Best 14 Men Wedding Tuxedos and Apparel

Men wedding tuxedos can be seen all over the Internet through sellers website from all over the world.

As you probably know, the clothing industry has gone through substantial changes in the last decade. Storefronts have new strong contenders; the online retailers.

Increased competition is driving lower prices and forces established storefronts into transferring their activities online. A new purchasing funnel is born and has won many adepts.

This post contains tips to help you make an informed man wedding tuxedo purchase.

Also, you’ll find some of the most gorgeous Tuxedos and wedding suits available on Amazon.

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Buying from a Large Online Retailer

There are many stores offering tuxedos and related attire (blazer, trousers, shirts, etc) on their online platform.

However, none of them can beat the variety and low price found on the large online-based retailers. In the next paragraph, I will detail how you can take advantage of online platforms.

Such an understanding will help you better assess the quality of a product and find the best price for the value you are looking for.


Reading Past Customer Reviews

One of the most appreciated assets of an online platform is the ability to read the past customer’s comments and ask them questions. Therefore you can see how satisfied they are with their purchase.

Do you want to know how a tuxedo fits, if the pants are fully lined, if the fabric has some stretch or if the pants have belt loops? Chances are someone else already asked the question.

If not, the Amazon product sheet contains a field made to ask questions. I’ve used it several times and usually received an answer quickly. I also answered some questions on products I’ve bought in the past.

I think it’s a great way to let other people know whether you think a product is worth buying or not.


Understanding the Return Policies

People buying clothes online order many styles and sizes and return what didn’t fit. Therefore, it’s
important to know the return policy terms.

Each merchant has a specific return policy.

Some merchants or manufacturers subscribe to the Amazon return service while others have to be contacted directly.

Also, some clothing designers choose to promote their products by offering free returns and no shipping charges as long as the garment is in a new and unused condition.

Again, you can look at customer’s review to see how the return process is handled by the merchant.

It’s the type of information that is regularly discussed in reviews.

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Buying a Made To Measure Wedding Tuxedo

If you wonder where to buy a wedding tuxedo with the perfect fit, made to measure is the answer!

Many merchants accept product customization at no extra charge. Probably less than 1% of the people fit the manufacturer’s chart for both pants and jacket.

If it’s your case, then you’re a lucky guy. If not, you can send your measurements and have a perfectly fitted tuxedo for a fraction of the price.

The companies offering made to measure tuxedos provide an online platform that allows you to customize your tuxedo in the smallest details.


Types of Customizations

You can choose the style or fit you want and provide your measurements and have it tailored just for you.

You get to choose the blazer/pants color and fabric (obviously!). Then you can choose a different lapel color and add a satin stripe to it.

You can also go into a great level of details like lining color or pattern and even add a monogram or leave it with default values.

Companies like have a live suit designer app you can use and see changes apply to the model right before your eyes.

That’s a really awesome feature to help you visualize the final product.


Buying Online: What You Should Know

The good side of buying online is a tremendous choice for consumers in terms of style but also in terms of prices.

The downside of having lots of choices is that you will need to perform some research in order to eliminate what’s not necessary according to your needs and budget.

It takes time but I think it’s worth it as you get exactly what you want at a fair price.

Remember to look at past customer’s experience usually available on the store’s specific products page. Also, look at what people say on their facebook page and ask questions.

Trustworthy merchants always answer promptly to clients or future client requests with the level of detail needed.


Well-Made Wedding Tuxedos For Less Than $100

You’ll find many merchants selling cheap wedding tuxedos over the Internet.

Maybe you’ve been looking for a while now and you can’t seem to find the right tuxedo jacket and trousers.

I can relate to that… In fact, it’s hard to make a choice especially when you can’t see and touch the garment.

It’s hard to tell if the tuxedo you’re looking at on your screen is worth the money you’ll pay.

That’s why it’s important to read (when available) the comments of actual people who bought the tuxedo to make an advised choice.



The Strenght and Weaknesses of Product Rating

Although the following tuxedos are inexpensive, they are very well rated by past customers at the time of writing these lines. Also, the customers provided many comments to get a better idea of what you are buying.

Beware though, client satisfaction can change promptly.

This means that a seller that offered an outstanding service and product quality may after a few months become mediocre. This happens more often than we think due to drastic changes like the company being sold to new interests or to a significant shift in management best practices.

Bottom line, make sure to validate the customer rating at the time you are reading this post.


