Top 22 Gold Mother Of The Bride Dresses and Shoes

These gold mother of the bride dresses are made for celebrations and cheerful events.

Interesting enough, gold reflects the personality of the women that wear it more than any other color.

Wearing a gold dress doesn’t have to be ostentatious, flashy as we tend to think. It can be sparkling and festive for someone who wants to spread happiness and joy to all of those around her.

It can also enhance an inner glow for those with a calm and composed temper. Gold is fashionable and sexy but also classic and elegant as you will see in the following gold mother of the bride dress pictures.

Just as for champagne, black, and silver, gold dresses can be accessorized with many different accent colors. Moreover, adding jewelry that has solid and contrasting colors convey warmth and sophistication to your outfit.

Whether you prefer the refinement of lace, the cheery shine of sparkling outfit or the soberness of a matte fabric, the following mother of the bride wedding outfits should fulfill your expectation.

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Stunning Tulle & Lace V-neck Neckline Sheath/Column Formal Dresses With Beadings



Alluring Lace Bateau Neckline Long Sleeves Sheath/Column Mother Of The Bride Dress



Elegant Lace & Chiffon Jewel Neckline Full-length A-line Mother of The Bride Dresses



Chic Taffeta Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid Mother of The Bride Dresses



In Stock Elegant Sequin Lace Bateau Neckline Sheath Evening Dress


3 Fashion Tips To Keep In Mind

Though many vibrant colors are well suited with this tint, it’s important to follow certain fashion tips when accessorizing your dress:

1. Don’t try to match gold tones.

It’s almost impossible to find the exact same color as your dress when choosing jewelry, shoes, shawl, etc. No matter how glittering your dress is it will look bland because of the lack of contrast.


2. Avoid using accessories that are made from the same fabric.

As for number one, you want to make sure you have small but contrasting details.


3. Make sure you have a common thread linking the dress and associated accessories.

Finally, choosing a pattern or accent color for the jewelry, shawl, and handbag will give the outfit a nice finishing touch. Also, there are many fashion accessories to achieve a harmonious look no matter what color you decide to wear.



Medium and High Heel Shoes

An important part of dressing up for a formal event is choosing footwear. Mainly because you need to choose something comfortable enough to wear at least 4 consecutive hours but also because it should look good.

Each woman has its preference in terms of heel height. Here are some ideas you can use to determine what’s your preferred style.


Heel Height: 3 Inches or Less

I personally love the following shoe because of the fair 3″ heel height. The ankle strap that gives it an edgy sophisticated style.


High Heel: More than 3 Inches

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The Nude Pump

The “nude” color shoe refers to a shade that closest matches your skin tone. Therefore they are available in many different shades.

Note that it doesn’t have to be the exact same color to create the illusion of a slender silhouette.



It will also make a better visual effect than a black pump if you are wearing accent color accessories like a vibrant coral necklace and a clutch handbag.

There is a wide range of shades to choose from depending on your skin color tone. They are marketed with names like tan, taupe, latte, etc.

You can look it up on the Internet with your favorite shoe store. Nude shades are very popular and should be available with pretty much any brands.



Classic Elegance

A light gold lace dress is refined and stylish. It also needs some accent color to make it stand out. This picture is the perfect example of matching contrasting styles without making it look confusing.

How is it done? By choosing a sober and delicate dress and adding a fashionista accessory like this metal hard case clutch handbag. It gives a subtle but radiant effect.

The collar necklace is an amazing addition to any portrait neckline dress with subtle but gold color gems.

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Dare To Wear Gold

As you can see there are many great gold dress styles and you don’t need to pay a fortune to look like a million bucks.  Whether you prefer a simple gold bodice with a neutral black skirt or a full-length gold sequin dress the focus will be on you.

I bet you will find just the right amount of glitter and shine to enhance your natural beauty.



A Little Bit of Shine

A good alternative to add a shimmering glow to your outfit without wearing a metallic gold dress is to play with golden accent.

In other words accessories and tone like champagne, rose and antique gold and even bronze will definitely provide the stunning effect you are looking for.

The clothing presented further is diversified going from jumpsuits to gowns to anything in between to better suit your needs and taste.

