How to Dress for a Wedding Party

Although knowing the dress code is important if you want to know how to dress for a wedding party, it’s not the only information to rely upon. This information is usually written on the wedding invitation.

If not, you can presume that it’s a casual or “come as you are” type of wedding celebration.


Lace and charmeuse gold dress

Affordable and Classy Tuxedos 



Type of Wedding Celebration

As mentioned earlier, the dress code is not the only criteria to decide on what to wear to a wedding.

Men jacket for a beach wedding off-white


In my opinion, the venue where the celebration is being held or the wedding theme can also give good insights on how the fellow guests will dress.

The following suggestions will help you choose the right outfit.



What Can You Wear?

If your invitation states: “You are Invited to Our Blue Jeans Theme Wedding”, then you can wear a clean cut jean and know you will fit in just fine.

Otherwise, weddings are usually a little dressier than what you’d wear on a regular family and friends gathering.

The wedding theme and venue is a good indicator on what you should wear. Here are some ideas to determine the type of attire suitable based on these aspects:


Elegant black shawl tuxedo blazer


Casino Royal theme:

  • Women: Gown or evening dress.
  • Men: Tuxedo or formal suit and tie.

Wedding guests gown with lace


Beach and nautical theme:Men Beach Wedding Attire Ideas

  • Women: Cocktail dress, light colors, and fabrics.
  • Men: Semi-formal attire (suit with or without a tie).




Vintage theme:Wedding Guest jacket dress below knee lenght

  • Women: Long or short dress, dressy pants with a cardigan, etc.
  • Men: Formal wear, tuxedo.

Wedding guests solid color dresses


Wedding guest lace bodice dress


♥ Purple Guest Wedding Dresses


Venuesguest wedding dresses for the summer

Golf club, country club, vineyard venues:

  • Women: Short dress, dressy pants, and top.
  • Men: Semi-formal (suit), collar shirt.



 Semi formal dress code



How to Dress for a Wedding Party Held Outdoor

In this specific case, you should take into account the weather factor. If it’s a summer or beach celebration than you will most likely need to cope with hot temperature.

Therefore your comfort is just as important and perhaps more than dressing according to the established code if any.

Best Fabrics to Stay Cool – Guest Wedding Dresses Styles

petite dresses for wedding guests

Surviving the 3 Piece Suit with the Best Cooling Fabrics

Linen cotton beach wedding suit


Choosing the right fabric can greatly improve your comfort. Cotton and linen are well known for their ability to keep the skin from becoming moist due to warm and humid temperatures.

Unfortunately, pure linen fabrics will wrinkle easily making your elegant outfit look deformed and neglected.

Choosing blends that include small amounts of synthetic fibers will help you get the best of both worlds.



Enjoy the Wedding Celebration!

I hope these tips on how to dress for a wedding party were helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

Have a great wedding party!


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