Jacquard Pattern Jacket



Wingtip Collar Shirt, French Cuffs with Bow Tie



Notch Lapel Groom Tuxedo


Velvet Tuxedo Blazer



The Victorian Tuxedo Jacket


Finding The Ideal Wedding Tux and a Top Merchant

As you can see it’s possible to buy cheap wedding tuxedos that look good and are well made.

Use the tools that the Internet has to offer. In fact, past customers questions and answer section on a product page can be really helpful.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service for any information you require. The way they answer potential customer’s request is a good indicator of how professional their customer service and the product is.

Finally, make sure to read the return and exchange policy to see if you can get a full refund (e.g. shipping fees) if needed.



3 Must-Know Style Tips

So you decided to buy a wedding tuxedo instead of renting one? Congratulations! Unless you intend to wear it only once in your life, renting will cost you more money over time.

Besides, some great looking 2 piece tuxedos are sold for less than a $100 making acquisition cost even lower than renting.

Here are a few things to take into account when you want to buy a wedding tuxedo.


1. Dress Code

The word tuxedo sounds like the most elegant outfit there is. However, some tuxedos styles are more formal than others.

A dress tailcoat tuxedo is the peak of elegance in terms of formal attire.

It has a flattering adjusted waist making the shoulders look larger.

The image at the right shows a basic 2 piece tuxedo to which you would probably need to add a waistcoat or a cummerbund.

Both of these accessories provide a neater general appearance.


2. Tuxedo Styles

There are many design details you can choose from to customize your tuxedo:



There are 3 different types of lapels, notch, peak and shawl collar. These can be the same fabric as the tuxedo blazer or covered with satin for a chic look.

Chose a double breasted front (instead of single) for a more official look.


Short or Tailcoat Back:

Tailcoat can have a peak or rounded design with a single vent for more comfort when seated. Short tuxedo blazers can be single or double vented.



1/4 or 1/8 inch pleats on each side of the button closures are the basic detailing for a tuxedo shirt. A wing collar shirt is the perfect wedding style collar to wear a bow tie.

Also, a spread collar which is dressier than a regular straight collar you would wear with a suit. French cuffs style add sophistication to the shirt as well.



Non-pleated pants are chic and a little less bulky looking. A nice feature for tuxedo pants is the satin stripe design on the side of the leg.

In case you want to match a pair of tuxedo pants with a tuxedo blazer make sure they are made with the exact same fabric and color as the blazer.


Accessories for a Wedding:

A tuxedo blazer, shirt, and trousers won’t look complete on their own. To make it look dressy you can add accessories like a vest or cummerbund, stylish cravat knot, handkerchief, wingtip shoes, cufflinks, and studs.



3. Quality of Fabric and Craftsmanship

There is nothing like a high-end suit to look sharp.

Now, imagine how important that is for a wedding tuxedo!

The aspect of a suit is greatly influenced by the quality of the fabric and tailoring but also by how comfortable you feel wearing it.

However, a well-made wedding tuxedo should not only make you look great. It should also ensure your comfort.

Polyester suits are often seen as a less classy option although it is wrinkle resistant.

Nevertheless, a blend that includes polyester and a natural fiber like wool, linen or cotton will add to your comfort because of its breathability characteristic.

If you decided to buy a wedding tuxedo online take the time to look at previous customers reviews and comments.

Whenever a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied by a garment it usually has something to do with tailoring.

If most reviews complain about the tuxedo blazer being too tight or trousers too short then it most likely means you will have the same issues.



Finding the Right Fit

Finally, make sure you choose the right fit for you. Try on the different cuts available like classic, modern, regular and slim fit and see how comfortable you feel.

A classic fit tuxedo will allow more space at the torso level than a modern fit which is slightly waisted. Slim fit tends to be really narrow at the waist level, calves, and ankles.



Online Variety and Discounts

The Internet offers the possibility of looking at many tuxedo styles from various merchants.

Therefore, it helps you find the best deal for your budget instead of settling for what there is in store. A good way to make sure you don’t miss on any deals is to subscribe to your favorite brand newsletters.

Merchants usually have annual and seasonal sale events where they offer their highest discounted prices.

In other words, make sure time is no your side by subscribing 6 months or more before the wedding. You are likely to find your dream tuxedo at a bargain price.



Men Wedding Tuxedos

Hope you enjoyed your reading. Please leave your comment or questions in the section below and I will gladly answer you.


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