Gold Wedding Centerpieces

Looking for fabulous gold wedding centerpieces ideas at a good price? You won’t be deceived. Gold is a timeless color that adds a lot of decorum and a dash of cheer to any celebration.

Fortunately, many beautiful ornaments are available to make a memorable wedding decor limiting the time spent doing it yourself. Also, there are many ways to decorate in a sophisticated way without the need to pay hundreds of dollars.

This article shows you how.

First, we’ll look at the ideal size for your gold wedding centerpieces. In brief, this will help you make a tall or low height centerpiece look perfect for the guest table.

Deciding to use flowers for your centerpieces is another important aspect that you must take into account



Choose the Height of Your Centerpiece

Deciding to have tall or low height wedding centerpieces is not only a question of preference. A tall and heavily decorated centerpiece may look stunning in a picture but not suitable for your guest tables.

Likewise, a compact size centerpiece is not always the best option.

In fact, small table ornaments may not stand out when they are not well balanced or simply because they are too small for the table they are decorating.

Also, to have a well-balanced table decoration you must play with contrasting colors, transparency, and light reflection to create a global harmonious look.


Let Your Guests See Each Other

One important question to ask before you decide to buy a chandelier or tall vase to decorate the guest tables is this one: Will the guest be able to see each other?

As obvious as it may sound, I’ve seen many central table decorations that are put away by the guests themselves so they can see the person in front of them.

To avoid obstructing your guest’s view I suggest using a centerpiece that is 30 inches tall or more. Also, there shouldn’t be any accessories added to it below that height.

This way, your guest view won’t be blocked so they can enjoy both the good company at their table and an amazing looking centerpiece.

Also, it does provide enough see through compare to voluminous flower arrangements.

A gold chandelier can also work well although it may need to be positioned on some sort of pedestal to provide a clearer view.

When possible, try using a suspended chandelier like the one featured here. It’s an extraordinary and elegant way of decorating tables without taking the valuable tablespace.

More Large Wedding Centerpieces Ideas



With or Without Flowers

Needless to say that flowers can take up a large part of your decorating budget if you fail to follow it closely. In fact, limiting the number of flowers for your centerpiece arrangements is a good practice.

However, pick large varieties: hydrangea, peonies, dahlias, gladiolus instead of choosing medium size flowers. Finally, set your choice on locally grown and in season flowers to save money and have the freshest in full bloom flowers for your wedding.

By the way, here’s a good article to help you determine your global flower budget and ways to help you save.



Illuminate Your Gold Wedding Centerpieces

Metallic colors like and gold react to light by reflecting a warm yellow glow all over the table. The reflection can be more or less intensified by a smooth mirror finish or a brushed or antique finish.

Using small sources of light like LED wire lights or tea lights is what works best for decoration purposes.

The following gold mercury glass votive holders, mirror table numbers, and thin gold glass filler are only some ideas to help you make vibrant gold wedding centerpieces.

Hope you enjoyed the ideas in this post and that you’ve found some inspiration to make your own gold wedding centerpieces for your wedding.

The are many good deals to be found at large online retailers. Some of them provide interesting features like wishlist where you can save the items you want for later.

I suggest that you use those features to compare prices over a period of time. Also, merchants sometimes offer discounts and wholesale prices that are worth looking at.

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