Women, Men Rubber Wedding Band Review

This women and men rubber wedding band brand is one of the most popular. This trending rubber piece of jewelry has evolved a lot in the last couple of years and many new competitors share the market.

Of course, some are having a hard time standing out and providing quality products that meet their customer’s expectations.

QALO has definitely found a way to impress with various slick designs, colors and custom engravings and patterns. However, as we all know nothing is so good that it cannot be improved.

With that in mind, let’s look at the product’s characteristics and the good and not so good aspects of it.



General Specifications

If you’re already familiar with silicone rings, you will think that the following characteristics have nothing particularly interesting. In fact, they are pretty common to all other silicone wedding bands on the market.

That being said, if you’re looking for an alternative to wearing your gold or platinum wedding band these aspects are important to know. It will help you determine if this material is what you are looking for.

Here they are:

  • Non-conductive; unlike metal, rubber bands do not conduct electricity. It’s therefore appropriate to wear for electricians and other professionals that work in environments with possible electrical hazards.


  • Non-porous: it doesn’t absorb liquids and odors and can easily be cleaned as opposed to other flexible materials like wood and cork wedding bands;



Who Should Wear Rubber Wedding Bands

Basically, it’s made for anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t wear their valuable wedding bands on a daily basis. There are many reasons for this and the most important is safety.

Some industries explicitly forbid the use of metal bands. Electricians, mechanics, heavy machinery operators, to name only a few. People working in those jobs are more at risk to experience critical finger and hand injuries. It can be finger degloving, bone dislocation, etc.

In consequence, a non-conductive wedding band that tears instead of bending, trapping and crushing a finger is the next best alternative to no wedding ring and jewelry at all.

Also, people that have an active lifestyle and don’t want to risk losing or damaging their actual wedding band will appreciate a silicone-made ring. No more anxiety due to the fear of misplacing or losing your expensive ring while gardening, swimming or training.



QALO’s Features

The vendor crafted 9 different collections for specific uses and themes in mind like the Forever Ring which shapes, colors, and textures are wedding inspired.

Another interesting collection called Outdoors features designs and colors like camouflage, compass shape, and a photoluminescent ring.

Additionally, Q2X™ is the brand’s answer to those who need women or men rubber wedding band robust enough to work with solvents and oils.

Finally, QALO also has specifically dedicated collections to US military and Firsts Responders.


Now that we’ve covered the major outlines, let’s get into details.



QALO Review: Pros and Cons



⇒ Q2X™ enhanced silicone. It seems that QALO has engineered a more resistant version of the standard rubber they used to make their woman and men rubber wedding band which they call Q2X™. The silicone properties would make it more resistant to gasoline, oil, and solvents than traditional silicone.

It can also tolerate temperatures from -75°F to 575°F.

Still, don’t leave it to close to the campfire as it does get much hotter than that.


⇒ Various tensile strength (resistance to tension) to choose from. Unlike its competitor, QALO’s mentions each product’s resistance to tearing. This helps understand the substantial price differences between some products and also decide which product is best according to your needs.

In brief, QALO’s Wedding bands are designed to break away under different weights of pressure ranging from 5 lbs to 22 lbs. For example, a Q2X™ is designed to be more robust and break under 22 lbs of force while narrower QALO products like stackable rings have a much lower resistance to tear.


⇒ Customizable interior and exterior. Some rings can be customized with a short 12 characters engraving, a pattern or a monogram on the outer face and another 12 characters message on the inner surface of the ring.

Moreover, there are 3 band silhouettes for men and 4 ring silhouettes for women to choose from with customizable colors.


⇒ A Wide range of shapes, patterns, colors, and designs. Peak shape, beaded, laurel pattern, geometrical shape, thin colored line, pearl, twist or chevron shape, sparkling, etc.

You name it. They probably have it.



⇒ Inconsistent customer service. There are a lot of customers complaints on QALO’s Facebook page about shipping delays and order errors at the time of writing these lines.

Many also complain that they paid for an order that they never received. The worst of all is that most of these customer request are left unanswered.

Is it due to an unexpectedly high volume of orders during holidays, an internal problem or a recurrent operational deficiency, who knows? Your answer is as good as mine.


⇒ Finding the right size can be tricky. If you’re a second-time buyer, chances are you already experienced this problem as it seems to be a common issue for all brands. The company has a 60 days exchange policy for size only;


⇒ Can cause skin problems. Some customers are experiencing some level of skin irritation, like skin rash, and peeling. Although this problem is very widespread for all silicone brand not everybody will be affected.

People that tend to have eczema sweaty hands and other skin conditions are most likely to have skin irritation when wearing a rubber band;


⇒ More expensive than competitors. If you’ve been looking around you’ve noticed that QALO’s products are far more expensive than the competitors.

Expect to pay between $25 and $45 average for a ring and $30 to $45 for a customized one;


⇒ Only 1-year warranty. It’s a very basic warranty considering that some competitors offer a lifetime warranty.



Women and Men Rubber Wedding Band

In conclusion, QALO has been around for many years with a good reputation for providing quality products and good customer service. That being said, it’s a good to look at what’s currently going on before you press the “buy now” button.


Read Recent Buyer’s Comment

Take the time to look recent buyers comments and not only comments in general. This is a good indicator of the company’s current customer service situation.

As mentioned earlier, there seems to be a lack of rigor with customer requests and order follow ups at the time of writing these lines. It can be only due to an abnormal short-term situation.

In the worst case scenario, it’s a sign of poor management which eventually will have an adverse effect on all other company’s operations.  For example, deficient product quality, not honoring their warranty and refund policies, etc.


On the Good Side

On a positive note, QALO offers the possibility of customizing your ring and has countless designs to choose from. It’s the best option on the market if you’re looking for a unique and custom-made woman and men rubber wedding band. Also, Q2X is specifically made for hard-working hands.

Finally, if you think about buying a QALO ring make sure to read the most recent buyer’s comment on the different social media platforms and also on Amazon. This can save you from a deceiving buyer experience.


Women and Men Rubber Wedding Band Products

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