Formal Beach Wedding Men Attire

A formal beach wedding men attire is close to the classic tuxedo with a leisurely, relaxed twist.

Now, what does that mean exactly, you ask? Nothing expresses a “vision” better than an image. Fortunately, I have many images to show you what a clever and elegant men formal beach attire is.



Combine Elegance And Comfort

The 3 piece suit is not exactly what people think of wearing on a sunny hot day at a beach. However, if you are invited to a formal celebration by the sea, a suit and tie outfit at least has the advantage of being versatile.


Formal suit and tie beach wedding


If you’ve already been to any formal dress code event you probably noticed that the dress code is gradually becoming more relaxed as the day or evening went on.

In general, the complete 3 piece formal beach wedding men attire is required for the ceremony, during the most solemn part of the event. As you can see in the previous pictures, taking off the jacket still looks clean and elegant with a tie or a bow tie.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a tie (which I can understand on a hot day) wear the jacket with a handkerchief or boutonniere for a neat and tasteful look.

How To Survive The 3 piece Suit Under A Blazing Sun

The 2 first words that come to my mind when mercury is on the rise are “sweating” and “dehydration”. This is certainly true when wearing a formal beach wedding men attire! Although it may look like the torture is inevitable, it’s not. Here are some things you can do to preserve your physical health and sanity.


Men beach wedding suit

Look for linen or cotton garments that are blended with some synthetic fibers. Both are natural fibers and are known to absorb moisture from the skin and are breathable.

Why not wear 100% pure natural fiber suits? Because fold lines due to humidity and sweating are more apparent on the back of the blazer or shirt.

To avoid this, make sure to choose a garment that combines both natural and synthetic fibers.

This will ensure you get the best of both worlds: less wrinkles and folds, and cooler skin.

To give you an example of the looks and quality, the suit and pants here featured are made with linen, polyester, rayon.

The pants are machine washable and are available in different colors on Amazon.

Breathable beach wedding pants


Beach Wedding Men Attire Colors

Fabric colors are also a great ally when it comes to comfort under the sun. Another interesting element of a beach wedding men attire is that you can wear lighter colors than traditional black and dark gray and navy. In fact, you can wear white, off-white, sandy tones, light gray.

You can also wear pretty much all shades of blue in bond with the broad spectrum of blue found in the sea and sky.

Vibrant color jacket cocktail attire

 Beach Wedding Men Attire


Dressy Shoes You Can Wear At The Beach

These shoes can make any outfit look elegant. Furthermore, they don’t look odd and out of place on a sandy beach. The wing tip style is classic enough to be worn a wedding and the suede leather adds a breezy style associated with beach leisure activities.

If the celebration is directly on the sand ground (not on a terrasse or deck) you should probably leave your expensive shoes at home. The good thing with light color suede leather shoes is that you won’t have to wipe the thin layer of unwelcome sand dust. A smooth leather shoe will show more of the sand residue.

Trust me, you don’t want to ruin your great quality full grain leather shoes in one single day!


Beach wedding wing tip suede shoes

Beach Theme Boutonniere

In a wedding, the boutonniere or buttonhole is a subtle and refined accessory worn by guests men or Beach wedding seashell and pearl buttonholewomen. Not only groom’s men and groom.

It’s the one accessory that expresses affiliation and love among all people present at the wedding.

Also, it’s a good way to recognize fellow guests if you’re attending a wedding in a hotel resort. In fact, it’s not unusual to have 2 or 3 weddings held at the same time in big resorts.

Boutonnieres are usually made with flowers, pearls, seashell, etc. They also incorporate the specific wedding theme color.



Coral, blue and pearl white are only a few of the color options that will make any sober and neutral suit look festive.Wedding men suit and boutonniere



Hope you’ve found inspiring ideas. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will reply. Read my suggestions at the end of this article for more inspiring tips and pictures



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4 Responses to “Formal Beach Wedding Men Attire

  • Awesome Carolyn!
    Thank you for all these great tips on formal men’s attire for beach weddings.
    My best friend is getting married in Florida this summer and while I’m looking forward to the wedding, I am in no way looking forward to wearing a suit on the beach in the blazing Florida sun!

    I’m not really a suit and tie guy and I’m not looking to spend a ton of money. Do you have a suggestion and a link to a suit that will get me through the wedding on the beach and not break the bank?

    Your help is very much appreciated!

    • Carolyn
      7 years ago

      Hi Jeremy, have a look at men linen beach wedding attire. I have included many suggestions of suits, shirts, and pants made with linen blends. Linen is your best ally to keep cool if you’re attending a formal celebration under hot temperatures.

      Linen blends are a lot cheaper than then pure linen and will not wrinkle as much.

      Hope this helps

  • Great.
    Thanks Carolyn!

  • Interesting article! A semi-formal attire is most versatile and appropriate dress code for wedding as compared to formal and casuals. If you are choosing your men’s beach wedding attire, there are many options and considerations.

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