French Country Wedding Centerpieces

Making French country wedding centerpieces is easy. In fact, we all have some objects that can easily be transformed into a unique mix of old and new. French country can also be called Parisian or Marie-Antoinette style.

Here are a few ideas to get your inspiration going. Think about worn-out objects and austere designs to which we add naive patterns and joyful light colors.

Let’s start with a common example of French country style often presented in home design TV shows. Picture the old dark brown wood chair with black studded leather you saw at a yard sale or your grand parent’s house.

Now imagine what it would look like if you got rid of the old smelly leather and replace it with a pastel or cream fabric color.


Also, you can save money by using what you got on hand.

Small objects like an old music or jewel box, leather-bound books, brass candlesticks and even an old birdcage or lantern can be turned into small French country wedding centerpieces.

The trick is to make old look new while style keeping its original charm. You can find many great items to make beautiful French country wedding centerpieces at bazaars and antique dealers for a fair price.

The following suggestions can be bought online on Amazon. Find more details on pricing, current discounts, available colors, and dimensions by clicking on the pictures.



Flowery Golden Cube (3 pack)

Wholesale Candelabra (10 pack!)

Cream color french provincial style candelabra. Distress finished metal.

Note: The price is ridiculously low. Less than 20$ a piece at regular price at the time of writing this article!


Tulle table Runner

Dimension: 32″ X 120″. Peach



Lace Table Runner

Dimension: 14″ X 120″. White.



Shabby Chic (3 pieces)

gold or Silver hurricane candle holder. 9.5″, 11.5″ and 13.5″ high



Wholesale Rustic Wooden Lantern (10 pack)

Wood lantern with a glass cylinder. Dimension: 6″X6″X9″.


Lavender Flowers (8 large pieces)


Flower Container “Bonheur”

Distress finish metal bucket. Bonheur is the French word for happiness.


Peonie Flower

Silk flowers. Many colors available.


White Ceramic Vase


Metal Watering Can or Pitcher


More Materials

The following items are great additions to a wedding centerpiece.

You can add these waterproof LED light strings to your French country wedding centerpieces to provide a welcoming evening ambiance at your guests’ tables.



These lovely old fashion french burlap placemats will complete your table centerpiece look by providing a delimited space to it.


Pedestal Birds (set of 3)

These shabby chic assorted ceramic birds are going to make a big impression on your guests. Although they come in a set of 3 you can use them separately.

Combine these with a peony, hydrangea or other wildflower arrangement or simply surround them with the candle holder or a wooden lantern.


Heart shape Centerpiece Plate or Charger



Wood Slabs (4 pieces)

These are perfect as a table centerpiece base. Buy them from a local farm or have them delivered to you by Amazon. (Click on the image for pricing details).



Wholesale Wood box (6 pack)



Chalk Board with Rustic Wood Frame

A welcome table chalkboard is useful to thank your guests for being here or to encourage them to exchange with both families. You know, “Please choose a seat, not a side”. I think is a great way to break the ice and ensure a great evening for everyone.

Use it in a more common manner to display the directions: ceremony, dining room, bar, dance floor, etc.


French Country Wedding Centerpieces

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. If you have any questions please leave them in the section below.


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8 Responses to “French Country Wedding Centerpieces

  • It’s a shame I’m already married :P. These look lovely! I have a friend who’s getting married next year, in the month of May. She’s still wondering what theme she should have for her wedding. I’ll be sure to pass this website and centerpieces to her. Perhaps it’ll help her make her decision!

  • You’ve chosen some really gorgeous products here, I love the candle holders especially! I’m a big fan of shabby chic and upcycling things, and love the look of those LED lights in jars, food for thought indeed…
    Ebay, gumtree and facebook selling sites can have some real bargains if you don’t mind a bit of hard work personalising things!

    • Hi Alice, I’ve seen many great Facebook pages to help people sell their wedding decor. Just make sure they are trustworthy before giving them your money. Especially when contacting people through online classifieds. If possible see the items in person prior to buying.

  • Hey There,
    Many thanks to awesome article about wedding centerpieces. It seems beautiful and lovely.
    I want to add two thing that you can use also for wedding, such as Acrylic art broads and set of mugs printed on it stickers with different designs, you can use your own wedding pictures.
    Anyway, thank you for the pieces of information, and i will come back to you soon to get help on that.

    • Hi Haitham, thanks for your appreciation! I’d like to know more about acrylic art boards. Is that something you used yourself? In what way?

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • I have a lace table runner exactly like the one you have pictured! It has been in my family for 3 generations and it is still beautiful.

    I simply adore those cute little Pedestal Birds. I saw them on Amazon and the set of 3 was less than $17! That’s a real bargain!

    If I can talk my husband into getting remarried, I would love to decorate using the Wholesale Candelabra. I sure could find ten places to hang them all to dress up a wedding party!

    Very nice article and very pretty items!


    • Thanks, Marty, I’m glad you like these ideas!
      I absolutely love the French country style for its ageless elegance and the lace table runner you own is just a proof of that.
      Hope to have you back soon when you’ll be renewing your vows 🙂

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