New And Used Party Tents Sale – Used vs New

You can find new and used party tents sale on classifieds like Craiglist, Kijiji (now eBay Classifieds) are other popular options. Some manufacturers and rental companies make annual sale events to liquidate their overstock or used merchandise.

I personally like to compare the prices online on big retailer’s website like eBay and Amazon. Both are featuring new and used items with the convenient option of reading previous buyer’s product ratings.


Is buying used outdoor equipment a good deal?

Chances are you invested in a used car or second-hand household appliances in the past. But is it worth it for an outdoor good like a party tent?

The difference between a good and bad deal can be determined according to 3 variables.

1- The money you pay versus buying new;

2- How long\often you will use it to recover your money;

3- How much money you’ll have to invest over time to keep it usable.


The first variable is known but the 2 others are sometimes hard to predict. Especially when you buy used.

Take into account some characteristics you expect when buying new may not be as effective with a second-hand canopy party tent.

If you finally decide to buy during a used party tents sale event or from someone make sure you consider these aspects at the very least:

Wedding tent canopy tarp and steel assembly

  • Poor water resistance: The PVC cover fibers dry as they are exposed for long periods to sun, rain, snow and ice. This results in a thinner tarp allowing rain to filter through;
  • No UV protection: Merchants claim that their covers and sidewalls resist UV rays… only while on warranty and if used with respect to merchant’s maintenance guidelines! Eventually, the tarp will lose its effectiveness especially if it was exposed to adverse weather conditions;
  • Weaken structure: although most tents are made with solid steel frames, they do have weak points. Angle connectors and anchoring are under a lot of stress on windy days and may bend or rupture;
  • Seams, ropes, eyelets and stakes often present signs of degradation and will need to be repaired or replaced sooner.


Finally, inspect these previously mentioned tent characteristics closely. You can then determine what components will most likely need to be change or repair in the next months or years.

Add these to the actual cost you will pay and compare with the price of buying a brand new.


Ooctogonal outdoor party tent canopy

Used party tents sale events

If you got time to plan ahead, giving a call to canopy tent rental companies can also help you find out if they are having a used party tents sale event during the year.

Finding a $500 used canopy party tent that is priced over a thousand dollars when bought brand new may look like a good deal.

As appealing as it might look at first, it’s better to put aside your feelings and use your critical sense to avoid deceptions.

Some companies sell used tents that have seen better days with visible defects like tarp repairs or discoloration due to weather elements.

It can be worth it, depending on the price and the overall state of the tent. Don’t forget to take a closer look and evaluate how much money you’ll need to spend in the coming months and years to keep it straight.

Beautiful wedding tent


Carefully choosing a used tent

When you buy a used party canopy tent there is usually no warranty. There are some exceptions e.g. when you buy from a rental company.  They can give you a symbolic 1 to 3 months warranty.

On the other hand, you may be lucky enough to find an individual that only used it for a specific event. This can be the best deal of both as the tent is still probably in an excellent condition.

In both cases, don’t commit yourself without seeing the actual state of the tent.


Manufacturers recommendation and warranty

While the used tent you plan to buy may still carry a balance of manufacturer’s warranty it may not be a good reason to pay more for it. As a matter of fact, buying second-hand also means not knowing if the previous owner respected the manufacturer’s maintenance and usage guidelines.

For example, most merchants advise their customers not to leave the tents up overnight at the mercy of strong winds. They also specify that accumulated rain, snow, and ice should be removed promptly. The manufacturer can decide to void the warranty depending on the type of wear and tear the tent is showing.

Hope you enjoyed your reading. If you have any questions, leave a comment in the section below and I will gladly answer!


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