Free Printable Wedding Program Designs

The following free printable wedding program designs are simple to modify and professional looking. What’s unique about this wedding program? It can be personalized with a background picture of your liking.


  • Dimension: half a page (8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in.)
  • Horizontal front
  • Vertical back
  • file extension .ppt (it’s a Microsoft Powerpoint file)


Important: all pictures in this article have a copyright. Please use your own pictures for a pretty and personalized wedding program.



How to Make a Wedding Program Fan

These free printable wedding program designs can also be made into hand fans. These are very popular as they are practical especially on hot summer wedding celebrations.

Also, they are very easy to make.


Free Wedding Program no. 1
free wedding program designs


Free Wedding Program no. 2Free wedding program fan with picture


Free Wedding Program no. 3

Flower theme wedding program



Materials You’ll Need

  • Card Stock (65 lbs or more)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (ex. Zip Dry)
  • Handles. These are sold in craft store or online and are made of wood

You’ll also need to have access to a printer and to Microsoft Powerpoint



How to Modify Your Free Printable Wedding Program Designs

First of all, choose a picture that is significant. Most people will choose a picture of themselves. It can be your and your spouse surrounded by a beautiful scenery. If you have kids or a pet (or both) a family picture will also look great. It can also be a symbolic picture

It can also be a symbolic picture which represents marriage. Fall Wedding Bouquet Pictures


Then you’ll need to open the file using Microsoft Powerpoint. You can use it for free online with Free Office Online Apps

You will be able to modify the text sections and move graphical elements if needed.



More Savings

The great thing about having a design for free is of course that you save money (haha). The savings are even greater as you can decide on which type of card stock or paper you’ll print.

Even if your wedding takes place in a few months make sure to watch for sales to get the best discounts. You can get real bargains particularly if you know you’ll be using a special paper finish.

These are usually expensive so keep an eye on your local craft store flyers.

Even better, apply to receive email newsletters from online craft retailers to make sure you don’t miss the sale events.

They usually have the best prices.



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