How To Sell A Wedding Dress Online

The following article on how to sell a wedding dress online includes useful information to make an amazing and realistic wedding dress ad.

For example, when you want to sell something, you must be able to show all the good sides of it. However, if there are any product weaknesses due to its previous usage you must be transparent about it.

The idea is to show your dress the way it is to avoid deception on both the seller and buyer sides.



How To Sell A Wedding Dress Online Through Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great tools to feature aesthetic items like wedding dresses and wedding decor product.

That’s why many people create specialized Facebook pages for wedding-related matters. Many people use them to seek advice from other future Mr and Mrs on how much they should pay for a videographer, or get ideas for affordable and chic venues.

After the wedding is over many people post decor items and wedding dresses pictures that they won’t need anymore. You see many of these posts after the high season, in September and October.

Moreover, many people start to look at wedding dresses 4 to 8 months before the wedding.

Therefore you can post your dress from November to May to increase your chances to find a buyer. In fact, the idea of these groups is to share the best deals which makes it a great option to sell a wedding dress.


How to Find Wedding Related Groups

Simply type in the Facebook search bar words like “wedding” or “marriage”. You can try in other languages as well, like Spanish: “boda”, “casamiento”, etc.

Since Facebook uses localization it should show you many groups used by people nearby. This makes it easier to find seller and buyers that live in the same city.



It’s probably the best way to find a buyer that lives nearby and avoid paying exorbitant shipping and handling fees.

Another major benefit is that you get to feature your dress in front of a large audience without paying a subscription or membership fee. Moreover, the viewers can share the information and reply to your post in real-time.



Most of these Social media groups are not solely intended to buy and sell wedding dresses. In other words, it may take some time to sell your dress depending on the price you’re asking for it.

However, a well-preserved classic style dress that’s been professionally cleaned and packaged usually attracts the attention quickly.

Especially if its well presented. Also, let’s look at some ideas to make an awesome sales pitch for your wedding dress.

wedding dress fitting alterations


Tips to Make a Great Wedding Dress Sales Pitch

A sales pitch doesn’t have to be fake or filled with lies to be compelling. You may be tempted to embellish your dresses characteristics but you don’t have to. In fact, you shouldn’t as this will create unrealistic expectations and false statements can backfire on you.

Here are some interesting facts to mention:

  • Year you bought the dress;
  • Dress size (bust, waist, hips, length)
  • Bought new or used;
  • Designer name (if it’s a designer dress);
  • Fabric;
  • Original price you paid and the price you are selling;
  • If you never wore the dress and price tags are still on, mention it;
  • Tearing, defects and stains, if any
  • Accessories included like gloves, train, veil, etc. ;
  • Added features like bustle, removable parts, …
  • Built in bra, corset, etc.


Optional Qualitative Information

Essentially anything that you can mention from your experience wearing it. For example, another bride will find interesting to know how tall you are and what heel height you wore.

You can also mention aspects like lightweight, stretch material, etc.


Add Fabulous Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why I strongly suggest adding good quality photos of your dress.

  • Full-length picture from the front and the back of the dress: Ideally the pictures should be taken on a person, not on a hanger. It helps the buyer envision how it would look on them;
  • Bodice detailing, rhinestone detailing, lace up back, embroideries, sash, … ;
  • Skirt detailing;
  • Accessory’s specific details;
  • Anything you find important to show.

Finally, make sure the pictures are clear using enough light and a tripod. This can make a big difference to really show how pretty the dress is.


How To Sell A Wedding Dress Online On Specialized Websites

Of course, there are many websites dedicated to selling second-hand dresses. While policies and user agreements vary they usually all require you to pay a listing fee.

For example, website charges a one-time only $25 listing fee and does not take any commission. Note that you can also promote your dress by paying an extra charge.



Listing your dress on a website that only sells wedding dresses makes it easier to target buyers, unlike a general wedding Facebook page.

Also, some websites provide useful tools to help you sell your dress like value calculator, live analytics, etc.



Shipping fees can be substantially high if you need to ship it across the continent.

Depending on the websites policies or your agreement with the buyer you may need to pay for the packaging of the dress and shipping insurance as well.

Finally, each listing is preformatted with specific fields and only allows for a small amount of picture to be uploaded.



Hope you’ve found these tips on a how to sell a wedding dress online useful. If you have any question on how to sell a wedding dress online or simply want to share your thought please leave a comment in the section below



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