Simply look at the following ideas to add shine and bring sophistication to any outfit.



Champagne Dresses

This stunning one of a kind designer dress is a sure bet when it comes to choosing a formal and stunning dress. It’s also my favorite among all of the mother of the bride wedding outfits featured here.

I love the sand\champagne color, the uniqueness of the bodice and the way the back looks with the pleated details.

Not to mention the long skirt shimmering lace. True elegance!



Greek Goddess Gown

This one shoulder light champagne dress has a sumptuous look. The refined beaded pattern gives it a subtle shine. An advantage of this dress is that you can wear it with a one side strap bra unlike corset or strapless sweetheart type of dresses.

It’s a red carpet worthy dress and can be accessorized with gold heel shoes.


The Jumpsuit, the Ultimate Chic Comfort

This halter necklace jumpsuit may look solid black thanks to the tiny size picture but it’s actually filled with gold sparkles.

The black fabric incorporates golden threads for a festive and pretty glittery finish. It blend also has a small percentage of spandex which makes this garment both flexible and comfortable to wear.

This model can easily be paired with gold accessories without looking exaggerated. Therefore you can wear it with a sequin or metal clutch, large statement necklace and even a satin belt of your favorite gold tint.

A very glamour outfit for any equally important celebration!

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Flawless Matte Dresses

A great benefit of solid colors is that you can achieve pretty much any level of formality you want. Especially when the fabric has a matte finish.

Pair it with a pearl necklace and earrings and you have a timeless style. For something that catches the eye, opt for statement jewelry like a boho necklace or Drusy crystals necklace.

Mother Of The Bride Wedding Outfits

Hope you enjoyed these outfits. The dresses featured in this article are classic and a perfect fit if you’re looking for a timelessly elegant look that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Also, these quality garments are versatile and some can even be wear on many special occasions all year long.

In my opinion, the most important thing to keep in mind when picking your mother of the bride outfit is that you enjoy wearing it.

Consequently, it should matter if it’s a dress, a gown or even pants.



Follow Your Heart

(Please read while sipping tea or coffee under a cozy blanket)

Dressing up for a wedding is something that can be puzzling.  Especially when you don’t usually wear gowns, heels or don’t know how to make a lipstick, a foundation cream, the car keys and an iPhone fit in a 5”X9” clutch style handbag… Who does, anyway.

Multiply the complexity by 10 when you’re the mother of the bride or groom!

As in most social events, there are a lot of unwritten\unpoken conventions to make a simple decision a chaotic process.


Here We Go Again…

How should the bride’s mother dress to ensure that she’s not dressed similarly to the mother of the groom?

She should not wear colors that don’t blend with the weddings accent colors or that are too close to the bride’s dress color.

In my opinion, debating and arguing about such matter only shows that it has gone too far. That’s why I decide to write about this subject in a humouristic and (let’s face it) disjointed way, so please don’t be offended by what follows…

First, I would like to leave aside these age-old questions because, if there were no answers found by now, I think I should just humbly admit defeat and concentrate on the next question:

What does the mother of the bride want to wear?

There are many ways to get an answer to this question, and I think it should be a creative one as the name of this website suggests. An interesting “outside of the box” approach would be to see this from the photographer’s point of view.

What will the pictures tell in ten, twenty, forty years from now?

The answer resides in this personal inglorious story.



Author’s Confession

We sometimes get excited about a fashion trend and then realize a few months or years later that it didn’t age well.

At all.

Think about shoulder pads or neon colors that were very popular in the eighties. Alright, some of these already made a comeback.

What about ruffs, that piece of clothing that aristocrats wore around their neck in the 1600s that seem to prevent the head from moving up and down? Or disco suits (Saturday Night Fever)? You get the idea, right?

Some trends are representative of their time (like ruffs) and some are just weird like MC Hammer’s parachute pants!

Now visualize yourself wearing those pants and smiling at the camera while the photographer takes a shot. Before you know it, you have been immortalized in one of the most unflattering pieces of clothing ever designed…

Worst, you (and everyone else) are condemned to see the undeniable proof of your lack of taste every time you look at the wedding photo book.

This is partly a personal true story: I didn’t wear them to a wedding,  just every day to go to school and on many pictures.

