Men Linen Suits For A Beach Wedding – Pictures And Tips

Yes, there are a couple of challenges when choosing men linen suits for a beach wedding. First of all, there are many different options in terms of fabric blends and also on the way it hangs on the body (cuts). Both have an influence on how it feels on the skin and how you’ll feel wearing it.

Royal blue groom tuxedo

Linen, as you may already know, is natural. It’s made with fibers found inside the stems of the flax plant.

If you’re used to wearing polyester suits, you may find linen expensive.

In fact, flax growth is dependent on some important factors (e.g annual plant growth) which make it a costly raw material. Also, supply and demand can cause prices to fluctuate.

Nonetheless, the benefits of wearing linen are numerous and worth the extra money you’ll pay. These benefits will be discussed further.

That being said, here are a few options for men linen suits for a beach wedding.








White linen jacket and pants for men

Gino Valentino 2 Piece Linen Suit

The jacket and pants are made of 55% linen and 45% cotton blend.

Both of these fibers are natural and have high absorbency capacity.


  • Fully lined jacket
  • 4 buttons on the sleeve with working button holes
  • Flat front pants lined to below the knee
  • Dry clean
  • Different colors available

Linen cotton beach wedding suit


Perry Ellis 100% Linen SuitMen beach wedding linen suit

This two-piece set suit is made of pure linen for the highest breathability.


  • The jacket has 2 button closure and 3 flap pockets
  • Flat front pants for a modern look with slanted front pockets and button closure pockets on the back
  • Dry clean






Build Your Own SuitMen linen jacket for summer

Sometimes the 2 or 3 piece suit is not the best option.

While the jacket fits perfectly, the pants are too wide for your taste.

Or it’s the other way around:

The pants are ok, but the jacket is too tight on the shoulder line. Does that sound familiar?

There is a way to get the best fit for both jacket and pants by matching different styles of pants and jackets.

Men drawstring and button linen pantsTailored looking linen pants


Semi-Formal And Formal Beach Wedding Linen Attire

Although weddings by the sea have a casual connotation there are some guidelines you can follow for a more formal suit style.

The following articles are featuring many styles to choose from and practical tips to dress comfortably under hot and humid climate.

Formal Beach Wedding Men Attire – Linen Dress Vest, Waistcoat, And Pants

Men Linen Beach Wedding Attire – Comfort And Style Of Natural Fibers

Linen Shirts

Make the most of your linen suit and choose a natural fiber shirt to go with it. In fact, wearing a shirt fabric with poor breathability under your linen suit is not efficient. It will only trap moist and heat on your skin.

A linen shirt is a must on a beach wedding. There many different colors, designs, with short or long sleeve and high or short collars.

Men’s Best Linen Shirts



100% Linen vs Blends

The main benefit of wearing men linen suits for a beach wedding is that it keeps you cool. It’s lightweight, absorbs the sweat or moist of skin and dries fast. It also allows the warmth of the body to flow out and ambient air or breeze to flow in.Men beach wedding suit

The downside is that it wrinkles easily and has poor elasticity. Furthermore, pure linen garments are pricier compared to a linen blended with other fibers.

What’s the best compromise?

It comes down to this: Choosing a fiber blend that has pretty much the same benefits as linen while minimizing its flaws.

Cotton and rayon, for example, are known to be really absorbent and breathable.

They tend to wrinkle less but, don’t be deluded, they are not wrinkle resistant. The best option is to have natural fibers blended with a smaller proportion of synthetic ones like polyester.

This will still ensure your garment still has a good level of breathability, is much more resistant to wrinkles and, last but not the least, is affordable!



Finding The Best Men Linen Suits For A Beach Wedding At Low Price

Shopping online is one of the best ways to make great savings. Subscribing to retailer’s newsletter can help you save by staying informed of periodic sale events and other discounts.

The products featured in this post are from Amazon. These high-quality designer outfits are often available at discounted price. Therefore, it’s a good habit to take a look once in while to see what great deals are in effect.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

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