How to Buy a Wedding Dress Online

All questions on how to buy a wedding dress online are legitimate as there is a lot of differences from buying in a storefront. In fact, since you cannot touch the fabric and try it on it makes it quite difficult to make an advised decision.

However, there are some benefits to buying online like having access to a countless selection of dress styles from may vendors. Not to mention that this huge competition makes it easier to find a dress at the lowest price without compromising on style.

Buying online takes some getting used to, though. The following tips will help you make this familiarisation process easier.


Finding Your Favorite Dress Style Online

You may want to skip this paragraph depending on how far you are in the process of buying. In fact, if you’ve found the dress style you want you can go directly to the next section.


Dress Shape and Style

I strongly suggest that you go to a Bridal boutique and try some dresses on to see which styles you like best. Truth is looking at pictures online can help you determine if you prefer a fitted look like mermaid style or a ball gown shape wedding dress.

Nevertheless, it does not show you how you’ll look in it.

Also, don’t let the salesperson convince you not to try one style. If you feel like it, try it. It’s the best way to know for sure what your dream dress is.

If it doesn’t fit, well, you can eliminate it from your “favorite dresses” list. At least, you won’t have regrets thinking “I wish I had a dress like this for my wedding”.


Dress Length and Weight

Now, you made the choice of a wedding dress shape and you’re ready to determine how long it should be. Of course, some styles imply a specific length like the ball gown or a 50’s style tea length.

However, if you have a thing for long dresses you should always ask yourself how comfortable it will be to move around during the day and evening.

Some brides decide to have a majestic ball gown for the ceremony and a shorter dress to enjoy the evening wedding celebration. Depending on the type of venue you chose you may also find it more practical to have a lighter wedding dress.

Weddings held on a beach or outside are a good example. In this case, you probably want to avoid tearing or messing up your court train dress with the sand and other outdoor elements. There are some great alternatives to achieve this like picking a dress with a wrist loop or having it altered with a bustle style of your liking.

Also, many online merchants can make those changes and much more at your request.


Undergarment and Bust Support

Once you’ve determined what dress shape, neckline and overall length you want you can sit at your computer and start looking at what online merchants are offering.

Another important part of your outfit is your undergarment. Some dresses come with a built-in bra or another sort of solid bodice structure while some don’t. Depending on what type of neckline and dress you choose you may need a different bra and shapewear.

Online merchants usually provide this information on the product description page. You can also ask them what they suggest for added support.

In fact, many online vendors offer made to measure dresses and can alter the dress to add more support to better suit your needs.

how to buy a wedding dress online



How to Buy a Wedding Dress Online

Online Buying Tips

The following tips on how to buy a wedding dress online will help you target professional and trustworthy online merchants. Consequently, part of the research is about the product itself.

Another important part is about finding unbiased and objective information about the merchant and their products. This has to do with the vendor’s policies and customer service agreement, but that’s not all.

It also means having access to past customers opinions.

Let’s get into details.


1. Wedding Dress Customizations

For example, can it be customized and to what extent?

  • Dress length,
  • Adding straps or built-in bra,
  • Adding removing sleeves,
  • Changing the color,
  • Having a lace up back vs zipper closure,
  • Assorted train, sash, gloves, etc.

Many vendors on large online retailers like Amazon agree to make all kind of alterations. However, make sure to validate with the merchant before your order is officialized.

In fact, some custom made features may not be easy to make when it means changing the dress initial structure.

On the other hand, what can and what cannot be done varies a lot from one manufacturer to another. So don’t be shy or feel uncomfortable to ask. Remember that they used to special customer request and that customized orders are the nature of the wedding dress industry.


2. Custom-Made Dress

If you decide to have your dress made to measure be sure to provide accurate measurements to minimize alterations once you receive the dress. For this reason, have a seamstress or dressmaker take your measurements for you.

Also, wear the bra or shapewear you plan to wear under your dress. If possible bring the shoes you will be wearing or least provide the heel height you intend to wear.


3. Fitting and Alterations

Once you have received your wedding dress comes the time for fitting and functional alterations if needed. In fact, this is an expense that you must take into account when you buy online.

Therefore finding a professional seamstress that can make wedding dress modifications is important.

wedding dress fitting alterations


4. Assessing Past Customer Satisfaction

No matter how much you love a wedding dress make sure to perform some research on the companies reputation. Note that this is not about reading merchants preformatted testimonies of the satisfied customers.

Instead, look for actual reviews and comments. Moreover, large online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Wish, AliExpress, etc. show past customer reviews on the wedding dress product page.

Make sure to find recent comments to better reflect the current company’s customer service practices.


5. Use Social Media to Exchange Thoughts

Also, when available visit their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages and look for visitor’s posts. I’ve seen many companies leaving customer’s inquiries unanswered for weeks.

Logically, the more there are, the less I would recommend buying from them.

Subscribing to bride’s Facebook groups is another great way to get other people’s opinion on how to buy a wedding dress online and where.

Many brides, grooms-to-be, and newlyweds are happily sharing their findings and experiences to help other peoples avoid a frustrating customer experience.

Again, find groups that are responsive where members are actively asking and responding.


6. Use your Personal Social Network

Finding the dress of your dreams online requires more research unless you know someone who can point you in the right direction. If possible ask friends, family or acquaintances.

If you find someone who bought her dress online ask her the best tips on how to buy a wedding dress online, how satisfied she is and what she did and didn’t like.

Spanish style wedding dresses



Discussing With Your Online Vendor

The following ideas will help you start the conversation with wedding dress vendors and see how they respond to your inquiries.

  •  A custom-made dress. As you may know, a made to measure dress cannot be returned. Vendors can suggest making the dress slightly bigger to allow for adjustments instead of making it with your exact measurements.

It can make a difference if you are ordering many dresses to try and return those that don’t fit. So make sure to validate with the merchant if you will be able to return the dress before committing to anything,


  • Optional items. Sometimes the dress you’ll get may not look like the dress you ordered in terms of fullness or accessories. The petticoat is one example. It is used to make a dress look puffy like a ball gown. The petticoat is sometimes not included unless specified by the vendor.

However, they should be able to suggest a product to get the same visual effect as shown in the picture.


  • Shipping. Ask your vendor how much time it will take to get your dress. Sometimes they mention the making time but not the shipping delays.

Depending on how fast you need your dress you may also ask if they have a rush order process and how much it costs.

Note that some vendors packaging are not ideal to prevent the dress from getting creased. Therefore ask them how they will package the dress and if it will require being pressed.


  • Returns. Some merchants accept returns on certain products. It’s important to verify if these are at your charge and the exact details on what can or cannot be returned before you agree to order. As mentioned earlier, a custom-made dress cannot be returned.


Questions? Share your thoughts.

Hope you’ve found useful information to start your research for the perfect wedding dress. If you have a specific question on how to buy a wedding dress online please leave it in the comment section below


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