I know what you’re thinking: shame on me!



Surviving Wedding Gossip

Guidelines are reassuring. They provide some psychological support to help us finally decide on matters that would otherwise look like unsolvable problems.

Here is a list of tips.


Tip 1: Resist the urge to wear something old-fashion.

We all have in our wardrobe a piece of clothing that we keep because it’s a unique designer piece. Plus, it’s very well made with good quality fabrics unlike most off the rack clothes today.

Sometimes we keep it only because we love it and can’t let go of it. The truth is, an old design outfit will make you look older. With the Internet being an infinite source of fashion products and ideas there is no excuse.

There’s no way you can’t find the perfect outfit that will make you look your best for this special day.


Tip2: Wear something you feel comfortable in.

I made this mistake many times. I love the way high heels look when wearing a gown but honestly, mid heels are what works best for me. Otherwise, I can’t walk around and dance without looking like I’m about to fall apart.

Furthermore, if you don’t like wearing dresses, pants are perfectly fine.


Tip 3: Don’t wear a plain black outfit.

We all know that black is a classic and that it makes you look thinner. Black dresses with lace sleeves or with a shimmering fabric can break the austere aspect of this tone and make them look festive. You can also incorporate accessories like a colorful necklace.

It doesn’t have to be a big or flashy accessory,  just something that will illuminate your looks.


Tip 4:  1, 2  and 3, forget about them and just follow your heart!

First, I apologize for wasting your time reading these tips if you don’t feel concerned.

That being said, for some of us, rules or tips are a necessary pain that we need as a basic guideline.

But still…

We must avoid becoming slaves of the decorum judgment that awaits us.

Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves (and others) what a wedding celebration is all about. This is your daughter’s or son’s wedding and what matters is that you are getting ready to celebrate a unique and blessed union.

Esthetics considerations are therefore irrelevant.



One Last Thing…

I almost forgot! If you are worried that both mothers may mimic each other outfits, that the colors won’t match or any other mystery surrounding dress code in effect for the wedding, simply discuss it openly.

After all, both families will gather together many times from now on.

So why not just break the ice and make everyone comfortable to discuss matters of contention before it becomes a worldwide conflict type of problem.



What About Gold Mother of the Bride Dresses?

Have you found inspiration in these sophisticated dresses and accessories? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Wishing you peace, harmony, and a beautiful wedding celebration!


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  • Hagop Margossian
    8 years ago

    Even though I am a male, and 18 years old, I still found this website interesting because it really gives a pleasant description of the item being described and has a very motivating voice in looking into what dress each female might appreciate. Great job on the content and keep up the great work!

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Hagop, There is no age or gender to appreciate feminine fashion. After all, women often ask their husband or boyfriend for their advice on how they like their looks with a new piece of clothing. Your opinion counts 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  • My mother has been agonising over this ahead of my sisters (very far away) wedding so I’m going to be the teachers pet and show her this because she loves gold! Really useful! It’s a great idea for a website!

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Ror,
      Yes, it can be pretty overwhelming to find the right outfit and that’s why I thought about writing this post for gold color enthusiasts. I hope it will help your mother. I’m glad you liked it!

  • I love your suggestion on not mixing gold tones. I tried that at one time, and it was almost impossible to get the same shade, etc. It’s better to accent as you say. Thanks for the tips.

  • Brittni Sue
    8 years ago

    Hi Carolyn! Great article …. and some very pretty dresses! I work for an online fashion retailer and we get many Mothers who are looking for that special dress for the big event. These tips will be very helpful to me in assisting my customers. BTW …. I love gold and champagne colored dresses ….. very elegant, but not too flashy!

  • Candice
    8 years ago

    Gold is very bold for a wedding and I love the uniqueness of it! All the dresses were divine! It is not too flashy. I love the mint accessories. Those are beautiful and adds just the right touch to any gold dress. A few of those dresses look fantastic for other occasions–not just M-O-B— I’m thinking New Years shindig’s and all that. But anyways, thanks for you showing us a brilliant style!

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Candice, nice to have you back! That’s the thing about gold dresses, they look elegant and don’t have to be flashy as one would think. Absolutely agree with you: these dresses are perfect for any special occasion.

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