Men Beach Wedding Attire Ideas

There are 3 different avenues when looking for men beach wedding attire ideas. Casual, semi-formal and formal men’s beach wedding wear. As you can imagine, beach weddings are usually less strict in terms of dress code.

It’s mostly because of the many and sometimes unpredictable outdoor elements that make it harder to dress with decorum.Floral jacquard beach wedding blue shirt


Blazing sun, strong shore winds, sand or stony calcareous ground… These can really spoil your expensive leather shoes and make you feel like melting ice cream in your 3 piece suit!

That’s why many people choose to have a casual beach wedding celebration.

Spouses and guests can enjoy the pleasure of a day at the beach surrounded by friends and family on their memorable wedding day.


However casual does not mean scruffy.

If like many people you wonder what is the limit when dressing casually for a beach wedding, here is my point of view:

Clean short pants but not necessarily jeans or cargo shorts unless prescribed otherwise by the planner\spouses.



Short Sleeves Shirts And Pants

Blue Short Sleeve Shirt

Cargo Linen Short

Achor Print Short Sleeve Shirt

Casual beach wedding men attire



Light, navy and cobalt blue are great colors to underline the beach theme of the wedding. The shirts presented above have short sleeves.

This Morrocan style white pattern on a deep blue background is leisure looking without looking sporty. Whether you decide to wear a large pattern or a subtle tiny anchor print, a high collar will add a nice touch of elegance to your outfit.

If you’re looking for men’s beach wedding traditional attire, have a look at these men’s formal and semi-formal beach wedding attire ideas!


Casual beach wedding men attire



Long Sleeves Shirts And Pants

A comfortable option when wearing long sleeves and pants at a beach wedding is to choose the right fabric. Beach wedding semi-formal linen shirt

Linen is made to be worn in a warm climate as it absorbs moisture from the skin and does not trap warmth from the body.

The only inconvenient is that it tends to wrinkle easily.


To avoid this, choose a garment blend that mixes linen and cotton or linen and synthetic fibers.

The following pants are made of linen and rayon; a synthetic fiber. They combine both the linen’s breathability while rayon prevents it from creasing.

The perfect dosage for a beach wedding under the sun.



Hook and Bar Closure Pants

Drawstring Pants

Men drawstring and button linen pants



Beach Wedding Shoes

Shoes are an important aspect of your comfort. These styles are light and casual and look great with linen pants.

Want something a little dressier? Have a look at my shoe selection for semi-formal beach weddings


Men beach wedding shoes

Colors and available sizes



Linen Jackets

I’ve noticed that sleeveless jackets are often preferred to regular long sleeve jackets for beach weddings. My opinion is that both are equally effective. If it gets too hot, you can easily take them off. Also, you can wear both. A long sleeve jacket can be interesting when evenings are cooler. To me, it’s really a question of taste and comfort.

Here again, there are many great designs of linen blends jackets to choose from.


Beach Wedding Linen Men Wear:

beach wedding men vest and shirts







Stylish Accessories

Among all men beach wedding attire ideas I can think of, this one is the coolest!

Wood and cork bow ties are just like regular bow tie without the trouble of tying it. It’s a cool and unique addition to your outfit. The wood details and grain gives it a refined and distinctive cachet which will turn heads!



Natural wood and cork bow tie



Men Beach Wedding Attire Ideas

Natural elements like linen, cotton, wood, cork goes well with a beach wedding theme. To continue along the same lines these bamboo wood sunglasses are well made. It’s a fashionable way to protect your eyes from the sun rays and the sunlight reflection on the sand.

Bamboo frame retro suglasses


Beach wedding elegant wood sunglassesThese glasses come in different designs. They are made for both men and women.

Some designs like the one at the right from Woodies have a wood arm and plastic frame for a more traditional yet trendy look.

Emolly Fashion bamboo frames are sold with a case to protect them from scratches.


Men Beach Wedding Attire Ideas

Hope you’ve found some ideas to inspire you. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Enjoy your beach wedding day!

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