Enso Rubber Rings Wedding Bands Review

Some of us call them rubber rings wedding bands but they’re also known as silicone bands. That’s how most companies who sell these flexible lightweight rings are calling them.

As matter of fact, there’s an unprecedented interest in these rubber rings wedding bands or silicone rings however you want to call them. For the sake of convenience, all terms will be used interchangeably in this article.


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Enso Rings Review

There is a lot of hype around Enso Rings products at the time of writing these lines. Their marketing campaign is clever and their silicone band’s designs are stunning. Now, you may wonder how are their products doing when compared to the competitors like QALO, BULZi, and others?

It’s no secret that many companies offering similar products are having a hard time keeping up with the customer after sales request and complains.


In this article, I will explain the brand’s features and the pros and cons of their products.




Elements: These metallic finish rings are offered in gold, black pearl, copper, silver and rose gold. An interesting fact is that each color is actually infused corresponding real precious metal. They are available in Classic and Thin formats. Moreover, they are made in the USA.

Infinity: Features an infinity design and is available in both 9mm and 4.5 mm wide formats. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Stackables: This collection carries 7 different ring textures available in many colors that can be combined to create a unique set.

Ultra Lite: Engraved with 2 parallel lines, this ring is 8mm wide and only 1.5mm thick.



Sports Stacks and Hero Stacks

Besides the previously described collections, Enso Rings offers Sports and Hero stackable ring bundles.

Each of these includes 3 stackable rings featuring your favorite team colors. The Hero stacks are available in three different combinations, Police, Firefighters, and EMS.



Enso Review: Pros and Cons


⇒ Lifetime warranty. It covers not only breaks and tearing but even discoloration and stretching. This is definitely there most valuable feature from a practical perspective at least.

In fact, a rubber ring no matter how durable will eventually start to deteriorate in one of the ways described previously. That usually happens rather sooner than later… It’s great to know its covered.


⇒ Breathability channels. Elements collection rings are designed with channels allowing air flow. This reduces the risk of having skin problems due to moisture trapped under the ring.


⇒ Metallic accents are infused instead of being coated.  Elements collection’s metallic rings are infused with actual metals instead of just being coated like other rubber rings wedding bands on the market.

Rings that are coated with a metallic layer tend to lose their shiny finish quicker due to friction on clothes and objects. This shouldn’t happen with these rings since the pigments are incorporated into the silicone.


⇒ Customize with your own text. You can now add a short text to your silicone ring.




⇒ Inaccurate sizing: Like its competitors, Enso Rings does not carry half sizes and therefore recommend choosing a size down. By the way, this is a common issue to all rubber ring brands on the market.


⇒ No mention of how robust the ring is. The vendor mentions the use Anti Ring Avulsion Technology for their Elements rings. However, there are no details on the weight pressure needed to break the ring. Unlike QALO who does provide this information for each ring model.

This information can allow you to choose a ring that fits your needs and to avoid the deception of tearing it at first use.

As for safety concerns, it would be interesting knowing what’s the difference between rings that have the Anti Ring Avulsion Technology and those that don’t. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any information on that matter.


⇒ Expensive compared to the competition: More expensive than other brands like Honor Gear Rings. You should expect to pay between $20 and $40.


May cause skin problems. This is another common problem with all silicone ring brands. Rubber made rings can sometimes trap moist under them creating skin irritation.

However, some people are more likely to have such problems that other due to the work environment, eczema, sweaty hands, etc. Choosing a narrower design may help as it reduces the contact surface.

That being said, if you’ve been having this problem with another brand in the past chances it will occur again. Also, BULZi Ring offers an alternative worth looking at.



Rubber Rings Wedding Bands

Improvement Needed

All in all, the Enso ring offers many options to fit all needs although they haven’t provided any solution to recurrent ring size accuracy problems. The lack of information concerning the different ring models resistance to tear is another aspect that needs improvement.


Their Competitive Arguments

On the other hand, their best selling arguments reside in the Elements collection. Finally, a ring that won’t lose its metallic shiny finish!

Not to mention that a precious metal-infused silicone band is the closest that a rubber ring can get to an actual gold wedding band. Knowing this simple fact does add some elegance to it.

This collection also features breathability channels to reduce having skin problems. It shows that the vendor listens to the customer complains. Moreover, it shows a degree of willingness to fix an age-old and very annoying problem, unlike some of their competitors.


Amazing Warranty

The lifetime warranty and the fact that it covers tearing, discoloration and stretching is also a great incentive and provides peace of mind concerning the product’s quality. Remember that rubber rings wedding bands are not as durable as precious metal bands and you will most likely to replace your ring eventually.


Hope you’ve enjoyed your reading. If you’d like to share your personal thoughts and experiences please leave a comment in the section below.

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