Make a Wedding Program Fan

There are many ways to make a wedding program fan that represents you. Plus it’s a simple craft project that makes you save money with a minimal investment of time.

The following free design is meant to be customized with a picture. You can choose a picture that represents you best. If you love traveling, add a picture of you on your last vacation. If you have kids, a family picture will look great.

It can also be anything related to weddings like wedding bands image, a picture of the church or venue where you’ll be having your ceremony, a wedding bouquet picture, etc.


Important: the pictures in this project are the work of independent photographers and graphic designers. These are only used to show you how it can look with your personal picture. Please use you own pictures for this project.



Flower theme wedding program


Make a Wedding Program Fan

First of all, download the Microsoft Powerpoint file (.ppt) here:

Front Side File

make a wedding program fan



Back Side File (wording)

Wedding program fan free template

Before You Begin

The following information will help you get the best results:

  • The format of this template requires a horizontal picture. This means that the image format has a larger width and shorter height as shown in the example.
  • The template is a Microsoft Powerpoint file (.ppt). If you don’t have Ms Office installed on your computer, use Free Microsoft Office Online apps to edit the file.
  • Use a thicker paper. I use 65 lbs white cardstock.


Here are the steps for this practical and easy project.



Step 1: Modify the Names and Include your Own Image

Add a personal picture and modify the names and other information. I suggest you start by inserting your picture to see if the format fits correctly. Don’t hesitate to test with different pictures to see which looks better. You can resize the picture to your liking.

> Here are the detailed steps to add a picture

Then change the wording to your own information and save your project. You can now print both the front and the back of what will become your wedding program fan.



Step 2: Make a Wedding Program Fan Out of Your Graphical Work

1- You now should have to sheets of paper showing the back and front of your program. You can now cut both sides of the program. Make sure to cut on the interior side of the dotted line to prevent it from showing on the final product.


2- It’s now time to glue everything together. First, delimit the surface you want to glue on the wood handle.

Tip: You can take a measure of the exact length on which you’ll apply the glue and reuse. Mark it with a pen on the wood stick.

If you are satisfied with the result, you will be able to reuse this measurement for the other wedding program fans you’ll be making. This way you’ll avoid having handles that are too short to hold or too long.


3- Apply the glue to the wood handle and stick it to one of the paper pieces of the program you previously cut. Make sure it is well centered and hold it in place by applying pressure with you fingers. Depending on the type of glue you are using, it can take quite some time to dry (read manufacturer’s recommendations)

Tip: To avoid spending 5 minutes holding your soon-to-be wedding program masterpiece, use clothespins to hold everything together straight and leave it to dry all by itself!


Final Steps

Once your handle is solidly attached to the first piece of paper, apply glue to the back of the second piece and let dry. Personally, I like to apply glue in a continuous thin line close to the edges of the sheet to make sure that there are no gaps or loose corners.

Tip: If you’re unsure how much glue is required, test it on scrap paper pieces to see how much glue is needed. This will prevent having excess glue coming out from the edges or paper wrinkling.


Once your first wedding paper fan is completely dry, smooth the edges with scissors if needed.


As you can see it’s pretty simple to make a wedding program fan that is personalized and inexpensive. If you have any questions please leave a comment in the section below.


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