Halter Style Wedding Dresses

Halter style wedding dresses are fashionable as they fit many body shapes and emphasizes the upper body.

When well designed a halter style dress can literally enhance a silhouette. For example, it can give the illusion of well-proportioned top and bottom for a pear shape. Also, some designs can provide the required support for a larger bust making it possible to wear a nude shoulder type of dress.

The dress design quality is therefore important and the type of halter dress style too. In fact, Some styles like a chain halter or string halter may not offer enough support for larger bust while they are perfect for smaller bosom.


First, let’s look at some of these designs and their benefits in terms of support and aesthetic. Secondly, I’ll describe wedding dress styles which you can have with halter necklines.



Choose the Right Halter Neckline Types

halter neckline wedding dress

  • High Neckline: The front side of the bodice is attached to a high collar which can be made of the same fabric or a collar.





The collar is usually encrusted with adornments like rhinestones, beads, or pearls. It serves a practical and esthetic goal as it removes the need for jewel necklace.

On the other hand, it doesn’t provide much support. Therefore it and requires wearing a corset or a similar type of shapewear.


  • Square Neckline: the square neckline refers to a halter fabric stripe sewed at each side of the bodice.

The stripe is about 1 inch large and provides more support that high halter necklines.

A bandage style dress is one of the wedding dress designs that use this type of neckline. However, you can find the square halter neckline in many other dress styles, like the Empire waist, Mermaid and many more.


  • Wrap and Cross Wrap: This consists of a scarf-like halter sewed at the waist level. It can hang loosely over the bust in a vertical draped style. It’s a sensuous and elegant looking dress that can be worn as is or with an illusion lace bodice under it, for example.

Furthermore, the cross wrap alter is thinner at the neck level and crosses over the bust line creating a keyhole design.


  • Illusion Neckline: Last but not least, the illusion necklines are made of transparent fabric like lace or tulle.

As the names imply, it creates the illusion of any design,( in this case, the halter) but also the illusion of a pattern. It’s an aesthetic detail that relies on a “solid” dress structure like a bustier bodice for support.



Halter Neckline Flattering Dress Styles

The halter neckline can be combined with all types of dresses. Here are a few style categories you may like to see.

In fact, the following articles are filled with tips and inspiring ideas. The goal is to provide you with a clearer vision of what your dream wedding dress can look like.


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Finding The Right Halter Style Wedding Dresses

Needless to say, that a halter neckline provides many wedding dress variations. Not to mention the multiple types of halter you can choose from. By the way, there are much more than those I’ve described earlier in this article.

After seeing the different possibilities here you can easily figure which you prefer depending on what your tastes are and the visual effect you re looking for.

Then, make a search on the web or on Amazon to see what is actually available.

Have a look at the following halter style wedding dresses available on Amazon to have an idea of how much it cost. You can also perform a search for a specific dress cut or neckline shape using the search box at the top.


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