Men Linen Beach Wedding Attire

Men linen beach wedding attire is somewhere between formal and casual. It’s in my opinion, the best compromise. It unites both the elegance of formal outfits and the practical side of casual wear.

This article features linen shirts, pants, and suits styles along with shoes and accessories that can easily make them look more formal or casual. The following items can be bought on Amazon in different colors and sizes.


Linen Pants For All Tastes

Talk about a garment that has greatly evolved over time and, in a good way! The first versions were shapeless baggy pants with a tendency to look worn out after a few hours of wearing them.

Today’s linen pants are made with contemporary designs like fitted and straight leg as well as classic fit for a more tailored look.

Men drawstring and button linen pants

Beach wedding straight leg linen pants


All drawstrings waist pants featured here are made with a button closure so you can easily remove the drawstring and wear it as is

This pants style is more relaxed than the classic button hook waist pants.

In any case, you can decide to wear these 2 pants styles with a belt for a more formal look as they both have belt loops.

♥ Colors and available sizes








Although linen pants can be seen as semi-formal, these Perry Ellis linen pants really look elegant. Beach wedding contemporary linen pants design

With a classic leg and modern flat-front, they are comfortable and chic.

The best part is that they are made of a clever blend of synthetic and natural linen.

Unlike traditional pants form in a 3 piece suit set they are machine washable.

A significant benefit to help you save dry cleaning!

♥ Colors and available sizes



Not sure if these are too dressy for a beach wedding? Not a problem.

The good thing about men linen beach wedding attire is that you can easily balance it by wearing the appropriate shirt and accessories.

We’ll get to this part right away.

Tailored looking linen pants



Shoes can greatly influence the overall look of an outfit. These suede leather shoes are semi-formal and are perfect with linen outfits, classic 3-piece suit and even with jeans!

Colors and available sizes

Beach wedding wing tip suede shoes

Linen Beach Wedding Shirts

The following shirt has a subtle check pattern and is made of 100% linen. The sleeves are full length and can be rolled up for a more casual look.

It is also machine washable and has a breezy style perfectly suited for a day at the beach. It can help breaking a strict look when associated with a dress vest in a 3-piece suit for example.

♥ Colors and available sizes

Beach wedding semi-formal linen shirt


The following shirt style can fit both semi-formal or formal beach wedding wear categories. Despite looking dressier than the previous shirt, it has a comfortable and relaxed look.

This shirt model has classic shirttail hemline with a slight vertical line detail that lengthens the silhouette.

♥ Colors and available sizes

Beach wedding linen dress shirt


Linen Jackets And SuitsCasual and formal wooden bow tie

The following jackets are made of 70% linen and 30% rayon and therefore has a good breathability due to the high percentage of natural fibers of the fabric.


The slim fit design with a single button is very trendy and modern.

The flap pockets give it a formal
aspect when matched with a high collar shirt and suit pants.

On the other hand, it can also look easy going and relaxed when matched with a casual shirt and accessories. It comes more than 10 different colors


You will definitely find the one that fits as it comes more than 10 different colors.

Colors and available sizes


Men linen jacket for summer



Beach wedding linen suit vest

This jacket designed by Perry Ellis is a beautiful addition to any men linen beach wedding attire set due to its versatility and tailoring quality.

The blend is 56% Linen, 27% Polyester, 17% Rayon making this a jacket a good choice for hot beach weddings.

Linen is known to absorb excess humidity on skin. Also, synthetic fibers keep the garment from pleating and crumpling under arms and in the back.

♥ Colors and available sizes

Beach wedding white sleeveless linen vest



This waistcoat, also from Perry Ellis, can be matched with the jacket featured earlier.

♥ Colors and available sizes

Wedding linen sleeveless men vest


Men Linen Beach Wedding Attire

I’ve had trouble deciding which items to feature in this post as there is a vast selection of good quality linen outfits on Amazon. Nevertheless, the ones presented here have received 4 stars or more rating at the time of writing these lines.

If you plan on buying online, I suggest you read the reviewers comment to learn more about how it fits, how people like the merchant’s customer service and delivery delays.



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