver and gold colors along with crystal, pearls, inox, lace, organza, silk, satin all bring to mind a refined and classic image.

If you are planning to decorate many tables with silver or inox made decorations, for example, it will be very expensive. Other materials that are very similar in terms of looks will be much cheaper.


Silver’s elegance without the maintenance … and cost!

The following glittering metal centerpiece is made of solid aluminum. Surprised?

I was too when I first saw this distinguished handcrafted silver looking bowl.

Aluminum an interesting substitute to silver for the following reasons:

  • it doesn’t tarnish;
  • it’s lightweight;
  • it’s inexpensive;
  • it has a spectacular shine. In fact, it’s used to make jewelry as well.

Elegant silver bowl with fresh floating flowers



Elegant head table centerpieces at a fraction of the price

The beauty of this piece of artwork lays in its reflection properties. Its surface has a glossy finish that reflects light while showcasing the floating flowers. This table decoration is simple to make and has nothing to envy of its silver and inox counterparts!

Make sure to put it where everyone can see: on the head table, at the cocktail bar, candy or cake buffet or at the welcome table!

Cost: $80.00 on Etsy.



Mixing nature’s beauty with lace’s refinement

Lace and burlap are very trendy and are often used in rustic-chic theme weddings. Burlap is a strong, rough material made with jute that makes an interesting decoration element.

When you mix expensive lace, satin, silk or tulle with burlap to make a table runner as in this example, it can really cut the price in half.

Lace adds the elegance touch that we want for a wedding and burlap provides the cozy atmosphere to put every guest at ease!

Rustic chic wedding table runner



Stylish and affordable accessories

A table runner like this one cost less than $10 (size: 12″x 100″). If you have sewing skills, you can save money by buying the material at the meter on Amazon or at your local fabric shop.



Managing your table space

Using silver or gold as an accent color is one great way to achieve a chic look. It doesn’t have to be a big decoration element.

In fact, I suggest using smaller pieces on your guest tables to avoid cluttering the space. When the guests will all be seated they will use the space on the table to put their cameras or smartphones, purses, drinks, etc.

It’s important to keep this in mind not only for aesthetics reasons but for your guest’s safety especially if you have candles on your tables.

Wedding table unique centerpiece



Smaller table centerpieces

As I mentioned smaller centerpieces with refined details are very elegant. This simple candle centerpiece can be used solely or with a set of votive candles matching wedding them colors.

Rustic chic wedding candle and flowers



Night ambiance decoration

The fresh flower details and the beads on a string provide this night and day centerpiece vibrant colors to the vanilla scented candle. Light it up before dessert. It’s the perfect background perfume to wet your guest’s appetite!

Wedding candle vase and colorful flowers

Charming candle decoration for a wedding


Elegant wedding reception table decorations

Hope you enjoyed your reading and that you’ve found inspiration through the pictures to make your own elegant wedding reception table decorations.

They are very simple to make and inexpensive. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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10 Responses to “Elegant wedding reception table decorations

  • Brandon
    1 year ago

    Hi Carolyn! What a well-thought out post. I want to get married someday, obviously not anytime soon, however these table decorations look like something I’d like to use. And damn, that solid aluminium centerpiece looks really nice and I’m surprised it doesn’t tarnish AND it’s lightweight.

    Definitely a great and helpful article.

    I’ll be back for more,

  • Kathy Keith
    1 year ago

    Very nice article for anyone preparing for a wedding. Do it yourself can be really helpful if your budget is tight. You’ve presented some very good ideas here.

  • Jeremy
    1 year ago

    These are some great ideas Carolyn. We use a ton of burlap and lace in our catering business for weddings! There is a lot of demand for that rustic elegance look where we are. We don’t really use silver that much but I do love the look of it. Do you have any favorite places to find good deals on silver pieces?

    • Carolyn
      1 year ago

      Hi Jeremy, I prefer aluminum to silver because it’s cheaper and also because it keeps its shine. This is important to me (and many people I’m sure) as I want to avoid spending time cleaning it. The piece you saw in this post is made completely with aluminum. If you’re interested to see more pieces, you can go and check out my Etsy shop. We also offer discounts on multiple item orders.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • Rowena Flagler
    1 year ago

    I enjoyed this post. Such useful and helpful information for anyone who is planning a wedding or formal affair. I will certainly be on the lookout for aluminum from now on.

  • Alexandra
    1 year ago

    I love the burlap and lace motif. I almost did something similar for my own wedding but ended up going a different ideas. Beautiful photos and great ideas.

    • Carolyn
      1 year ago

      Hi Alexandra, there are many different wedding decoration ideas to fit everyone’s taste.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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