Free Wedding Program Templates

The following free wedding program templates can be customized using a personal picture. It can be anything generical related to a wedding like a set of wedding bands, bridal bouquet, etc.

Moreover, you can choose something more personal that will move your guests like a picture of the groom/bride-to-be holding hands with colorful autumn trees around them. Why not a picture of the future Mr and Mrs with their kids having fun on vacation?

As you can see there is a lot of potentially good ideas yet to be explored without the hassle of designing anything.

This part is already done by yours truly.


The 3 following design projects are easy to make and will only cost you the amount you’ll pay for the paper printing.



Templates to Add Your Own Picture

The first example features a beautiful wedding decor with flowers and a stunning blue sea as a backdrop.

Don’t worry if your wedding isn’t held on sea shore or if it doesn’t have anything to do with a nautical theme.

In fact, these free wedding program examples don’t come with a static background that you can’t get rid off.

The examples that you can download further in this article are all fully customizable and can be used with any picture that has a standard rectangle shape and the resulting proportions.


free printable wedding program designs



Wedding Program Fan Template Step By Step

Skill Level Required: Basic skills

Another great way to make your wedding program stand out at low cost is by adding a wooden paddle and turn it into a fan.

This type of detail is greatly appreciated by the guests especially on hot summer days.


Pick Your Picture and Download the Template

For this project, you will need to find your favorite picture that you will be adding to the template. Remember to pick a picture that is meaningful to you and your guests.

I made these using the Microsoft Powerpoint software that you will need it to open and edit these files.


Template 1

⇒ Download files (.ppt) here:

Front side file

DIY Wedding Program Fan Template


Backside file (wording)

Free wedding program fan wording

Template 2

Front side file

Backside file

free wedding program designs


Template 3

Front Side File

make a wedding program fan

(Note that the backside is the same as template 2)


Image Proportions

These templates are designed to be used with a picture taken horizontally to ensure it fills all the background space as shown in the preview pictures. Template 3  is slightly different since there is a white border.

Important: the pictures you will find in this article have a copyright and therefore I cannot provide them to you. These are not part of the template and are shown here to help you imagine what it would look like with your own picture.

As mentioned earlier, using a personal and meaningful picture will make your wedding program fan a success.

The image below is an example of what Template 1 looks with a picture.

Free wedding program fan with picture



It’s ok to use a portrait or vertical picture. Just keep in mind that part of your template will have white spaces.

Also, you may need to adjust font colors to a darker shade to make it easier to read.Free wedding program fan wording


The back side is vertical to allow your guest to read more naturally and make it simple to follow and uncluttered looking.


Tools Needed

  • Papercraft quality glue that prevents the paper from wrinkling and that allows some time for repositioning like Zip Dry;
  • Scissors.


  • Round corner cutter to add some detailing and a finishing touch;
  • Wood paddle to turn your wedding program into a hand fan.


  • 65 lbs paper or cardstock used for crafts
  • Wood fan handles


  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Color Inkjet Printer.
  • Cutting tool



Step by Step Instructions to Add Your Picture and Wording

Here are the steps to add your own image to the template:

Step 1: Open the file using MS Powerpoint.

Step 2: Select the background picture you’d like to integrate. Click on Insert, Image, From file. Go to the folder where your picture is saved, select it and click Open.

Step 3: Set your image as the background to ensure that it is behind the text and other graphic elements. To do so, select the image, right-click on the image, and select Order from the menu and send to back.

Step 4: Resize your picture to fit in the frame of the template and move it the desired location. Keep in mind that the picture for this template has to be a “landscape” style (horizontal).

Step 5: Personalize the text fields with your own names and words.

* Don’t forget to save your work so you can easily get back to it without losing any of the changes you made.

Et Voila! You are now ready to print your free DIY wedding program fan template!



Print and Assemble Your Wedding Program Fan

Once you’ve printed your wedding program  (front and back) you are ready to complete the final steps.

1- Cut along the dotted line for both the front and back of the wedding program.

2- Draw a line on the wood stick to delimit the surface to which you’ll be adding glue. Then, glue the wood stick and place it on one of the program paper pieces. Hold it in place for 30 seconds to allow it to dry in place. For better results, follow the glue brand’s dry time instructions.

3- Now you can add glue to the back of one of the program paper pieces and place it on the other. Make sure they are well aligned and let dry.

Tip: To avoid excess glue, make a test with scrap paper pieces to see how much glue you’ll need.

4- Verify that the edges are even and cut any excess trims.


As simple as that! If you need more information please leave me a comment below and I will help the best I can.

This template can be turned into a fan or you can simply print it and use it as is. You choose what suits your best suits your needs.

Free wedding program templates



Design Your Own Wedding Programs Using Canva

Another option to personalize your wedding programs is to create one from scratch.

Founded in 2012, Canva provides an online based graphic design application to easily create designs. You can browse through thousands of layouts to find inspiration and create your own specific graphics project.

As for any software, there is a learning curve. However, it’s not comparable to the time you’d spend learning how to use Photoshop or Illustrator.

On the other hand, the tremendous amount of graphic elements and layouts will certainly have you glued to your desk for quite a long period. I know I could spend hours looking at the incredibly beautiful designs on Canva!

To avoid wasting lots of time keep it simple and choose lean visual elements that will make your project look great without being time-consuming.


The Power of An Image

Many people find it hard to decide what picture represents them the most and sometimes opt for a generic picture (like the beach and flowers image I presented earlier).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, the most extraordinary designs or landscapes cannot beat the simplest but powerful image of the people that you and your guest love dearly.

My best advice to help you figure out which picture is the best is to pick 3 pictures that you really like representing you and your other half. It can be a picture of you and your kids and anyone that holds an important place in your hearts like your cat and dog.

Then, pick the one that represents a special moment of your life. You know, the one that best describes what you want to build as a married couple.

Possibly the one you have framed on your office desk. Or the one picture that moves you to tears or that brings a smile even when you are not doing very well. That’s the one.



Program Backside Ideas

We usually focus on the program itself. Why not take advantage of the back side of the wedding program fan and add relevant information and aesthetic elements.

It can be a proverb or quote that defines you as a couple or special thanks to your parents or someone who got really involved in helping you during the wedding preparations. It can also be a tribute to lost loved ones.

Anything that is dear to your heart can be expressed in a beautiful way. Here is an inspiring layout idea to add a remembrance message to your wedding program.

Wedding program ceremony wording ideas



Free Wedding Program Examples

Most templates you’ll find on the web have locked designs to prevent you from manipulating the graphical designer’s element. In reality, these elements are usually protected against intellectual property theft.

The templates I made available to you are fully customizable. Therefore, you can delete or reshape any elements to achieve the results you want.

However, they are not intended for sale. Keep them for your personal use.

Even better, make a good deed and share this article. You help other future Mr and Mrs. by providing them with an easy and free option to make professional looking wedding programs.

Hope you enjoyed your reading. Feel free to share your ideas and ask questions in the comment section below.


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